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April 7 - June 18, 2017

Country Club Bowl, San Rafael
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Entry Deadline: 6/18/2017

May 6-7, 2017

U12, U15, U20 Divisions Only
Classic Bowl, Daly City

Entry Deadline: 4/5/2017

July 8-16, 2017

Country Club Bowl, San Rafael
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Entry Deadline: 7/16/2017

July 29-30, 2017

Steve Cook's Fireside Lanes (Sat)
Harley's Valley Bowl (Sat)
Cal Bowl (Sun)
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Entry Deadline: 7/30/2017

August 12-13, 2017

McHenry Bowl, Modesto
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Entry Deadline: 8/12/2017

August 18-20, 2017

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West Lane Bowl, Stockton

Entry Deadline: 8/1/2017

October 14-15, 2017

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Keystone Lanes, Norwalk

Entry Deadline: 10/15/2017

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BVL Committee
The Bowlers to Veterans Link Hospitals and Presentations Report 

The California Bowlers to Veterans (BVL) Committee met in October 2007 in San Rafael to review the requests from the California Veteran’s facilities. The financial report was presented.

On behalf of the bowlers in California, the BVL Committee has donated the amount of $117,900.00 to the following Veterans Centers in California. A donation of $25.000.00 was made to the National BVL Program.

We have completed all of the donations for this year and hope many of you will have a chance to visit a facility in your area.  After meeting and talking with the Directors and Team Leaders, we know how proud they are of their facilities and they would all welcome your visit.

The following is the breakdown of the donations:


VA Northern California Healthcare System – (includes outpatient clinics in Martinez, Fairfield, Mare Island, Oakland, Redding, Chico and McClellan) to provide entertainment and recreation activities and provide community re-entry to patients in the day treatment program.  


VA Greater Los Angeles Healthcare System – (includes outpatient clinics in Sepulveda, Downtown, LAAC, Bakersfield and Santa Barbara) Flat screen TV with a stand, Computer workstations, DVD Monitor/Receiver and items for the Iraqi center for the returning Vets.


Los Angles Veterans Resource Center – Thanksgiving and Christmas parties, bus tokens, field trips and refreshments for the veterans.


Concord Veterans Center – Refreshments, holiday parties, stand down program for homeless vets and a retreat.


Fresno Veterans Center – Christmas party and relocation open house refreshments.


Peninsula Veterans Center – Holiday party, refreshments.


San Jose Veterans Center – Computers and refreshments.


San Marcos Veterans Center – Recreational activities and bus passes.


West Los Angeles Veterans Center – Holiday parties, excursion trips and refreshments.


Jerry L. Pettis Memorial VA Medical Center –(includes Palm Desert, Blythe, Sun City, Victorville and Upland VA Clinics) Recreation activities and therapy such as Wheelchair Games, Golden Age Games, Winter Sports Clinic and Creative Arts Festival, therapeutic support for recent returning combat veterans.


VA Long Beach Healthcare System – Patient satellite entertainment system.


VA San Diego Healthcare System – Recreation off-site outings to help patients including Spinal Cord injury patients, develop skill levels for leisure activities.


San Francisco VA Medical Center – Camping experience for the blind. Bowling fund, recreation activities, bowling activities, coffee fund, and holiday parties.


Anaheim Veterans Center – Flat panel LCD TV and mount.


Redwood Veterans Center – Coffee supplies and retreats.


North Bay Veterans Center – Computer, holiday parties, and workshops.


Oakland Veterans Center – Coffee supplies, DVD player and holiday parties.


Corona Veterans Center – Holiday parties & family care baskets. 


Sacramento Veterans Center – Holiday party, hygiene kits, and bowling activities.


San Bernardino Veterans Center – Holiday party, Internet access, laser printer. 


Santa Cruz Veterans Center – Annual Veterans Day and Memorial Day events, rehab BBQ, holiday party, and homeless Veterans Event in May.


Veterans Home of California – Barstow - Winter Games, Golden Age games, and Creative Arts Festival.


Veterans Home of California – Yountville – All Senior Games, bus trips for outside activities and stabilize picnic grounds areas for Geriatric patients.


Veterans Home of California – Chula Vista –Golden Age Games, Senior Olympics, various activities both on and off campus and computer lab equipment.


VA Palo Alto Healthcare System – Winter sports clinic and games, Wheel chair games and Bowling activities.


VA Central California Healthcare System – Party supplies, sporting equipment, bowling activities, community outings, crafts and Golden Age games.


Naval Medical Center – San Diego – Emergency fund for transportation.


San Francisco Veterans Center – Hygiene kits for the homeless, holiday parties and Veterans Day events.


San Diego Veterans Center – Coffee supplies and bus tokens.


East Los Angeles Vet Center – Holiday parties, coffee fund, Healthy Lifestyle picnics, purchase new stove for the kitchen in the Vets center.


California Bowling Writers– Phone Cards for the soldiers to use for the holidays.


USO Ontario Airport – Miscellaneous supplies for traveling veterans.


CUSBC BVL – Promotional Carpet Bowling Lane Kits to be sent to our Service Personal


National BVL Program


TOTAL DONATION FOR THE 2006-2007 SEASON: $142,900.00

The committee thanks you for your hard work and we certainly hope all the members of the California USBC will continue to support the Veterans of California.

Rosie Parker, Co- Chairman
Linda Johnson, Co-Chairman
June Brown, Chuck Shock, Committee Members
Melissa Ade, California USBC Tournament Director
Al Hoffmann, California USBC Association President, ex-officio


Please contact Larry Peppers with any updates or changes to your local office information.



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