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Annual Meeting & Convention
June 8-9, 2019

Ontario Gateway Hotel

Hotel Picadilly, Fresno
June 13-14, 2020

Convention Reports – Committees
Convention Reports – Officers and Directors

2019 California State USBC Award Winners!

Hall of Fame Meritorious Service
Rosie Parker

Hall of Fame Superior Performance
Marv Sargent & Michele Carter

Manager of the Year
Will Padgett

Youth Program Director of the Year
Tammie Myers

$2,500 Star of Tomorrow Scholarship Winner
Roman Heath

$1,000 Youth Scholarship Winners
Roman Heath
Blake Jozwiakowski
Zoe Rodriguez

Michele Carter, Will Padgett, Marv Sargent & Rosie Parker

Roman Heath, Blake Jozwiakowski & Zoe Rodriguez


1st: Mark Luzanilla and Daniel Hong
2nd: Ronnie Castillo and Stephanie Hong
3rd: Allison Acevedo and Donald Way

Congrats to Daniel Hong for shooting a 300 game!

CUSBC 2019 State Convention Recap

by: Bette Addington, CA Bowling Writers

June 7-9, 2019
Ontario Gateway Hotel, Ontario, CA

The 13th annual CUSBC State Convention took place down south in Ontario the weekend of June 7-9. Delegates from associations all across the state attended.

Fri., June 7:
–Friday night kicked off with a Mystery Doubles Tournament Mixer held at Bowlium Lanes in Montclair put on by the CYC Youth Committee and run solely by the youth. We had 16 bowlers show and had one 300 game shot by Daniel Hong from Fullerton. We paid out giftcards to the top three places.

Sat., June 8:
–Saturday started with Delegate Registration at 9am until 4pm.

–Then the Youth Meeting was from 11am-12 noon for all the Youth Delegates. We provided an update on what the CYC has been working on. One is a new youth scholarship that a family member started in memory of his aunt and uncle that were so involved with California bowling. It is the “Braheme Family Memorial Youth Scholarship Award Application” for $1000. We also presented some of our youth honor award that were applied for. These are for 298-299-300 games and 700-750 (girls) and 800 series awards. We were unable to show two videos of our youth so that was postponed until the Jamboree.

–The USBC Jamboree took place from 1:30pm-4pm with USBC Western Regional Manager David Prange and was open to both Youth and Adult Delegates. The room was filled with approximately 80 attending. David started the Jamboree with a film clip from the TV show Kelly & Ryan which featured Katelyn Abigania, from San Diego, who is a reigning U12 Division Jr. Gold Champion and she showed off her bowling skills on a temporary one lane and easily got a couple of strikes on live TV! She represented the sport very well.

But, next, would make all of GEUSBC bowlers proud, as he brought up the Eyewitness News/Channel 29 big interview with CUSBC 2nd VP David Waybright for his signing with Arizona Christian!! The room went wild!! David went red!!! Priceless!!!

Prange then went into his first presentation which outlined the ALA (Association Leadership Academy) and said that in 2018 272 associations/540 attendees participated. So far this year they have had four at the IBC (International Bowling Campus) in TX. He encouraged associations to participate in this.

Next up was information on the Center Certification program. Prange said they have been collecting a lot of data since 2018-19 was a grace year. But, he added, that 2019-20 season will also be a grace year. He encouraged all to complete certification and send them in on the updated center inspection report. Associations can now charge up to $10 per lane for this inspection if they so wish. But, he stressed, this is purely up to each association to decide. These reports are due each year by Aug. 31st and he added to send them in with what’s wrong because USBC want to know. Some interesting stats….24% of all centers pass all specs.; 76% have less than 5% out of spec.; 92% have less than 10% out of spec; and, 52% of all measurements are out of spec.

Under Equipment Specifications. August 1st is when the dry towel rule goes into effect. Dry shami’s are ok. Also on August 1st, the SafeSport RVP has to be passed by all association directors. This was passed by Congress and is a Federal Law as USBC is a member of the National Olympic Committee and that is why all associations under USBC are included. You will be removed from your Board by USBC if you are not compliant. And, USBC can dissolve an association if they all don’t comply! Any new Directors (18 years or older) elected to an association have (45) days of when they take office to take this RVP test. RVP is renewable once a year and takes like eight minutes to do. And, if you are RVP certified under another organization under SafeSport, like say Boy Scouts, you need to just go on and add USBC to your certification to be ok. While we are on this subject, under Observable Interruptible, make sure there are (2) adults in with a minor in closed offices like say the Tournament office. This is keeping all our members safe from abuse and inappropriate behavior designed for youth but it really encompasses adults and seniors as well.

