Since 1950, the California BVL fund has donated over $9 million dollars to our veterans.


January 15, 2019

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BVL Committee
The Bowlers to Veterans Link Hospitals and Presentations Report 

The California Bowlers to Veterans (BVL) Committee conducted our distribution meeting in October 2014 by email, using an excel spreadsheet to review the requests from the California Veteran’s facilities. The financial report was presented.

On behalf of the bowlers in California, the CUSBC BVL Committee has donated $125,564.00 to the following Veterans Centers in California for 2013-2014 season.  From 1959 through 2012-2014 the California BVL Fund has donated $9,179,685.19 to our California Veterans.  We want too Thank all of you for your continued support of the California BVL.

We have completed all of the donations for this year and hope many of you will have a chance to visit a facility in your area.  After meeting and talking with the Directors and Team Leaders, we know how proud they are of their facilities and they would all welcome your visit.

The following is the breakdown of the donations:


VA Northern California Healthcare System (includes outpatient clinics in Martinez, Fairfield, Mare Island, Oakland, Redding, Chico, McClellan, Yreka and Yuba City) – Help the Homeless and Needy Veterans with clothing, food, bus passes, transportation for Dr Visits and transitional support thru the social services department.  Model kits and supplies for the Recreational Therapy Program.


VA Greater Los Angeles Healthcare System (includes outpatient clinics in Downtown LA, Bakersfield, East LA, Gardena, Lancaster, Oxnard, Pasadena, San Luis Obispo, Santa Maria and Santa Barbara) – Four full screen laptop computers for patient use.  Outdoor seating & tables for patient activities. Storage shed for gardening tools. One small refrigerator for storage of patient snacks.


Los Angles Veterans Resource Center – Bus tokens, field trips, holiday parties and refreshments for the veterans.


Concord Veterans Center – Weekly Bowling and Golf groups, holiday parties, and refreshments.


Fresno Veterans Center – Holiday outreach program and group outings.


Peninsula Veterans Center – Holiday party, refreshments, coffee supplies.


San Jose Veterans Center – Holiday party and outreach program.


San Marcos Veterans Center – Holiday parties and bus passes.


West Los Angeles Veterans Center – Holiday parties, excursion trips and refreshments.


Jerry L. Pettis Memorial VA Medical Center (includes Palm Desert, Blythe, Sun City, Victorville and Upland VA Clinics) – National Golden Age Games, National Wheelchair Games and National Winter Games.


VA Long Beach Healthcare System – Emergency funds for the purchase of clothing, bus tokens, food and other essentials for the homeless.


VA San Diego Healthcare System – Recreation off-site outings to help all patients including Spinal Cord injury patients develop skill levels for leisure actives.


San Francisco VA Medical Center – 60 Visa gift cards $100 ea. For Homeless Vets to purchase needed items for the Escort Program, which provides assistance for Vets visiting the center.  


North Orange County Veterans Center – Bowling activities, Bus passes and Holiday Parties. 


Redwood Veterans Center – Coffee supplies, retreats, outings and transportation to appointments at the San Francisco VA Medical Center.


North Bay Veterans Center – Holiday parties, coffee supplies, water and other supplies.


Oakland Veterans Center – Food items for outreach events and group activities.


Corona Veterans Center – Holiday parties, and transportation bus passes, coffee supplies and items for Vets in need.


Sacramento Veterans Center – Bowling activities, Holiday party, and comfort kits for the homeless.


San Bernardino Veterans Center – Internet service, coffee supplies and holiday parties.


Santa Cruz Veterans Center – Outreach funds for the Vets.


Veterans Home of California – Barstow – National Golden Age Games, 55in HDTV plus wall mounts and movies


Veterans Home of California – Yountville – Portion of the annual cost to operate and maintain the on-site bowling center.  Other items as needed for the Recreational building. 


Veterans Home of California – Chula Vista – CD players for the common area and repairs to the stereo system, and 2 printers for resident computer Labs.


VA Palo Alto Healthcare System – Golden Age Games. Arts, crafts and refreshments for the locked Psychiatric units.   


VA Central California Healthcare System – Bowling activities, games, crafts, community outings, and Golden Age games.


San Francisco Veterans Center – Coffee supplies, PTST Outreach events.  


San Diego Veterans Center – Coffee supplies, Holiday parties, and grocery cards.


East Los Angeles Vet Center – Bowling, Holiday parties, and coffee fund.


California Bowling Writers – Phone Cards for the service personnel to use for the Holidays to call home.


Modesto Vet Center – Bowling, Holiday party and Recreational Outings


Eastern Sacramento Vet Center – Bowling, Holiday parties.


So Orange Co Vet Center – Bowling, Movie passes, Holiday parties


Veterans Home of California – Lancaster – Supplies for the Arts and Craft workshop for the residents.  Purchase Laptops for residents use.


Antelope Valley Vet Center – Coffee Supplies, Holiday Meal


Veterans Home of California – Ventura – Exercise equipment for exercise room.


Veterans Home of California – West Los Angeles – Outdoor exercise equipment for fitness waling trail for the residents.


Veterans Home of California – Fresno – 2 scooter’s and wheel chairs to use as loaners


Chatsworth Vet Center – Coffee supplies, Holiday parties, and grocery cards.


Veterans Home of CA – Redding – Exercise equipment for exercise room.


Temecula Vet Center – Bowling, Holiday party and Recreational Outings.


High Desert Vet Center – Gift cards for Vets who have no funds to travel to and from center.

TOTAL DONATION FOR THE 2013-2014 SEASON: $127,482.75‚Äč


The committee thanks you for your hard work and we certainly hope all the members of the California USBC will continue to support the Veterans of California.

Eugene McCown, Co-Chairpersons
Mabel Sheasley, Co-Chairpersons
Lynn Graves
Larry Worrall
Al Hoffmann 
Rosie Parker, California USBC Association President, ex-officio
Larry Peppers, California USBC Association Manager, ex-officio


Please contact Larry Peppers with any updates or changes to your local office information.


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