January 15, 2019

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Entry Deadline: 1/15/2019

March 16-17, 2019

Dist 2: Windsor Bowl
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Dist 6: Empire Bowl
Dist 7: Cal Bowl

Entry Deadline: 2/18/2019

March 23-24, 2019

Dist 1: AMF Orchard
Dist 4: McHenry Bowl
Dist 5: Buena Lanes
Dist 8: La Habra 300

Entry Deadline: 2/18/2019

March 23, 2019

West Lane Bowl, Stockton

Entry Deadline: 3/1/2018

March 30 - June 30, 2019

Tyme to Bowl Lanes
Oroville, CA
Advanced Registration Forms Available

Entry Deadline: 6/30/2019

May 4-5, 2019

U12, U15, U17, U20 Divisions Only
Double Decker Lanes, Rohnert Park

Entry Deadline: 4/14/2019

June 8-9, 2019

Ontario, CA

Entry Deadline: 5/20/2018

July 13-28, 2019

Tyme to Bowl Lanes
Oroville, CA
Advanced Registration Forms Available

Entry Deadline: 7/28/2019

August 22-25, 2019

Monterey Lanes, Monterey

Entry Deadline: 8/25/2019

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Proud sponsor of the CA Pepsi Youth Bowling Championships since 2000!

2011 California Pepsi Youth
Bowling Championships


$40,000 in Scholarships Awarded!


(12-up Divisions Only)

900 King Drive, Daly City, CA 94015
(650) 878-0300

Download Pepsi Results Book

Congratulations CA Pepsi Champions!
Bianca Taylor, Blake Rocha, Brian Hernandez and
Karen Scatamacchia!

State Finals Qualifying Results
Boys Handicap
| Girls Handicap | Boys Scratch | Girls Scratch
Stepladder Roll-off Results

2nd Place
Ryan Peden, Gabriella Mayfield, Alana Mycroft, Kyle Duster

3rd Place
Terrance Nealy, Travis Hewitt, Valerie Riggin, Angeline Rojo

4th Place
Gray Williams, Caleb Nakata, Toni Ann Lupo, Kylie Shishima


Congratulations to the First place finishers from the District Finals in the U15 & U20 divisions


300 Games:
Gray Williams & Antone Beeks

A total of 1,195 bowlers participated in the 11-Under Division and 1,954 participated in the 12-Up Divisions (3,149 total). League-level qualifying was held in November and January and the District Finals were held this past March at eight different locations over two different weekends: District #1 – Lariat Bowl, Red Bluff; District #2 – AMF Blvd Bowl, Petaluma; District #3 – Cloverleaf Bowl, Fremont; District #4 – AMF Sierra Lanes, Fresno; District #5 – AMF Southwest Lanes, Bakersfield; District #6 – Victor Bowl, Victorville; District #7 – AMF Cerritos Lanes, Cerritos; and District #8 – La Habra 300, La Habra. Thank you to the 2011 hosting centers!  The first place finishers from the District Finals will be receiving a $50 scholarship award for their outstanding bowling...

The State Finals were held at Classic Bowl in Daly City, May 7-8. We had 294 bowlers travel from across the state to attend.  California will be sending four bowlers from the Scratch Division: Brian Hernandez, Ryan Peden, Bianca Taylor and Gabriella Mayfield to the 2011 USBC Jr. Gold Finals to be held in Las Vegas, NV this July. They will also receive a travel stipend along with their state scholarship.  Four bowlers from the Handicap division: Karen Scatamacchia, Alana Mycroft, Blake Rocha and Kyle Duster earned berths into the CA State Championships to be held this summer in Oroville/Yuba City. 

We will have scholarship information done soon. Just need to calculate all of the fundraising sales from the State Finals weekend. All scholarship winners will receive a packet in the mail postmarked June 8. Thank you everyone for participating! And a SPECIAL THANK YOU to Classic Bowl for giving out the cookies and roses to all of the Mom's for Mother's Day! They were super hosts and everything ran smoothly. We look forward to returning to your center in two years.

12-Up Division | 11-Under Division
All scholarships will be held with USBC SMART

Lariat Bowl Pro Shop

Bowlers Experience
Pro Shop

(Inside Cloverleaf Bowl)

Robbs Pro Shop
(Inside AMF Southwest Lanes)

Wahl's Bowling Supply
(Inside AMF Cerritos Lanes)

Hanson's Bowling Supply
(Inside Victor Bowl)

Scott's Pro Shop
(Inside La Habra 300 Bowl)

R & S Pro Shop
(Inside AMF Sierra Lanes)

AMF Sierra Lanes

California Pro Shop
(Inside AMF Boulevard Lanes)

Welcome to the California Pepsi USBC Youth Championships. The two league level qualifying windows are NOVEMBER 6-19, 2010 & JANUARY 15-28, 2011. If your youth league session conflicts with these dates because of a league bye, contact your District Director for permission to move your qualifying window one week before or one week after. Every youth bowler should be given their FREE chance to qualify. (Only USBC certified leagues and youths are eligible to participate).  

