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January 15, 2019

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Entry Deadline: 1/15/2019

March 16-17, 2019

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Entry Deadline: 2/18/2019

March 23-24, 2019

Dist 1: AMF Orchard
Dist 4: McHenry Bowl
Dist 5: Buena Lanes
Dist 8: La Habra 300

Entry Deadline: 2/18/2019

March 23, 2019

West Lane Bowl, Stockton

Entry Deadline: 3/1/2018

March 30 - June 30, 2019

Tyme to Bowl Lanes
Oroville, CA
Advanced Registration Forms Available

Entry Deadline: 6/30/2019

May 4-5, 2019

U12, U15, U17, U20 Divisions Only
Double Decker Lanes, Rohnert Park

Entry Deadline: 4/14/2019

June 8-9, 2019

Ontario, CA

Entry Deadline: 5/20/2018

July 13-28, 2019

Tyme to Bowl Lanes
Oroville, CA
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Star of Tomorrow Winners




This year's Star of Tomorrow is awarded to WESLEY LOW, JR.  He is presently a student at Wichita State University working toward a degree in Business.  He would like to pursue his love of bowling by becoming a professional bowler.  He is also hoping to pursue a job in the bowling industry using the business degree that he will have.  While in High School he maintained a grade point average of 3.6 and was Palmdale’s Highland High School Valedictorian and Golden State Seal Merit Award Recipient.  He currently has a Grade Point Average of 3.76 at Wichita State University and holds a 244 average.  He has 12 800 series with a high of 833, and has bowled 12 300 games. You can follow Wesley's outstanding bowling performance on Twitter: @WesleyLow

Young, 2-handed lefty standout Wesley Low Jr., at age 15, became the youngest bowler ever to win a PBA Regional title – breaking a 34-year-old record set by PBA Hall of Famer Pete Weber in 1979 – when the two-handed competitor from Palmdale, Calif., defeated Deeronn Booker of Anaheim, Calif., 299-234, to win the PBA Non-Champion West tournament at South Point Bowling Center in Las Vegas on Friday, March 29, 2013.

Low, who bowls with two hands from the left side of his body, finished third in the same non-champions event in 2012. 

Low, who turned 18 on April 27, 2015 won his second PBA Regional, going 9-3 in match play and totaling 5,028 for 20 games to take the PBA Earl Anthony West/Northwest Memorial at Earl Anthony’s Dublin Bowl, PBA reported. Low finished 166 pins ahead of Josh Blanchard.

When not bowling Wesley enjoys fishing and golfing.  His favorite food is Chipotle.  You will find just about any genre of music in his iTunes library.

Low is currently tied for the most JAT titles at 21.


  • 3-Time Junior Team USA Member (2013, 2014, 2015)
  • 12th 2011 USBC Junior Gold Championship (U20)
  • 1st 2011 U14 Teen Masters Championship
  • 3rd 2012 PBA West Region South Point Non Champions
  • 2013 PBA South Point West Region Non Champions winner
  • 2013 Trios Pan American Bowling Confederation Youth Champion Silver Medalist
  • 2013 Tournament of the Americas - Five gold medals and one silver at
  • 2013 All Events Pan American Bowling Confederation Youth Champions Silver Medalist
  • 2013 Doubles Pan American Bowling Confederation Youth Champions Gold Medalist
  • 2013 Team Pan American Bowling Confederation Youth Champions Gold Medalist
  • Two gold medals (team, doubles) and two silver medals (trios, all-events) at 2013 PABCON Youth Championships
  • 1st 2013 PBA South Point West Region Non Champions Champion
  • 12th 2013 USBC Team USA Trials
  • 1st 2013 USBC Junior Gold Championship (U20) Champion
  • 3rd 2013 PBA West Region Fog City
  • 2014 World Bowling Youth Championships - Two gold medals (team, all-events), two silver medals (singles, Masters) and one bronze medal (doubles)
  • 1st 2014 10th Annual Chris Barnes Thanksgiving Youth Classic Champion
  • 1st 2014 California Pepsi State Championships U20 Division Champion
  • 2nd 2014 Junior World Team Challenge
  • 2nd 2014 USBC Junior Gold Championship (U20)
  • 3rd 2014 Teen Masters National Championships
  • 2014 Doubles CGSE World Youth Championships Bronze Medalist
  • 2014 Singles CGSE World Youth Championships Silver Medalist
  • 2014 Masters CGSE World Youth Championships Silver Medalist
  • 2014 Team CGSE World Youth Championships Gold Medalist
  • 2014 All- Events World Youth Championships Gold Medalist
  • 2015 PABCON Youth Championships - Three gold medals (trios, team, all-events), two silver medals (singles, doubles) and one bronze medal (Masters)
  • 1st 2015 PBA Earl Anthony West/Northwest Memorial Classic Champion
  • 2nd 2015 PBA Jackson Rancheria Casino Resort Championship
  • 1st 2016 PBA Earl Anthony West/Northwest Memorial Classic Champion


By Phyl Knoll

TRE WEBBER is the 18-year old son of Troy and Tari Webber of Rohnert Park, California and is currently a Senior at Analy High School in Sebastopol. He has maintained a 3.28 GPA throughout his three years of high school and ranked 4th in his class of 284 students.  Webber possesses many skills and qualities.  He is mechanically inclined; has natural technical abilities; is meticulous, maintains strong work ethics, is self-motivated, conscientious, and has proven to be a strong problem solver in many areas.  He is gifted with learning new technologies while working with his hands in many fields of woodworking, auto repair and computers, to name just a few, and has his goals set on furthering his education in one or more of these fields while in college.