When David asked how many at this Jamboree went to the 2019 USBC Convention only about a fourth raised their hands. Prange then showed a video of comedian Tim Gad that performed at the USBC Convention and here were a couple of the takeaways he presented—connect socially one on one; talk with people, not at them; and, keep the need to find new ways to connect with people.

USBC needs to have all association Archive Files up to date. Be sure to send your current ByLaws to them to have on file in case something ever happened to your association’s office. David said he hopes to continue his conference calls with association Presidents & Assoc. Managers. And, as always, please feel free to share any success with David (!

Saturday night was the annual Awards Banquet and was well attended. The following were honored:

$1,000 Youth State Scholarship Recipients:
Roman Heath, Blake Jozwiakowski, Zoe Rodriguez

$2,500 Star of Tomorrow Scholarship Winner:
Roman Heath

Youth Program Director of the Year:
Tammie Myers (not present)

General Manager of the Year:
Will Huefner

Hall of Fame Inductees:
Rosie Parker, Meritorious Service
Marv Sargent, Superior Performance
Michele Carter, Superior Performance

Sun., June 9:
The 2019 CUSBC Annual Meeting took place on Sunday morning. Credential Report showed only (46) Adult Delegates, (12) Youth Delegates and (15) CUSBC Board present for a total of (73) eligible to vote.

For CUSBC Championship Tournaments, the Open/Women’s to date have had (416) teams competing this year and budgeted for (450). CUSBC Championship Tournament for 2020 will be held at Forest Lanes in Lake Forest with opening weekend April 4-5 and will run for nine weekends with the final weekend of June 27-28. $15,000 will be added to the prize fund!

Youth State is coming up in July for three weekends. They are going to try something new at Youth State with a random draw each squad (lane & bowler position) and will give out $100 scholarships! In 2018, Youth State had (120) teams and awarded $30k in scholarships. Pepsi Youth runs from Nov. thru May and awards $50k in scholarships. They have also upped it now where there are 8 winning divisions instead of 6 plus they also qualify for Jr. Gold. And, they have also just partnered with Strike 12 Jerseys (, 805/552-6771). Check them out if you are needing shirts for your board.

For CUSBC Committee Reports, BVL had 220 bowlers compete in the 2019 BVL Helen Duval Classic back in March. They are currently looking for a center to host the 2020 BVL State tournament. And, once again, California was number one with the largest state association contributing to BVL for the 2017-18 season for the amount $106,488! CA has about 80,000 bowlers for 2019. Senior Singles (for bowlers 50 years of age and older) will take place in Monterey (Aug. 22-25) and they have 275 entered so far. CA State Singles will take place Oct. 19-20, in Santa Maria at Rancho Bowl.

CSSBA (Calif State Senior Bowling Assoc.) is hosting their 50th Cal State Senior Open Championships mid-Oct. thru mid-Nov. for five straight weekends. They already has 368 teams scheduled. It will be held in Modesto. Deadline to enter is Sept. 1st.

CUSBC Assoc. Manager Larry Peppers announced that the State Attorney General now requires a permit for raffles and that any group, league, or association needs to be careful when saying they are running a raffle – especially if you don’t have a permit and are not registered to run a raffle. If you register, they will require you to summarize all raffles by date, say how much income, how much expense, etc. Stay away from holding raffles – call them an “Opportunity” ticket.

Elections were held and all were incumbents except for two Directors—Terri Azvedo & Ronnie Yukihiro—both candidates had filed their nomination papers prior to the meeting and were introduced. Both were from Orange County. There were no candidates from the floor. All candidates up for election were voted in.

The date and location of the 2020 CUSBC State Convention will be June 13-14, 2020 at the Hotel Piccadilly in Fresno, CA. This Annual meeting, which started at 9am, was over at 10:46am.

Also at State Convention: Spectrum Credit Union had a booth outside our room for the Annual Meeting and Daniel Hasegawa was there to announce that Spectrum has now added CUSBC to their Credit Union and offering memberships. If any of us from CUSBC opens a membership with the Spectrum Credit Union, a $25 donation from Spectrum will go to our State Youth Scholarships; plus $25 will go to YOU when you open your account. And, after opening an account, if you refer a family member to open an account then that initial member will get a $25 referral fee and the new account member will also get $25.  They have great rates to get loans (1.85% for money market). Contact Daniel today at 510-627-5039.


