The male or female nominee shall be: 

  1. An active member of the California USBC Association (Youth or Collegiate) and an amateur as defined by USBC rules.
  2. A graduating HIGH SCHOOL SENIOR who has APPLIED TO — OR — is currently attending an accredited University, Junior College or Vocational Institution.
  3. Younger than 20 years as of August 1, preceding the application date.
  4. A current season bowler with a minimum average of 175 and an outstanding record of bowling achievements in the past and current seasons.
  5. Recorded as having minimum of 2.0 GPA or equivalent.

2019    Roman Heath, Modesto
2016    Wesley Low, Jr., Palmdale
2014    Tre Webber, Rohnert Park
2012    Ryan Peden, Sanger
2011     Anthony Rose, Carpinteria
2010     Spencer Jon Dukes, San Diego
2009     Michael Fujita, Jr., El Sobrante
2008     Doug Frisbie, Concord
2007     Doug Lauer, Twenty-Nine Palms
2006*    Jerell Maneja, San Francisco
2004*    Marvin Anadilla, Bakersfield
2003*    Patrick Haggerty, Weimar
2002*    Doane Cole, Murrieta
2001*    Aris Anadilla, Bakersfield
2000*    Scott Norton, Cypress
1999*    James Kushner, Thousand Oaks
1997*    Jon Brandon, Los Angeles
1995*    Daniel Lew, Fairfield
1994*    Mark Davis, Santa Maria
1993*    Douglas Wilcox, Sacramento
1991*    Matthew Arvanitis, Vista

2010     Nicole Shepard, Goleta
2008     Samantha Jimenez, Rowland Heights
2007     Rose Brown, Modesto
2006*    Nicole Miller, Petaluma
2005*    April Lemieux, Sacramento
2003*    Michelle Quirk, Roseville
2002*    Katrina Gartin, Whittier
2001*    Kristyn Lee, Norwalk
2000*    Melissa Bellinder, Fullerton
1999*    Jackie Edwards, Simi Valley
1998*    Tracy Castro, Burlingame
1997*    Traci Anderson, Fresno
1996*    Catherine Krasner, Thousand Oaks   
1995*    Lindsay Moore, Modesto
1993*    Pamela Inloes, Modesto
1992*    Kellie Estrada, Wilmington
1991*    Kimberly Wong, Fresno
1990*    Sandy Viegas, Citrus Heights
1989*    Lynda Norry, Concord
1988*    Dionne Lee, Modesto

 *Recipient under California Women’s Bowling Association

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