Although it has always been a passion for Webber to maintain his academic excellence, he also has that same passion for bowling.  When he was introduced to the game at age ten, as self motivated as he was, he rolled that first ball… and never looked back! Webber has become one of the finest certified youth bowlers at Double Decker Lanes in Rohnert Park.  He currently carries a 200 average, has to his credit a 279 high game, and a 713 high series. Webber is currently employed by Double Decker Lanes assisting customers and computer functions.  He can often be found coaching the younger bowlers in the basics of the game and how they can become involved in the youth scholarship fund raising.  Webber is not only President and Co-Founder of the Junior and Senior Sonoma High School Bowling Club at Double Decker Lanes; but currently the Junior Representative Board Member for the Central Sonoma County USBC.  He is active in his community as a fundraising volunteer and is a Certified American Heart Association CPR.

Tre L. Webber will be honored and presented with his $1,000 scholarship award during our Annual Meetings the weekend of June 7-8 at the Crowne Plaza Hotel (formerly the Holiday Inn) in Sacramento.


By Phyl Knoll

RYAN PEDEN is a 17-year old senior at Sanger High School and a member of the Central California USBC Association.  He has made his parents, Geoff and Darla, and grandparents Steve and Lillian most proud, for maintaining a straight "A" average currently at Sanger High. He is officially credited as 1 of 10 in 639 students with an overall weighted GPA of 4.171 and CSU GPA of 4.360.  He is referred to by his educators as one of the brightest young men they have taught and described him as dedicated, enthusiastic, a team player, diligent and highly effective.  His tenacity and hard work, such as choosing to take five Advanced Placement classes his senior year, has made him a tremendous asset in the classroom. He is considered a well-rounded student whose quality of work generally surpasses that of his peers. It is no surprise Peden is interested in the field of engineering, with his burning desire for the highest level of mathematics, Linear Algebra and Real Analysis, and his favorite topics of Chemistry being Chemical Equilibrium and Organic Syntheses.

Aside from his academics, Peden is a self-taught Website Developer and has created several websites for the campus organizations; is an active member of the French Club; Spanish Club; Science Club; History Club; Math Club; and HYPE Club (Christians seeking to spread God’s Message); and although he is not African-American he is a member of the Black Student Union (which seeks to promote racial equality while embracing African-American culture). Peden’s Scholastic Honors include: Block “S” Academic Scholar Award (given annually to student with at least 4.0 GPA); a member of California Scholarship Federation (2009-Present); Academic Scholars (selected based on GPA after first semester of Senior year) and Tutor to his peers (2009-present) in Calculus, Chemistry, French, Trigonometry, and US History; and because of his class ranking, has been named one of the Valedictorians of his graduating class.

Because Peden had major surgery while a Kindergartener and unable to participate in any contact sports, he was first introduced to bowling at the age of 6, when his Grandpa Steve took him to AMF Sierra Lanes in Fresno. Peden immediately fell in love with the sport and so Grandpa enrolled him in a Youth League and became his faithful supporter and coach.   At the age of 12, Peden joined the Premier Travel League under direction of Dave Jarosz.  Recognizing Peden’s potential, Jarosz worked with him in all facets of his game, transforming him from a 160 to a 230 average bowler.  At age 16, Peden worked with Chris Preble, Head Coach of the Fresno State Bowling Team, from whom he learned how to apply his skills to lane conditions.  To date, he has recorded five “300” games, the first at age 14; and an 820 series. 

Since 2006 his record of first place finishes are lengthy, which include in 2010 NorCal State Tournament Boys Singles and All Events; NorCal All Star Tournament; and California (Male Division) Youth State Scratch Tournament; 2011 NorCal State Tournament Junior Team; and the Pacific Coast Youth Scratch Championship Team Event. 

Peden’s other accomplishments have included (2006-2011) Central California USBC All Star and NorCal All-Star;  (2009) Bowlers Journal Top High School Prospects; (2011) (Male Division-Platinum) California State Youth Scholarship; (2007-2009) Youth Director Central California USBC Board of Directors; (2007-2011) Youth Coach; (2011) placed 60th at Junior Gold National Championship in Las Vegas; and Director of  2011 AMF Sierra Lanes Annual “Spare The Kids” fund raiser event for Central California Children’s Hospital. When not on campus or the bowling lanes, Peden involves himself with numerous non-bowling activities such as Fresno City College’s Career Skills Challenge and Website Design and…frequently babysits his 3-year-old sister Jordyn. 

Peden has elected to forego collegiate bowling this fall to focus on his scholastic involvements at either Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) or University of California-Berkeley to pursue a degree in Engineering Physics with a minor in Mathematics.  His goal in mind is to “never lose site of the main job of an Engineer… to use creative methods to better the world.”  And, firmly feels “that the skills I have learned through bowling, hard work, and versatility, will serve me well and allow me to make a positive impact in the world, in whatever direction I choose to pursue.” 

Well deserved, Peden will be honored at the California USBC Association Annual Meeting on June 10th at the DoubleTree by Hilton Hotel in Sacramento. 


UPDATE (May 2016): Ryan just graduated from UC Berkeley with double majors.  One is electrical engineering and computer science and the other is applied mathematics.  He will begin working for Bloomberg Investments in New York City in June. CONGRATULATIONS RYAN!!