Annual Meeting
June 9-10, 2018

Hotel Piccadilly, Fresno

Director Reports
Committee Reports
June 11, 2017 Annual Meeting Minutes
Current CUSBC By-laws
2018 CUSBC By-law Proposals*
Financial Statements*
Nominating Report*


Hall of Fame Meritorious Service

Hall of Fame Superior Performance

Manager of the Year Award

Coach of the Year Award

Youth Director of the Year Award

$1,000 Youth Scholarships Winners

2018 CUSBC State Convention Recap
Piccadilly Inn, Fresno, CA
By:  Bette Addington, California Bowling Writers

The 12th annual CUSBC State Convention took place up north in Fresno the weekend of June 9-10.  Delegates from associations all across the state attended.  Here is a recap of what took place on Saturday.

Sat., June 9:
Saturday morning was the Youth Meeting.  We had a nice attendance along with a handful of the youth bowlers. Since we had youth in the room, we picked their brain in asking them questions about other sports and how their schedules are with youth bowling programs. One youth, Derek Delgado from North LA County, spoke on how he plays high school basketball, golf and volleyball. He explained how the basketball season works and on the different costs they need to spend for equipment and apparel. David Waybright, from Golden Empire USBC, spoke about his high school team and how he has similar costs that needed to be spent each season for shoes, uniforms, etc.

We discussed how the “normal” Saturday morning youth programs are not necessarily the best time for some of these youths, especially the ones playing high school sports. Andre mentioned how Lynn Matsubara started her own league that is only once a month and it’s called the “Average League” because that is what you end up with–21 games and an average league. It’s an adult youth league and Andre’s son even qualified for Pepsi in that league. All you need is 4 people to make a singles league!

We also discussed short seasons and some great suggestions came out of the meeting such as family discounts for multiple kids that are joining the youth program, practice discounts and one-time league fees in the beginning.

Our other main topic for discussion was bridging the gap between youth bowling and adult bowling. That stepping stone is Collegiate Bowling. We passed out some information explaining how Collegiate bowling is setup with USBC and we are compiling a list of the active California colleges that need bowlers or are trying to start their own bowling teams.  Currently, the active CA schools are UC Davis, Cal Poly San Luis Obispo, CSU Fresno and San Jose State University. We will publish info on the when we get more information.

Saturday afternoon was the USBC Jamboree that started with a presentation by David Prange/USBC Western Regional Manager.  David gave us a recap of what was covered at the recent USBC National Convention that was held in late April in Reno.

First we saw a video of this year’s motivational speaker, Sam Glenn entitled “Igniting Progress” which was centered around our attitude.  He demonstrated by painting a canvas himself which surprised everyone when it turned out to be an eagle.  His main points were to combat stress with a good sense of humor.  Is there any benefit to being uptight?  A real leader understands they are a student every day.  He then reflected on his Mom and her fight with cancer and who is now a cancer survivor because attitude is everything!  He also used an example of sharing your popcorn is sharing your heart.

Legislative Update –
Tournament Rule 303 – requires all tourn. mgrs. be members of USBC.
Tournament Rule 319a – Assoc. Mgrs. not required to use printed Average Books anymore.
Tournament Rule 325 – Allows a tourn. to have a rule to allow teams bowling alone to set their own pace.
Bylaws B3 – Allows State Assoc. to have (2) “At-Large” Directors.
The above are all effective Aug. 1, 2018.

Lane Certification Info – Next up was explaining the new requirements for Lane Certification Committees that took effect Apr. 1, 2018 on measurements and the new requirement of having three signatures on the reports (person doing inspection, proprietor and Assoc. Mgr.).  This service is being done for the proprietors.  Did you know, 85% of the lanes in the country are synthetic (measuring 5 panels)?  Three panels are for wood lanes.  All lanes will be certified because of now measuring all 5 panels.  Next year they may not if the lanes don’t make the corrections or fix problems.  Inspection equipment can be ordered at USBC bowling but it’s not cheap ($695).  Also, Lane Dressing Inspection Reports are required annually.

