The Distinguished Service Award recognizes Californians who have made outstanding contributions in the field of bowling, such as association leaders, adult youth leaders, proprietors and sponsors.


Eligibility and Criteria for Nomination:

  • The nominee need not be a current or past member of USBC/ABC/WIBC/YABA
  • The nominee must have made a valuable and consistent contribution to the sport of bowling
  • The nominee’s service must have been sufficient in duration to demonstrate frequent and sustained efforts to further the education and promotion of bowling.

2012 – Dennis Fanucchi
2011 – Ronnie Weber
2010 – Jack Thomas
2005 – Connie Marchione*
2004 – Juanita Blocker*
2003 – Nancy Arvanitis*
2003 – Dale Penne*
2002 – Alice Meglemre*
2001 – Carol Mancini*
2001 – Dudley Peeples*

*Recipient from California State YABA

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