By Phyl Knoll

ANTHONY J. ROSE of Carpinteria, son of Frank and Leanne Rose, graduated at age 16 from the Kolbe Academy High School in Napa and is currently a second-year student at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas. He is majoring in Hotel Administration and Events Management and continues to maintain an impressive 3.95 GPA, holding current membership in the National Society of Collegiate Scholars (NSCS) as well as Who’s Who’s Among American High School Students.

Before going off to college, Anthony, who is more often addressed as “Tony” by his fellow members of the Golden Empire USBC, served on the association Board of Directors and as a GEUSBC Youth Representative. He served as Youth League President, three years; was the Youth Scratch League Organizer for two years; and PBA Experience League Secretary. Tony became a member of the National Collegiate Bowling Coaches Association following his appointment 2009-2010 to the NCBCA Academic All-American Team and has recently received word that the NCBCA named him to the 2010-2011 Team. To be selected to the NCBCA team, a bowler must be a United States Bowling Congress collegiate athlete who has a minimum cumulative grade point average of 3.5 based on a 4.0 scale. Tony is the Founder and Director of a Youth Traveling League which has provided over $7,500 in scholarships. He was awarded the Don Glover Youth Sportsmanship Award “for exceptional leadership qualities and dedication to the betterment of youth bowling”

In addition to exhibiting an excellent academic and leadership profile, Tony has become an outstanding bowler. Although his parents were not bowlers, Tony was introduced to bowling at age 11 by close members of the family who convinced him to join a summer youth league at Regency Lanes, in Bakersfield. Tony was hooked! He bowled all the local and state youth tournaments and not long after, Tony’s brother Ty, joined him in those youth activities. Since then Tony has been BVL District Champion three times (2007-2009) and State Champion twice (2007, 2008); and qualified to become a member of the Southern California Junior Amateur Tour and Junior Bowlers Tour and participated in the Junior World Team Challenge (2007-2010). He qualified and participated in the Teen Masters National Finals (2008) and is a member of the USBC Junior Gold Program since 2007 and will participate in this year’s Junior Gold Championship in Las Vegas, July 9-15. Among his many first place finishes, Tony regards very special his winning First Place in the Youth Travel Tournament and being named Bowler of the Year with High Season Point Totals.

In the collegiate arena, Tony continues to improve his game under the table assistance of Coaches Joey Shugart and Tad Kanae, during an almost year-round schedule. Practice runs from June through August and tournament competition September through April. Tony was a member of the 2010-2011 First Place Collegiate Team Events and was chosen as an alternate for the A-Team at the Intercollegiate Team Sectionals the past two years.

In addition to carrying a course overload for three semesters in addition to his position as a Teaching Assistant for the top Hotel College Professor, Tony works 20-40 hours per week as a Customer Solutions Specialist for Go Wireless; and attends monthly meetings and activities for the NSCS and the UNLV Chapter of the Hospitality Financial and Technology Professionals. With time permitting, Tony, enjoys the mountains, various Water Sports, Basketball, and working out at the Gym. However, in spite of such a full agenda, this young man remembers where he came from. He noted “Bowling has been a vital element in my life both on and off the lanes; however, “I have never lost sight of all my immediate family members who believed in my ability and supported me all the way… as well as the Regency Lanes “bowling family”…. The Moody Family, the late Margie Langdon, Vernon Spangler, DC Williams and Bette Addington, just to name a few.”

Anthony J Rose will be honored and presented his awards during our 2011 Annual Meeting at the CUSBC Convention at the Ontario Radisson, June 12th.

UPDATE DEC 2016: Anthony received two top awards from Expedia — Person of the Year and Influencer of the Year today at Bellagio in Las Vegas! Congratulations!


Applications were received from some of the “best” of our youth bowlers in California and after the difficult task of lengthy and careful review of the candidate packages, we take great pride in revealing to you….. The “Best of the Best” for our 2010 Star of Tomorrow $1,000 Scholarship Award.

NICOLE NALANI SHEPARD is the 18 year old daughter of Tom and Laura Shepard of Goleta, California. Nicole was always an achiever and all during her elementary school days her grades were stellar. She entered Dos Pueblos High School in Goleta with high aspirations for a college education. Nicole was selected to Who’s Who for outstanding Middle School and High School students three times and was invited to attend both the National Youth Leadership Forum on Law and Medicine in Washington D.C. She was a member of the Junior Statesman of America, The National Honor Society, and the California Scholastic Federation. By the time Nicole reached her Junior year, she did not feel challenged enough academically. So, while attending Dos Pueblos, she enrolled in classes at Santa Barbara City College. In that same year, Nicole passed the California High School Proficiency Exam, meeting all the requirements of the NAIA colleges, and so, was accepted as a freshman student at Santa Ana College, which of course, forced her to move closer to school, and is currently living in Brea. At the time of her transfer to the college level, Nicole was maintaining a GPA of 3.68 and in a class of 560 students, she was in the top 183.