The Pepsi Championships will be conducted in six (6) divisions: Boys’ 11-under Handicap, Girls’ 11-under Handicap, Boys’ 12-up Handicap, Girls’ 12-up Handicap, Boys’ 12-up Scratch and Girls’ 12-up Scratch. The 11-under division will earn scholarships at the District Finals (March) and the 12-up division will earn scholarships at the State Finals (May 7-8, 2011 at CLASSIC BOWL in DALY CITY) as well as vying for berths into either the USBC USA Jr. Gold National Finals (Scratch division only) or the CUSBC California State Youth Championships (Handicap division only).


  1. NEW! The qualifying ratio for league level qualifying is changing to 1:2 per window (be sure to change this information in our BLS software setup). The qualifying ratio for District to State is changing to 1:6 per division.

  2. The first place winners and runners-up of the 12-up Girls and Boys Scratch divisions will advance to the 2011 USBC Jr. Gold Championships held July 9-15, 2011 in Las Vegas, NV. All four bowlers will receive a travel stipend from the CUSBC.

  3. The first place winners and runners-up of the 12-up Girls and Boys Handicap divisions will earn a single entry ($70 value) into all four (4) events of the California Youth State Championships to be held June/July 2011 in Oroville/Yuba Sutter.

  4. Handicap for all levels throughout this event is 100% of 210 (change this %, qualifying dates and fee amounts in BLS software) 5) 12-up State Finals Registration (MARCH 30-APRIL 5, 2011 7pm) is online only. Coaches, please help your bowlers if needed.

For the 11th year in a row, will be sponsoring this event along with and Brunswick. These sponsors plus Lariat Bowl Pro Shop, Bowlers Experience Pro Shop (Located inside Cloverleaf Bowl), Robb's Pro Shop (Located inside AMF Southwest Lanes), Wahl's Bowling Supply (Located inside AMF Cerritos Lanes), Hanson's Bowling Supply (Located inside Victor Bowl), Scott's Pro Shop (Located inside La Habra 300 Bowl), R & S Pro Shop (Located inside AMF Sierra Lanes), AMF Sierra Lanes and California Pro Shop (Located inside AMF Boulevard Lanes) have donated items for our fundraising raffle at the District and State finals sites to help us raise more scholarship dollars. Please support these sponsors and help us THANK them for their generous contributions!

IMPORTANT: All league-level qualifying paperwork and District Finals entry fees must be sent to your respective district director postmarked by February 12, 2011. Late entries will NOT be accepted and will be returned, so please be sure to meet this deadline. Download the District Tournament information by clicking on the Location name below. The league level qualifying ratio is changing to 1:2. Please change this number in your BLS software setup, if applicable. Please complete the summary sheet (download below) and submit it with your worksheets and league sheets. We are also asking for all coaches to turn in copies of the USBC membership listings from the local association so that we can verify that every qualifier is currently certified before they bowl in the District Finals. Contact us immediately if you have received the wrong district information. Make sure that all coaches and bowlers read the TOURNAMENT INFORMATION & rules carefully. If you have questions or need help with the league qualifying paperwork, contact your District Director immediately. Also, keep a master copy of all league sheets dated as of Jan. 1 and Apr. 15. These league sheets will be used at both the District and State Finals. Thank you for your support and participation in one of the largest scholarship events in California. Last year we worked extremely hard with your help in raising funds so that we could award $50,000 in scholarships! With the rising cost of education, this tournament strongly benefits many young bowlers on their way to a promising future. Posters will be provided by USBC and specific poster information will be provided by CUSBC so that everyone in your center will be informed of the tournament dates and locations. Good luck!

Lynn & Kelly
Pepsi Chairman and Co-Chair

12-Up State Finals Information (12-Up divisions only): State Finalists qualify from the District Finals to the State Finals based on a ratio of 1:5 per division. State Finalists are competing for scholarships and berths into the USBC Jr. Gold Championships (Scratch division) or the State Championships (Handicap division). All Pepsi Scholarship winners will receive a scholarship packet in the mail in June with instructions on how to retrieve their funds from SMART.  You will be asked for your membership card at Check-in.



