Andre Eubanks

President & CYC Co-Chair

Began bowling at the age of 2 and have been at it constantly ever since.  Bowling has always been an integral part of my identity and I strive to improve the state of the sport in all aspects.  I have bowled over 30 perfect games, with a high series of 834.  I began my involvement in the service side of bowling at the age of 15, assisting the youth director with coaching and other administrative tasks.  I then went on to serve on the local YABA board, and was elected Sgt-At-Arms for several terms.  I also served one term as Treasurer for the California Youth Leaders Association. In 2003, I took a hiatus from service to focus on my educational and bowling aspirations, during which time I attained a Bachelor’s degree in Accounting and became a member of the Professional Bowlers Association (PBA).  Now that my professional and bowling careers are stable I am glad to say that my hiatus is officially over.  I am the past District 7 Director for the CYC and am now the Co-Chair of the CYC and President on the main board. I am also the President of the Greater LA County USBC as well. I have thoroughly enjoyed being a part of the CUSBC.  I owe many of my successes to youth bowling, as the skills and experiences attained prepared me for higher level competition.  Additionally, the scholarship dollars earned funded a great deal of my education, so I am forever indebted to this sport.

1st Vice President


Miranda Emery

2nd Vice President (Youth)

Bio not currently submitted.

Cindy Akin


I hold a Bachelor’s degree from Santa Clara University and a Master’s degree from USC. Youth are important to me as evidenced by years of service at a local school board followed by eight years working as a policy consultant for the California School Boards Association, which allowed me to use my expertise to assist school boards across the state. I also own and operate Gold Hill Stables, a horse boarding facility that has been in operation for over 30 years.

I am an avid bowler and consider it not only a hobby, but a true passion.  As the Association Manager of the Sierra Gold USBC, I am able to effectively combine a love of the sport with skills in management and leadership.  I’ve continued my own education in the sport by attending both State and National USBC Conventions. My husband and I also run/assist with over a dozen annual tournaments in Northern California and Nevada with the SIR organization. Whether participating in leagues or simply enjoying a casual game with friends, bowling is an important part of my life.

Pauline Armstrong


I have been bowling for 50+ years and was league secretary for 3 leagues for both winter and summer leagues for several years.  I was asked to join the San Diego Women’s Association board in 1990 and served on the board thru the merger in 2006.  Was elected President of the San Diego USBC in 2009 – 2012 and still serve on the board as a Director.  Joined the CUSBC Board as a Director after attending several State conventions.  Have served on committees for Hall of Fame, CUSBC convention awards dinner, BVL, CUSBC State Seniors Tournament.   Attended National and State Conventions for both WIBC, ABC and CUSBC.

I am Secretary for the Greater San Diego Bowling Council (GSDBC) which consists of bowling proprietors, several bowling clubs, and association members. We promote bowling and support BVL thru our local and State associations.  

Terri Azvedo


I started bowling by taking a Bowling PE class when I attended the University of California, Irvine.  After that, I bowled in various leagues at different houses.  I have bowled in various tournaments and met my husband at Fountain Bowl in 1998. I follow youth bowling since both of my daughters have been in youth program for the past 12 years.  I joined the Orange County USBC as a director in 2018.  In 2018, I also completed the training and certification to become a Bronze Level Certified Coach.  I used those skills to coach the U15 USA Bowling team in the Regional Tournament (Las Vegas, NV), then the National Tournament (Detroit, MI).  I travel every summer to cheer on my daughters as they compete in Junior Gold.  I joined the State Board in 2019 to help promote the sport of bowling.  Bowling has been an important part of my life and I want all bowlers to have the same positive experience that I have enjoyed. 

Steve Johnson


Compliments to my mother, a WIBC bowler, who started me in bowling at age 5. I  accompanied her to league and tournament bowing and learned to keep score with that old yellow grease pencil. While I was involved in all sports growing up, at some point I stopped growing and was no longer able to compete at the level I wanted to in some sports. But Bowling…. I can compete with anyone on the lanes. And while winning the Doubles event of the 2019 California USBC Adult Championship is certainly nice, at this point, I really find the friendships I’ve made as a result of bowling bring me more satisfaction. Friendships that have lasted decades and friends I consider family. I have bowled in A LOT of centers and A LOT of leagues and have held all positions at the league level. I started coaching Youth leagues in 1988. I am currently the 2nd VP of the North County USBC as well as a Director with the CUSBC.

Tom Leigh

CYC & Director 

Past Association Manager for the North Los Angeles County USBC from 2009-2021. Current CYC Director and past CUSBC District #5 Director that ran the Pepsi District Finals from 2009-2019. Currently  work all  CA State Youth events. Was active with the San Fernando Valley YABA and CA State YABA prior to the merge in 2006 and is a Level I Certified Coach. Has bowled in many, many National USBC Championships always driving no matter what the distance!

Zack Long


I have been involved in bowling for over 12 years. I bowled on the Junior Bowlers Tour for 6 of those 12 years competing competitively. I became a Director of our local association Golden Empire USBC back in 2018, then was elected President in 2019 and have been in the position ever since. I have served as a delegate to USBC National convention and to our State Convention. I enjoy giving back to our local bowling communities, especially to our youth membership!

Mike Lucas


I have been involved in bowling for over 33 years both on the local and national levels. I was the local association president from 1982-1986. I was a Jurisdictional Associate for ABC from 1988 until ABC became USBC in 2005. I have helped to create the local lane certification program and helped create the local Hall of Fame. I was inducted into the local Hall of Fame in 1994 and remained active to current. In 2006, I was elected as President of the new local USBC Association was also elected as a CUSBC Director. My current average is 211 and I have bowled six 300 games with a high series of 796. My family is very important to me and I have quite a bowling family that has grown over the years. Service to the bowlers is my way of giving back something to bowling! 

Lynn Matsubara

Association Manager, CYC Co-Chair & Director 

I am currently the CA Pepsi Youth Championships and CA State Championships Tournament Director and also a Director both on the CUSBC state board and the CA youth committee. I was involved with my local YABA association as a Level I Certified Coach from 1986-2002 in Southern California and was on the CA State YABA board from 1986 until the state merge in 2006. I was asked to be a speaker at the 2006 USBC National Convention on Youth Leaders in Florida and was a member of the 1990 All-California Collegiate Japan Tour Team. I also had the privilege of being the Awards Coordinator for the 1991 Olympic Festival for bowling at South Bay Bowl in Redondo Beach. On behalf of the CUSBC, I accepted the award for the 2007 US Bowler Association Media Awards competition for “Best Website” at the National Convention Website Workshop in Kansas City while helping with the website QA session. I recently took over the position of Association Manager for the Southern LA County USBC in September 2018 and took over the Association manager position for the CUSBC in August 2021. I’ve had a great experience in youth and collegiate bowling and enjoy giving back to the youth of today!

Linda Stewart

CYC & Director 

I have been involved in bowling for 50+ years. I became a Director of OCWBA in 1979. Moving up to 3rd Vice President before they merged with USBC. I was Treasurer of the OCYABA and District Director of the CSYABA. I have attended Conventions as a Delegate to WIBC, CWBA and CYABA for 15 years. I am currently District 8 Director for Pepsi. I am a member of the National, State and Local 500 Club.

David Waybright


Bio not currently submitted.


Growing the sport of bowling for youth and adults in CA!