Nicole was introduced to Bumper Bowling at the tender age of four at Zodo’s Bowling Center in Goleta where her mother coached the youth and father operated the pro-shop. While moving up through the youth program, Nicole became a true leader, holding offices as Secretary, Vice-President and President. When Santa Barbara Association, had a Youth Leadership Program, she would attend the meetings with her mother. While on the bowling lanes, Nicole grew extremely competitive in league play, as well as local, state and national tournaments. Immediately following the move to Brea, Nicole obtained membership in the Orange County Youth USBC and enrolled in the Jr. Gold Draft Youth League at Yorba Linda Lanes. In that league, she is currently carrying an average of 182 on a certified sport shot pattern. (This average converted under USBC Rule #202, is equivalent to a 196 on standard lane conditions). To date, Nicole has to her credit a high series of 755 and a 300 game.

In 2008, Nicole stepped up her bowling competition with commitment to the JAT, (Junior Amateur Tour) winning her first JAT Title at the season opener. She completed that JAT season winning the Tournament of Champions Title, earning the Farm Club Rookie of the Year Award and currently is the strongest girl in the Open Division. This season she averaged 209.4 for 76 games at seven different bowling centers including three sport PBA patterns and is not intimidated when going head-to-head with the more powerful high reving boys. She makes it known she is in the hunt for a spot on the JAT 2009-10 All-Star Team. Nicole is also a member of the JST (Junior Scratch Tour) and the JBT (Junior Bowlers Tour).

Since 2001, Nicole has competed in the Santa Barbara County Youth Association tournaments as well as the SBC Bowling Festival and was awarded the SBC Youth Scholarship Award, which is based on academic and bowling achievements. In 2007 Nicole, sister Maile and two friends won the California State Team Championships. Nicole captured 1st place twice both in Team Event and All-Events and a 1st Place in the SBC Princess Event. She has competed in the California State Youth Tournaments since 2001 and captured a first place team finish. Of recent, she won the California State Scratch Tournament in Visalia and was a Pepsi Tournament Regional winner for  District #5. Nicole has a JBT title with her win in the Arizona Doubles and…being the girl with the highest average in the Jr. Gold Draft Scratch League at Yorba Linda has earned an entry into the chance for the PBA Showdown.

Nicole has numerous honors to her credit. In 2008, she made Santa Barbara County Association history by becoming the youngest female to bowl a 300 game at the age of 16, and, the only father/daughter to bowl 300 games. She qualified for Junior Gold in Detroit and although finishing in the middle of the pack, was solicited by two different college coaches to bowl on their collegiate teams. In 2009, Jr. Gold in Indianapolis, Nicole placed 24th, the top girl finisher from California. and has qualified to compete in the 2010 event in July. Nicole has been offered a collegiate bowling scholarship by Texas Southern University and was recently contacted by Wichita State University, a decision she will make after Jr. Gold in July.

When on break from college and in the Santa Barbara area, Nicole earns her community service credits as a Santa Barbara Zoo Camp Counselor; working at several Vacation Bible Schools; and as a nanny to two small children. Nicole is a member of Young Life and the Harvest Christian Fellowship Youth Group and…. the Cake and Bake Club.

Although Nicole strives to strengthen and achieve her goals in higher education and her bowling career, she has not lost sight that her family is the most important part of her life, for they have been and will continue to be, her backbone of support in all her endeavors.

SPENCER JON DUKES, more often referred to by his middle name, is the 17-year old son of Spencer and Sarina Dukes of San Diego. Jon is currently a senior at the San Diego School of Creative and Performing Arts. Although Jon’s father has traveled at sea a great deal of the time with the United States Navy, Jon never faltered in his responsibilities to his mother; his 15-year old sister Kimberly; and to himself, to excel beyond his own pre-set boundaries. All through elementary school and high school Jon has made the Academic Honor Roll. From 2004 to present he has received numerous Honors of Excellence in Citizenship, English, Math, Music, Religion, Science, and Spanish as well as an Outstanding Achievement Award in various areas of specific english assignments and has received personally written letters from math teachers complimenting him on being such a wonderful student. At no surprise, Jon maintains a High School GPA of 4.13.

Jon is a member and attends weekly meetings of the school’s Key Club; The PAPIA (Asian Pacific Islander Association); The Science Club; and Jazz Band. He volunteers for the Key Club “Neighborhood Face-Lifts projects; PAPIA’s traditional Filipino and Samoan Dances for Community Events; The Science Club’s Special Events; and community performances by the Jazz Band.

Besides being an extraordinary scholar, Jon has become a gifted musician. Since the fifth grade he remained focused on his violin skills. In seventh grade he earned Principle Second Violinist of the Middle School Orchestra and by eighth grade reached his goal as Concertmaster of the Intermediate Orchestra. Jon has participated in the local Honor Orchestra for five years and performed with them at the Copley Symphony Hall in San Diego. Jon’s goal while in high school... to become Concertmaster. All through high school he practiced day and night and it paid off, he is currently First Chair of Violins for his school’s Symphony Orchestra. In numerous competitions he has received no less than a Superior or Gold rating.

Jon bowled his first game at age seven and he knew on that first day that he wanted to pursue bowling at a higher level. He became a youth league bowler at age eight and as years went by, he began participating in more and more tournaments. He got his first taste of victory with a third place finish in a local Junior Bowler’s Tour Tournament. From that point on, he was hooked. He lived, slept, and ate bowling at that point in his life. Although Jon is primarily a self-taught bowler, he has been receiving occasional coaching the last couple of years from Barry Brown, Youth Coach at Admiral Robinson Bowling and Recreation Center. In 2007 Jon received a $400 Scholarship and a Trophy for a 1st Place finish in the 13th Junior World Team Challenge. He finished the 2008-09 season with a 204 average, an 824 high series and a 300 game. He currently carries a 196 and 220 in his two leagues and strives to protect his Title of 1st place in the Junior Masters Bowling League for the past four seasons. Jon also just shot his second 300 game on February 20.  Jon has supported the SDUSBC tournament events and of recent, came away the winner of his division in their BVL Tournament finals. In all, he has built up over $3,000 in Scholarships from his tournament wins.