(All USBC certified youth leagues are eligible)

November 6-19, 2010
January 15-28, 2011


February 12, 2011

DISTRICT FINALS #1, 2, 3 & 7

March 12-13, 2011

DISTRICT FINALS #4, 5, 6 & 8

March 19-20, 2011

(Online Registration only)

March 30-April 5, 2011 (7pm)


900 King Drive, Daly City, CA 94015
(650) 878-0300

May 7-8, 2011
(Mother's Day weekend)

(Pepsi Scratch division only - 4 berths)

July 9-15, 2011 (Las Vegas, NV)

Tyme to Bowl Lanes (Oroville) &
Nu Generation Lanes (Yuba Sutter)

(Pepsi Handicap division only - 4 berths)

June/July 2011

USBC Youth Open Championships
The South Point Hotel - Qualifying
Strike Zone @ Sunset Station - Qualifying
The Orleans - Qualifying
Gold Coast - USBC Coaching

July 8-23, 2011 (Las Vegas, NV)


2011 Pepsi District Finals





Dist 1 Robyn Hricik March 12-13 Lariat Bowl
Red Bluff
Dist 2 Gladys Kawaye March 12-13 AMF Boulevard
Dist 3 Tim Pato March 12-13 Cloverleaf Bowl
Dist 7 Lynn M March 12-13 AMF Cerritos
Dist 4 June Brown March 19-20 AMF Sierra
Dist 5 Diddy Watts March 19-20 AMF Southwest

Dist 6

Don Lauer

March 19-20

Victor Bowl
Dist 8 Linda Stewart March 19-20 La Habra 300
La Habra

Please email the Tournament Director if you have any questions about this event or about Pepsi scholarships.

California has an outstanding history at the International finals. Since 1983, California has had over 20 top four finishers totaling over $50,000 in scholarships. This proves that many of the top youth bowlers in this country are right here from California. 


‚ÄčLEAGUE LEVEL QUALIFYING:  The Pepsi USBC Youth Championships begins with league level qualifying. Bowling centers with certified USBC Youth leagues are automatic free qualifying sites. Qualifying is held for two-week periods in November and January based on a ratio of 1:2 per division. Divisions based on ages as of Aug. 1 of the previous year:

  • 11-under Boys’ Handicap

  • 11- under Girls’ Handicap

  • 12-up Boys’ Handicap

  • 12-up Girls’ Handicap

  • 12-up Boys’ Scratch

  • 12-up Girls’ Scratch 

DISTRICT FINALS (March):  Participants in the 11-under divisions earn scholarships at the district level based on a ratio of 1:8 (minimum of $50 will be awarded for first place). They do not compete in the state or national finals. The 12-up divisions advance to the state finals based on a ratio of 1:6. A $50 scholarship will be awarded for the first place finishers in the 12-up divisions at the district finals. 

STATE FINALS (May):  Each participant will bowl one squad consisting of six (6) qualifying games moving pairs after each game. After the last squad on Sunday, the top four (4) bowlers from each division (highest total pinfall + handicap when applicable – 16 bowlers total) will qualify to the Stepladder finals. Stepladder finals determine berth winners and scholarship placement. Scholarships will be awarded based on a ratio of 1:8 in each division. A minimum of $400.00 will be awarded for 1st place. 

STEPLADDER FINALS: The #4 seeded finalist will bowl one game against the #3 seeded finalist. The winner will then bowl one game against the #2 seeded finalist. The winner of that match will then bowl one game against the top seeded finalist for the championship. 

JR GOLD CHAMPIONSHIPS - SCRATCH DIVISION:  The first place winners and runners-up of the 12-up Girls & Boys Scratch Divisions will advance to the USBC Junior Gold Championships (July). They must be USBC Junior Gold members to advance (the advancer must meet the 175 or higher average for males or 150 average or higher for females). USBC will waive the $200 entry fee for these athletes. All U.S. citizens are vying for a spot on USBC Junior Team USA 2011 to represent the United States in national and international competition. If the Scratch Division Champion or runners-up are unwilling or unable to become a USBC Junior Gold member and will not advance to the Championships, the athlete will still retain the state scholarship, but the berth to the Championships will be awarded to the next eligible athlete. The CUSBC will provide to each athlete up to $400 for travel reimbursement. Athletes must be chaperoned by an adult. 

STATE CHAMPIONSHIPS - HANDICAP DIVISION:  The first place winners and runners-up of the Girls & Boys 12-up Handicap division will earn a single entry ($70 value) into all four (4) events of the California Youth State Championships to be held in June/July.  In order to redeem this award, the winner must be entered with a full team of their choice and enter in all four (4) events. This berth is applicable only to the first and second place finishers and will be voided if they cannot attend or do not enter with a full team entry ($280).


Please contact Larry Peppers with any updates or changes to your local office information.


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Mon–Thurs, 7:30am-12:30pm


Download a copy of your card (adult and youth) and keep it in your bowling bag for the next tournament! Current Membership cards need to be shown at all CUSBC tournaments at check-in.

California USBC is the merged state association for California – formerly the California State Bowling Association (CSBA), California Women's Bowling Association (CWBA) and the California Young American Youth Bowling Alliance (CSYABA)

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