2016 State Finals
May 14, 2016

Open to USBC members: Men, Women and Youth!

BVL qualifying winners from each division will represent their local association in this tournament.

Keystone Lanes



2016 USBC CONVENTION, LAS VEGAS – BVL, which provides recreational and therapeutic programs and services to brighten the days of America’s active duty and veteran service men and women, announced it made a total donation of just over $909,000 to the Department of Veterans Affairs because of contributions made during the 2014-2015 season. Founded in 1942, BVL has raised more than $45 million.

BVL also honored the top state and local associations for their contributions. The top state association contributors were: CALIFORNIA, $119,686; Michigan, $56,484; Virginia, $45,960; Texas, $38,535; and Tennessee, $31,571. The top local associations were: Nation’s Capital Area (Va.) USBC, $23,448; CITRUS BELT (Calif.) USBC, $18,303; Metro Detroit USBC, $17,099; Metro Phoenix USBC, $15,763; and SAN DIEGO USBC, $11,621 (Calif). Go to BowlForVeterans.org to learn more about BVL and to see all the state and local association contributions.

The Bowlers of California have proved yet again that “WE ARE THE BEST” when it comes to supporting our Veterans. Since 1950, the California BVL Fund has donated over $9,000,000 to our veterans. The committee Thanks all of you on behalf of the Veterans of California.

As you know, these funds are used to purchase recreational equipment, field trips, coffee, and office equipment for use by the veterans, and to help with social events and special outings. The California BVL Fund was recognized by the National BVL Organization for making the largest donation by a State Association at the USBC Convention this year. We know none of this would be possible without your continued dedication, resourcefulness, hard work and again, We Thank You.

Unfortunately, our Military is currently in conflict and we are again asking for your continued support and assistance in helping our veterans return to the way of life they left. We urge you to remember the BVL Creed, as follows: “For the good things of life at hand for millions of us, thousands gave their lives. In our service and Veterans Administration Hospitals are other thousands who escaped death fighting with the same spirit for the same cause. Our debt to them is profound. The least they might expect is that all of us accomplish everything within our means to restore them to normal existences.”

The bowlers of California have kept the promise made to our Veterans in 1950, “We won’t forget you”.

Awards will be presented to the local associations that donate the three highest amounts. Awards will also be presented to the associations who have donated $2 or more per member. All of the Awards will be presented during the California USBC Annual Meeting in Redding, June 11, 2016.

Top Three Local USBC Association Donations

First Place: 
Citrus Belt $18,080

Second Place: 
San Diego USBC $10,606

Third Place:
Gr Sacramento Area USBC $8,850


Alameda County USBC
Anderson USBC
Antelope Valley USBC
Bishop USBC
Central California USBC
Central Coast USBC  $ 3,876
Central Solano USBC
Central Sonoma County USBC  $ 1,851
Chico USBC  $ 1,579
Citrus Belt USBC  $ 18,080.33
Colusa County USBC
Contra Costa County USBC  $ 1,357
Crescent City USBC
Desert Valley USBC  $ 1,500
Gateway USBC
Glenn Co-Corning USBC BA
Glenn County-Corning USBC WBA
Gold Country USBC
Golden Empire USBC  $ 4,125.25
Gr Sacramento Area USBC  $ 8,850
Grass Valley – Nevada City BA
High Desert USBC
Humboldt USBC
Imperial Valley USBC
Intermountain USBC
Kings County USBC
Lakeshore USBC
Manteca USBC
Marin County USBC
Merced County USBC  $ 2,125
Modesto USBC  $ 4,250
Monterey Peninsula USBC  $ 700
Mother Lode USBC  $ 2,500
Napa Sonoma USBC  $ 920
North County USBC  $ 5,096.38
North Los Angeles Co USBC  $ 7,167.33
Northern Siskiyou USBC
Orange County USBC  $ 6,283.25
Oroville USBC  $ 3,000
Paradise USBC
Peninsula USBC  $ 850
Petaluma USBC  $ 679
Plumas USBC
Porterville USBC  $ 500
Red Bluff USBC
Redding USBC
Salinas USBC
San Diego USBC  $ 10,606.38
San Francisco USBC
San Gabriel Valley USBC  $ 2,600
Santa Barbara USBC  $ 952
Santa Clara County USBC  $ 1,023
Santa Cruz USBC
Sierra Gold USBC  $ 2,105.31
Southern LA County USBC  $ 1,162.25
Southern Siskiyou USBC
Stockton USBC BA
Stockton USBC WBA  $ 1,725
Tracy USBC WBA  $ 245
Trinity County USBC
Tulare County USBC  $ 2,600
Ukiah USBC
Vallejo USBC BA
Vallejo USBC WBA  $ 1,000
Vallejo USBC Youth
Ventura County USBC BA
Ventura County USBC WBA  $ 1,350
Yuba Sutter USBC  $ 2,123
Friday Laughlin League, Palmdale  $ 66
Delta 500 Club, Stockton, CA  $ 180.50
Petaluma 500 Bowling Club  $ 100
Umchu Full House League  $ 181
Helako Full House League  $ 62.50
TOTAL DONATION $ 103,371.48