Not only does Jon set a wonderful example in his pursuit of being a better bowler, he has been a role model for the younger youth bowlers. He is a member of the San Diego USBC, attending the monthly meetings, and often presenting his ideas on fundraising events and how to make the Youth Bowling more fun. He authored some rule changes for the SDUSBC Youth All-Star Team; and has represented SDUSBC at our California USBC Annual Meetings. Jon is always one of those who volunteers to “go caroling” at the local V.A. Hospital at Christmas time. Not only has he volunteered to be the captain of his team in the Admiral Robinson World Team Challenge the past three years, he arrives early to league play to pass out recaps and league sheets, and he volunteers an average of 45 minutes each week coaching the younger youth bowlers during league play.

Since age five. Jon has kept himself mentally and physically fit through his involvement with martial arts. He has the ranking of Third Degree Black-Belt. He serves the Martial Arts Club as Historian and has always lived by the organization’s theory of “living with morality and honor“. Adding to his versatility in accomplishments, Jon is a CPR Certified and has a California Driver’s License for over a year and proudly has a clean record of no citations or accidents.

With the continued loving support of his immediate and extended family members, Jon has his goals set on becoming a Martial Arts Instructor; maintaining the position as Concertmaster and…earning the title as a Professional Bowler.

The formal presentation of awards to both of these wonderful “Stars” will take place at our California USBC Annual Meeting, Sunday, June 13th at the Fremont Marriott-Silicon Valley in Fremont.


MICHAEL TAKEO FUJITA, JR.  is the 18-year old son of Mike and Kathi Fujita, from El Sobrante, California and is a Senior at De Anza High School in Richmond. 

While maintaining an academic excellence in all assigned subjects during Grades 9-12, never receiving a Grade under A-, Michael has a GPA of 4.292.  His scholastic honors include the 2007 May Valley Community Award, which is presented annually to the high school student who makes a significant difference in his/her community.  Michael, showing the highest academic achievement combined with leadership and determination, was awarded by his district, the “2007 Student of the Year”.  In 2008, Michael earned the AP Biology Achievement Academic Award, which is given to the student who shows hard work, dedication, academic success, improvement, and academic success throughout the year.  And, pretty special to Michael are the “Outstanding Achievement  Awards” in the subjects of Pre-Calculus, AP English, AP Biology, and Leadership. Following his high school graduation, Michael will be attending UC Davis to further his education in the field of medicine. His goal: “become the first M.D. on the Pro Bowlers Tour”!

Some of Michael’s extra-curricular activities have included a member of the high school football team where he played wide receiver and free safety. ASB Director of Clubs for 10th and 11th grades.  He basically is in charge of every single club on school campus.  He sees to it that each club is fulfilling school requirements and is on task.  He has served as President of the Environment  Club each year since elected in the 9th grade. This club involves community service and leadership skills.  They participate in beach clean-ups; community functions and school activities.  Also during all of these number of years, Michael has served as Vice President to the Science Club.  This year this club will participate in the National Science Bowl.  He also is responsible for El Sobrante High School’s first science “peer tutoring” for the students who really need help.

Since 9th grade, Michael has been a member of his school’s Early Academic Outreach Program.   The EAOP helps all prepare for college.  It teaches them information that they will need for college and what they will need to actually be accepted into college.  One requirement is being involved in “work experience”, which Michael knows a lot about.  He is a “Party Host” for his local bowling center.  He supervises the “Birthday Parties”, not only for the youngsters, but for private parties and businesses.  He is involved with not only the customer assistance and coordinating the parties, but… the “clean up” afterwards! Off campus Michael is deeply involved with organizations such as Young Life Youth Group.  Here, the members participate in numerous community projects, one of which is traveling to Mexico annually  to build houses for the less fortunate. 

In all of this and his fully committed academic schedule, Michael makes time to bowl two leagues per week, one on standard lane-pattern conditions and the other on sport lane-pattern conditions.  But of course, he was born into a bowling family!  His grandfather was a member of two leagues and bowled year round for many years, averaging in the neighborhood of 195.  “Mike”,  Michael’s dad, was a youth bowler all through his school years until graduation from high school when he had to leave the game.  Then, when Michael was nine years old, he attended a “Bowling Birthday Party” and he was hooked!  He liked everything about the game. Dad even took up his game again and enrolled Michael and brother Ronnie in youth bowling.  Michael remembers well his first coaches Miles and Pam Mimms at Pinole Valley Lanes in Pinole, California.  They made the game so much fun.  Michael loved this game!

Early on he showed great potential and eventually became a student of Coaches Rod Ross, who puts on the Junior Gold Clinics; Rick Leong, who taught him how to read the lanes and drill balls; Eric Hattrup (currently proprietor of Diablo Lanes) who introduced him to the today’s difficult “sport bowling lane patterns” and Debbie Haggerty, who helped him with his mental game. Michael is forever grateful to each of them and as he says, “they are more than just coaches, they’re friends and have put me on my next level of bowling”. 

