The California USBC Association has the CALIFORNIA YOUTH COMMITTEE (CYC) run the youth event portions of the state. The committee consists of At-Large Directors, 8 Adult District Directors, Youth Representatives and 2 Proprietors.  We also have 4 representatives from the CYC that will serve on the main CA USBC Association board of directors. This committee will continue to service the youth bowlers of California by organizing the youth state championships, state scratch tournament and the Pepsi Youth Championships as well as many youth awards and scholarships.

The state of California is broken into 8 Districts in which 8 Adult Directors are elected by the delegation to serve as representatives.  These Directors run the Pepsi Youth Bowling Championships – District Finals respectively for their District.

District #1 Brett Kociemba
District #2 Shelby Sanz
District #3 Tim Pato
District #4
District #5 Anthony Guevara
District #6
District #7 Gary Philip
District #8 Linda Stewart

We have been elected and appointed by your local association representatives to serve as a link between the National Headquarters (USBC) and your local associations.  We work as a team to help your organization and ours support and promote the sport of youth bowling.  We can’t do this alone and everyone can make a difference.  Thank you! 

State State Youth Championships (Queens & Masters; Prince & Princess) (July)
State Pepsi Youth Championships 
(Nov & Jan qualifying; Mar – District Finals; May – State Finals)
State Diddy Watts Youth State Singles Challenge
Local Association Championships (contact your local USBC Association for dates & information)


Growing the sport of bowling for youth and adults in CA!