April 20 – July 1, 2018

Open to all certified adult members of the California USBC Association. Compete in 4 person teams, doubles and singles events. There is an optional all-events and an optional scratch division for each event.

11459 Imperial Hwy
Norwalk, CA 90650
(562) 868-3261


Women’s Championships – Handicap Division Champs
Sonjia Wyatt, Renee Laurent, Sheila Woods & Alicia Alexander

Open Championships – Scratch Division Champs
Daniel Martinez, Gabriel Martinez, Carl Labayan & Leonard Ruiz

Open Championships – Handicap Division Champs
​Jerry Stewart, Mark Hutchinson, Lisa Hutchinson & Al Hoffmann

Open Championships – Scratch Division Doubles Champs
Vernon Adams & Gabriel Martinez

Women’s Championships – Handicap Doubles Champs
LaShonda Taylor & Shaonna Battle

Open Championships
Handicap and Scratch All-Events Champion
Gabriel Martinez

25+ Years Participation


55 Years
Norris Turner

45 Years
James O’Connor
VJ Pete

40 Years
Jerry Toenyes
James Larkin

Tak Nikaido
Jim Haddock

35 Years
Robert Phelps
Thomas Day
Timothy Day
Jack Yarbrough
Terry Nafus
Kenneth Inman Sr.
Tracy Hancock

30 Years
James Eichler
John Catone
John Garbin

25 Years
Edward Bruzzone
Scott Rogala
Jay Jett


55 Years
Marge Vieira

50 Years
Marilyn Rush

45 Years
Beverly Germany
Betty Tomaino

40 Years
Linda Grace
Dora Hart
Frances Tenhet
Jan (Dorothy) Jones
Leanna Thurman

35 Years
Mary Jane Brust
Cindy Miles
Vivian Melohn
Rose Palmer

30 Years
Karen Hall
Sandra Holmes
Lori Potter
Paige Skinker
Irene Carney

25 Years
Cynthia Hollinger
Michelle Silver
Paula Vidad
Fe Faustino