And what an exceptionally accomplished bowler he has become.  In the 2007-2008 and 2006-2007 seasons alone,  Michael recorded a certified average of 213 in the standard league and in the sport league 197 and 195 respectively, both of which would be equivalent to 208 when converted from the chart in the USBC Rule Book.  On standard oil patterns Michael has recorded certified honor scores of 299; (2) 300’s;  795 and 802 series.  And amazingly enough, on sport bowling oil conditions Michael has certified honor scores of 266 and 278 games; 720 and 742 series.  And what’s so impressive here is that Michael has a  different delivery than most bowlers….. he bowled one-handed for most of his life until about a year ago, when he taught himself to bowl two-handed for fun. He said “it felt pretty natural”  I guess so, the recorded certified “300” games?  The first one with one hand; the second one, with both hands.  But no surprise, Michael’s mother Kathi says he’s at the bowling center practicing almost every single day.

Michael became a member of Northern California Junior Bowlers Tour (NCJBT) at a young age.  At 13, he was the youngest member to move up to the scratch tournaments.  At 14, he went to Jr. Gold Team USA Trials for the first time, finishing in the top 50 out of over 1,000 boys.  He has participated in this event each year since and has already qualified for the 2009 Team USA Trials.  In 2004, 2005, and 2007, Michael was chosen to the NCJBT All Star Team.  These bowlers, of course, are an elite group.  All chosen because of not only their outstanding bowling achievements but their excellent sportsmanship conduct.  Michael holds 1st place standings in local, state, national and international tournaments, which include (2008) NCJBT; (2008) Fireside Sport Shot Invitational;  (2008) Earl Anthony’s Memorial Tournament; (2006-2008) Nor Cal Jr. Adult Doubles and 1st Place in the Jr. Adult Tournament held at the National Bowling Stadium.  And currently, Michael is ranked first overall for the NCJBT.

Besides Michael’s outstanding performance on the lanes, he possesses wonderful leadership abilities and truly is a “people person”.   He was President of the Jr. King of the Hill League from 2004 through 2008;  and President of the Jr/Adult League from 2006 through 2008.  Michael enjoys giving back to the game by volunteering his time teaching the little kids to bowl.  He says he loves to see their face when they get their first strike. Michael enjoys the “giant family” in the bowling arena and long lasting friendships, which he will hold dear a life time.  

Michael is indeed a family man.  He takes pride in the fact that his younger brother Ronnie, with a 218 average, a couple of 800 series and tons of honor scores, bowls all of the scratch tournaments with him.  He says “we help each other improve our games, and bowling has kept us best friends because we share the same love for the game.”  Off the lanes, and since Michael was in the 7th grade, he and Ronnie have faithfully volunteered at the local Homeless Shelter.  And, Michael is extremely close to his grandparents.  At least one day a month, Michael reserves time to take his grandparents to a movie.

Michael Takeo Fujita, Jr. is truly a deserving honoree for the California USBC 2009 “Star of Tomorrow” $1,000 Scholarship and will be honored and presented his awards at the our Annual Convention on Sunday, June 14th at the Marriott Hotel-Riverside.


SAMANTHA J. JIMENEZ is an 18-year old graduate of Rowland High School, Rowland Heights - Class of 2007, posting a GPA of 3.8. She was an outstanding member of the high school Volleyball team from 2003-2007. 

Samantha is currently enrolled as a freshman at San Antonio Community College in Walnut, majoring in Photography and Business.  Her goal is to graduate with her masters in both majors and has hopes to open her own Photography Studio.

Samantha leaves a legend as having been an extraordinarily dedicated student, only missing six days of school within 13 years and has recorded perfect attendance the past nine years.

It goes without saying that bowling has played a big part in Samantha’s family throughout the years. Her grandparents were bowlers;  her aunts and uncles were bowlers; her dad Joseph and mom Connie continue to  bowl. And then at age seven, Samantha joined the sport.  Many have said Samantha has been bowling longer than she has been alive, since mother Connie bowled while pregnant with her.  Sister Natalie, now sixteen, also enjoys the sport.

Inspired since having open heart surgery at age four and being told future participation in sports was questionable, Samantha displayed amazing potential and strong will to follow in her family foot-steps.  She knows that without her dad’s coaching and encouragement, she would not be where she is in her game today, allowing her to help pay for her education and earn her degree.

Samantha has a passion for the game and possesses an extraordinary talent in applying the techniques required to allow one to adjust to the PBA sport lane patterns. Currently bowling under these extremely competitive lane conditions, Samantha averages 198 (equivalent to a 218 average on normal lane conditions.) 

Samantha is a member and Secretary of the Junior Amateur Tour (JAT) and Junior Scratch Tour of America (JST).  She placed in the top 36 at the 2006 Junior Gold National Finals and top 16 in 2005 and 2007. 

While bowling on the Sport Shot conditions this season, Samantha scored a high game of 279; 723 series  She had an 805 in 2007; and from 2003-2007 recorded (30) 700 series and in 2005-2006 season, (2) 299 games and has (3) 300 games to her credit from 2004, 2006 & 2007.

Samantha holds champion titles in the 2005 CA State Championships All-Events;  2004 State Pepsi Championships; JAT titles in 2001, 2002, 2004; and JAT Farm Club titles in 2004, 2005.

