Over $1 million dollars awarded in Scholarships since 1998 for this tournament!

$50,000 in Scholarships
and Awards
for 2019!

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The Pepsi USBC Youth Championships is a multi-level nationwide qualifying championship event for USBC certified youth bowlers. This tournament is a benefit of USBC membership — every youth bowler should be given their chance to enter. California awarded $50,000 in scholarships in 2019 and has awarded over $1,000,000 since 1998.

Thank you for your support and participation in one of the largest scholarship events in California.  Last year we worked extremely hard with your help in raising funds so that we could award $50,000 in scholarships!  With the rising cost of education, this tournament strongly benefits many young bowlers on their way to a promising future.  Good luck and we’ll see you out on the lanes!

Tournament Director: Lynn Matsubara
Phone: 562-449-4527

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PEPSI DRESS CODE: All bowlers must wear suitable attire. No alcohol, smoking, tobacco, sexual or profane advertisements allowed on any attire or equipment. Shirts must have finished/hemmed collars and sleeves for all competition.  Only pants, capris, skirts, skorts and long walking shorts are allowed. NOT ALLOWED: Short-shorts, clothing that is torn, or ripped; fleece, lycra/spandex/legging type material, basketball/soccer shorts, tennis skirts/skorts, warm-up suits; tank tops; halter-tops; “cut-off’s” or any clothing with holes.  No writing on or defacing of the bowling shirt or equipment. No head coverings (hats, caps, or bandannas, etc.) or sunglasses once competition begins. No electronic devices allowed in the bowler’s area. Tournament management must approve any/all exceptions prior to the event.


ENTER THROUGH CALIFORNIA YOUTH LEAGUES:  Competition is open to all USBC Youth members that are currently bowling in a California USBC certified youth league and not under suspension. League substitutes are allowed to participate if it is their only California USBC certified youth league. Entries must be submitted through California USBC certified youth leagues. Official Pepsi Worksheets for league level qualifying are provided in this handout. There is one worksheet per division. 

– BOYS U8, U10, U12, U15 & U18 DIVISIONS
– GIRLS U8, U10, U12, U15 & U18 DIVISIONS

Bowlers can “OPT UP” to enter into a higher division, but must submit a waiver with the entry fee. This is suggested only for those that want the opportunity to qualify into the State Finals (U12 & up)

DISTRICT FINALS (March):  California is divided into Districts based on location and local USBC associations. Each district runs their own District Finals.  FORMAT: Three games bowled on the same pair of lanes. Scratch and Handicap scholarships are awarded to U8 & U10 divisions – these divisions do not advance to the State Finals. First place scratch finishers in the U12, U15 and U18 divisions will earn a Scholarships and are also competing to qualify (scratch) to the Pepsi State Finals. See tournament packet for District site locations, format, fees and District Director contact information.

  • Champions from the U8 & U10 divisions can earn a FREE entry into the Youth State Championships in July (4 Champions x 6 Districts = 24 entries).
  • California offers a separate handicap scholarship division per the same age divisions – automatic entry for everyone (100% of 210)

STATE FINALS – U12, U15 & U18 DIVISIONS (May):  Bowlers will advance from the District Finals (scratch) to the State Finals based on a ratio (see rules). BOWLERS MUST REGISTER THEIR SQUAD TIME ONLINE IN ORDER TO PARTICIPATE.  FORMAT: Five games scratch moving pairs after each game. Entry fee required.

  • All divisions are competing for scratch scholarships and six FREE berths (one per division) into the USBC Junior Gold Championships in July.
  • Handicap (100% of 210) and Scratch Scholarships will be awarded in each division
  • JERSEYS will be awarded to the six Pepsi Champions (set design)

USBC JUNIOR GOLD CHAMPIONSHIPS – U12, U15 & U18 DIVISIONS ONLY (July): California is allotted six FREE berths into the Junior Gold Championships (one per division). The top finishers in the U12, U15 & U18 divisions (scratch) may receive the berth if they have not previously qualified. If they already qualified, then the next available alternate will be taken in order of finish per division. All advancers must have Junior Gold membership. Bowlers without a current Junior Gold membership must purchase a Junior Gold membership prior to June 8. IBC Youth will waive the $200 (U18), $150 (U15), and $100 (U12) entry fee for these athletes. These athletes will compete for additional scholarships available to all athletes at the Junior Gold Championships, as well as other prizes and awards. All US citizens are vying for a spot on USBC Junior Team USA to represent the US in national and international competition. If the U12, U15 or U18 Division Champion is unwilling to become a Junior Gold member, they will not advance to the Junior Gold Championships. However, the athlete will still retain the state scholarship, but the berth to the Junior Gold Championships will be awarded to the next eligible athlete. The California USBC Association will provide the six CHAMPIONS a travel stipend valued up to $500. Arrangements will be made by each athlete within stated guidelines and parameters from the California USBC Association.

STATE CHAMPIONSHIPS – U8 & U10 DIVISIONS ONLY (July):  The District Finals U8 & U10 division (scratch) Champions (24 total) will earn a single entry ($80 value) into all 4 events of the California Youth State Championships to be held in July.  This berth is applicable only to the first place finishers and will be voided if they cannot attend or do not enter with a full team entry ($320). Event format: Team, Doubles, Singles and All-Events (scratch) based on average divisions. Ancillary scholarship events also held in conjunction with the State Tournament: Queens & Masters, Prince & Princess & Coaches Relief events are held every Saturday night. Visit the Youth Championships page for more information.

First place finishers (scratch) in the U12, U15 & U18 Boy/Girl divisions (36 total) will qualify into the Semi-Finals event of the DW CHALLENGE to be held in August each year. No alternates and Semi-Finals entry fees are required.

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