Any California resident or USBC member may submit nominations for this category. A person may make only one nomination annually.



Requirements for nomination to the California USBC Hall of Fame for Superior Performance are as follows but not limited to:

  1. Member of the California USBC/ABC/WIBC for 15 years unless career has been interrupted or shortened due to illness or disability
  2. Must have bowled in 12 or more California USBC/ABC/WIBC Championship Tournaments unless career was interrupted or shortened by illness or disability
  3. A First place finish in the California USBC/ABC/WIBC Championship Tournament, the California State Masters or the California Queen’s Tournament 


2018 Johnnie Englehart
2017 Lou Mathews
2017 Bruce Pederson
2015 Debbie Ayers
2014 Tori Carter
2012 Karen Smith
2011 Laurie Soto
2010 Tish Johnson
2010 Paula Vidad
2009 Sam Carter
2008 Sharon Aronson
2007 Ross Packard
2006 Laura Hardeman*
2006 Kim Terrell*
2005 Robin Romeo*
2004 Lauren Takahashi*
2003 Gail Smith*
2003 Michelle Ann Silver*
2001 Cheryl Hammitt*
2000 Mary Gardner*
1994 Katie Lee Gianetti*
1992 Vesma Grinfelds*
1991 Betty Phillips*
1991 Ann Harrison*
1990 Pat Costello*
1988 Virginia Norton*
1986 Judy Lee*
1985 Martha Miller*
1984 Janet Harman*
1983 Robbie Rickard*
1982 Rena Barsanti*
1981 Betty Morris*
1980 Donna Zimmerman*
1980 Etta Nickel*
1979 Eleanore “Ele” Tinbrook*
1979 Billie Lee*
1978 Betty Mivelaz*
1978 Doris Rudell*
1977 Esther Woods*
1976 D. D. Jacobson*
1976 Bobbe North*
1975 Merle R. Matthews*
1974 Helen Duval*

*Recipient from California Women’s Bowling Association     Deceased

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