Samantha has been a member of the JST for over 6 years and has been the JST Gold League Secretary for the past two seasons. Samantha has also qualified for Junior National Gold each year, as well as maintaining the highest female average in the league. Director of the JST, Butch Hesketh, describes Samantha as consistently friendly and professional in her attitude towards the game and to her fellow bowlers.

Samantha uses every spare time she has to practice for as she is hopeful that one day she will qualify as a member of Team USA.  In addition to such a full schedule, Samantha has never abandoned her 10-Year membership with the Girl Scouts, and works part-time as an intern at the Photo Arts Industry.

DOUGLAS G. FRISBIE is a 19-year old from Concord, California is the youngest son of Mark and Karen Frisbie. He is also a 2007 graduate from De La Salle Catholic High School.  Students accepted into this particular High School are selective.  While maintaining an Academic Excellence in Spanish II and Music Theory, Douglas earned a GPA of  3.81.  Besides being a member of the school’s Bicycle and Bowling Clubs, Douglas has been an accomplished musician since learning to play the clarinet in the 4th grade and benefited much from  his participation in the high school’s Concert and Marching Band.

While brother Brian studies engineering at UC Berkeley, Douglas is currently enrolled as a freshman at College of the Pacific in Stockton, where he can be closer to his bowling commitments. He is majoring in the field he loves, Computer Science, and hopes to spend his life being helpful to the world through computer technology.

Douglas’ interest in the game of bowling was sparked at age 9 while on a Cub Scout outing….. in a bowling center!  He took to the game like a duck to water…. and proved to be a natural. But why not, his dad had been a youth bowler and being so inspired, Douglas entered as many leagues possible; many times teaming with his dad;  to bring home the First Place trophies. 

With ten years of participating in league and tournament play, Douglas has learned the game WELL and has become a TRUE competitor.  He currently averages 220… posting 213 and 225 the two previous seasons.  On December 3, 2006, Douglas hit the headlines in the local bowling publications.  While participating in the Junior Adult Classic League, he rolled strike after strike with games of 277-233 and 299 for an 809 series.  A wobbly 7-pin had robbed Douglas of his first “300” game.       

However, not to be discouraged, Douglas came back just 8 days later, in the 400 Junior Adult Scratch League on December 11, sparing in his first two frames, then throwing 10 strikes in a row for a 278; and in the second game 12 in a row for his first “300” game and finished with a 221, leaving a solid 10-pin for a 799 series.       

During all his years as a youth member at Diablo Lanes, Douglas has gained the respect of the staff, management and fellow bowlers. as a bowler; a student coach and an all around volunteer.  He never misses league or paying his league fees, and always displays the best in attitude and good sportsmanship to the game and other bowlers.        

Aside from school and his bowling schedule, Douglas finds the energy to work part-time in a dental office and walk his elderly neighbor’s dog. And, most importantly, has never abandoned his commitments for over ten years to his Boy Scout programs. His Leadership abilities were extraordinary having held positions as Senior Patrol Leader, Den Chief, Patrol Leader, Troop Guide, Scribe and now…… last year earned and was awarded the highest rank….. of Eagle Scout.


rose_starROSE LYNN BROWN of Modesto, is a senior at Grace M. Davis High School, Modesto, where she  maintains  a Cumulative Grade Point Average of 4.0, ranking 7th in her class of 603 students.  She has been a member of the California Scholarship Federation for four years.

Not only is Rose an outstanding student, she was described by one of her teachers as “always consistently prepared and completes her student duties in a timely and efficient manner. She is always prompt and absences are a rarity.  In class she acts as a role model for others and is often found helping those in need”.  And, in their testimonials written in Rose’s behalf other teachers wrote how impressed they were by her level of maturity and professionalism she displays.  She is a quick learner, a self-motivator and never makes excuses when presented with challenging tasks. Rose’s outstanding efforts were rewarded with the Spartan Award for two consecutive years, which is given to only 100 students out of 3,200 who show exemplary qualities inside the classroom.

Rose has been a member of the Public Safety Academy for four years from which she received a recommendation for a position of California Highway Patrol Explorer, where she has served for two years. She has been Vice President of the Challenger Club for two years and; is an active PAL (Peer Assistant Learning, which involves helping to tutor both physically and mentally disabled students.

Outside the classroom, Rose has lettered in Varsity Track and Field and Volleyball. She has been a youth bowler for thirteen years, ten of which she has been a member of the “Nor-Cal All Stars”.  She has recorded two certified 300 games and a high series of 791.  In March 2006 Rose was awarded a berth on the USBC Junior Team USA, one of the most prestigious honors for youth bowlers in the nation.  She would be representing the United States in international competition and act as an ambassador for youth bowling worldwide. After attending the Olympic Training Camp in Colorado Springs in May, Rose competed in the American Zone Youth Championships in Pueblo, Mexico in June, bringing home the Bronze Medal for taking Third Place in the Girls Event.  Then in 2007, this young lady  earned her way through the competition to earn a spot on Team USA.

Rose’s other bowling achievements are numerous.  She captured a First Place in the NorCal YABA State Girls Scratch Singles;  NorCal BPA/YABA Youth Doubles Championships, South Division.; NorCal BPA/YABA Jr. Adult Championships-Scratch Girls/Women, South Division; NorCal Youth Doubles Championships-Major Mixed Division, South Division; and the NCJBT Girls Scratch Division.

Although Rose had applied hard work and determination, she attributes her mother June  for all she has taught her in bowling, and probably the most important, “Always remember to have fun and, practice with a purpose.”

Rose has carried her leadership abilities forward into the bowling arena both on the local and state levels.  She has served as a CSYABA District Youth Director to the for two years; Vice President for the California Youth Leadership Association  three years and one year on the California Youth Council.  In 2006, Rose was elected to the California USBC Board of Directors.

Following her high school graduation, Rose will be attending Modesto Junior College to complete her general education, after which she will transfer to Fresno State University to major in Criminal Justice and will try out for  a spot on the FSU bowling team.  Rose intends to pursue a career in Law Enforcement, preferring to work with the Juvenile Probation Department.

It’s not “all work and no play”, however, for Rose says that when she isn’t studying or working, she loves to go to go to movies, hiking at Yosemite or, of course… go bowling.

doug_starDOUGLAS JAMES LAUER of 29 Palms, California graduated from Twenty-nine Palms High School in 2006.  He was first in his class of 181 students with a Cumulative Grade Point Average of 4.37.  He was the Class Valedictorian and awarded High Honors receiving  a Golden State Seal Merit Diploma.  His Academic Awards included: Math, History, English, and Physical Health earning an Academic Letter with (2) Lamps.  Doug proudly earned membership in the National Honor Society. the National Society of High School Scholars, the President’s Education Awards Program for Outstanding Academic State Achievement and the Who’s Who Among American High School Students for 2005 and 2006.

Doug’s honors also include: National Consortium for Academics and Sports (Northeastern University’s Sport in Society National Collegiate Athletic Association-2 years); CIF Southern Section Academic Award “Boys Varsity Basketball”; Academic Excellence Award Golden State for Algebra; State of California Senators Scholastic Achievement Award; and the UC Irvine Academic Talent Search Award. Aside from his academics, Doug was active as a Senior Honor Guard; a member of the Pool and French Clubs (2) years; and served as a Teachers Aid for Anthropology.  He earned a letter in Varsity Basketball and was a member of the Track & Field in Shot Put and Discus. The Rotary Club awarded him Wildcat Athlete of the Week for Basketball and… Track and Field.

Doug’s leadership abilities were obvious when he served as Delegate American Legion California Golden Boys State and was awarded the California Senate, the Assembly Certificate for Recognition for Achievement for California Golden Boys State; as well as  the Masonic Lodge Citizenship Award

A member of the  “Link Crew” (a Underclass Mentoring Program); clubs and sports team fund raisers; the Parks and Recreation Annual 29 Palms Boys Basketball Tournament; coach for the Parks and Recreation Basketball Camp, for which he earned “Outstanding Coach” twice.; and a volunteer for community clean-up days.

Doug is currently a Freshman at California State University, Long Beach, majoring in Business Management and Administration taking classes such as Pre-calculus Mathematics, Calculus I and Principles of Macro-economics just to name a few… and throughout has maintained a 4.0 Grade Point Average. Doug goal is to  earn his Bachelors of Science in the next (4) years and graduate with honors.

Doug started bowling at Bowladium Bowling Center in 29 Palms at the tender age three (3) and became a member of a Citrus Belt Association YABA Pee Wee League.  During his Youth bowling, Doug held Team Captain (9) years and Youth Leader Representative to the Citrus Belt YBA (7) years.  While bowling Youth/Adult Leagues, he held the offices of President, Vice President and Sergeant-at-Arms and became a Level 1 USBC Coach.  Doug attended CYLA meetings for (7) years, holding offices of President, Vice President and Sergeant-at-Arms and elected as Delegate to the State Convention, (4) years.  For over (7) years, Doug was always on hand at all the local association YABA tournaments and of course, again a volunteer to the Citrus Belt Men’s Senior Tournament.

At the point of the intended merge of the two Citrus Belt USBC Associations, Doug served on committees for Audit, Transition, Youth, and Budget and Finance.  He served as their 5th Vice President, and was  Delegate to the 2006 National Convention, and, again volunteers for the Annual Seniors Tournament.

Doug moved to the state level, having served as District 5 Youth Director for the past (3) years;  Sergeant-at-Arms to the CYLA; and as a member of the Pepsi Tournament and Budget/Finance committees.  Doug is current President of the CYLA and (3rd) Vice President of our California USBC Association  and Chairs our CUSBC Legislative Committee.

Recommendations from local Association officials have credited Doug with being “energetic, enthusiastic and well grounded.  He has a mind of his own and will question anything he feels is not quite right and get clarification on changes he is not sure of.  He continues to promote, work and learn all the aspects of our sport.”

Doug is an accomplished and competitive  bowler, carrying a current average of 204, and highs of 285 game and 738 series.  He captured First Place in the 2006 Citrus Belt Tournament Team Event and  High Scratch Series. He has a string of First Place finishes for the past (5) years at Bowladium Bowling Center.  Although scholarships that Doug has earned are too numerous to mention, topping the list are the: Robert C Byrd Academic Scholarship Award; Scholarship for Military Children, Defense Commissary Agency; and the CSULB Presidents Scholars Program.

Doug claims bowling has influenced his life in so many different ways.  It has taught him to be more disciplined and to realize the importance of concentrating on the things he does.  It has taught him leadership skills and confidence to run for offices and has improved his organizational and people skills.  It has increased his patience threshold and has improved his problem solving skills. For all of this, Doug says “bowling is something that will always mean so much to me no matter where I go in life”.


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