ARC info available to everyone – He mentioned ARC (Assoc. Resource Center) that is on and is updated and invited all to go in and check it out and download it.

Bowling Ball Study – Then he went into the Bowling Ball Technology Study which is the result of four years of testing.  Some of the changes to ball requirements will come in 2019; others in 2020.  The reason for these changes is because the volume of oil has tripled over the last decade.  Bowling balls have advanced technology, but the lanes/playing field are still the same.

One of the biggest changes that affects the most bowlers is that the balance holes must be plugged by July 31, 2020 (this process can start Jan. 1, 2020).  We were told these changes need to be done to protect the playing surface because things like scuffing grit on urethane balls is hard on the lanes.  Also, we were told not to plug balls now or they are illegal.  Another change to be aware of is bowlers can only us a dry towel during competition.  We were told that if centers add more and more oil to protect the lane surface and slow down the transition.  USBC wants to keep the same scoring pace with lower oil volume.

Merger Update – 125 mergers of associations completed this last season.  There is approximately 250 left to complete this year.  Nationally, USBC processed 60 of the 250 already this year.  Tracy, CA is the only association in CA not merged.

IBM & HoF – Next up was Tracy Ebarb/International Bowling Museum & Hall of Fame.  Tracy is the Director of Business Development.  He pitched the annual fee of $29 for having a Sustaining Membership into the International Bowling Museum & Hall of Fame which had (46) members in 2016; (173) members in 2017 and their goal is to get (400) in 2018.  For $29 you get a sticker and a membership card signed by Mike Aulby.  They also have a brick program to honor a bowler or organization.  Info can be obtained at

Awards Banquet – Saturday night was the Awards Banquet honoring this year’s State Hall of Fame inductees – Earnest Lou Gilless for Meritorious Service and Johnnie Englehart for Superior Performance along with Johnny Humble for Manager of the Year, Chris Preble for Coach of the Year and Ken Meryman for Youth Director of the Year.  Matthew Carpenter and David Waybright were also recognized as the 2018 $1,000 Youth Scholarship Winners.

Johnnie Englehart
Hall of Fame: Superior Performance
Lou Gilless
Hall of Fame: Meritorious Service
Johnny  Humble
Manager of the Year
Chris Preble
Coach of the Year
(Accepted by his wife Dana, presented by Lynn)
Ken Meryman
Youth Director of the Year
Matthew Carpenter
$1,000 Youth Scholarship Winner
David Waybright
$1,000 Youth Scholarship Winner

Sun., June 10:
The 2018 CUSBC 12th Annual Meeting took place on Sunday morning starting at 9am.  There were (55) Adult delegates, (13) Youth delegates, (3) CUSBC officers and (14) CUSBC Board members for a total of (85) eligible for voting.

Note:  All State Officers and Directors have their committee reports that were presented at this meeting on the CUSBC website.  Reports are posted above.

Two youth bowlers were recognized that received the CUSBC $1,000 scholarship—Matthew Carpenter and David Waybright—and both of them were Youth Delegates at this convention.

The 2017-18 CA BVL donations totaled $107,228.97 which again put California as the top contributor nationally.  The hat was passed around at this meeting and $1,055 was collected to kick off this year’s BVL drive!  The 2019 State BVL Tournament will be held in Stockton.  It was also mentioned that there will be some changes to the divisions.  BVL is adding another division for the Men so now there will be six divisions for Men, Women and Youth.

Elections were held, and Kathy Bruegeman (photo right) was elected the new CUSBC President replacing Rosie Parker who termed out.  David Waybright was re-elected to another term as CUSBC 2nd VP for Youth.  Both Kathy and David were elected by acclimation.  An election was held for (5) incumbent CUSBC Adult Directors and (2) incumbent Youth Directors and all were re-elected.  President-elect Kathy Bruegeman and Assoc. Manager Larry Peppers were elected to serve as the two National Delegates for 2019.

There was only one Bylaw Proposal (B-1) up for approval and it passed.  It involved the Board of Directors/Election of Directors to have qualifications be submitted, in writing, at least 30 days prior to the opening of the Annual meeting to allow the Nominating Committee time to evaluate the qualifications of each candidate.

Thank you Rosie for your years of service on the CUSBC board!


Annual Meeting
Saturday, June 11, 2016

Redding Elks Lodge

250 Elk Drive
Redding, CA  96003

2016 Convention Reports
June 14, 2015 Annual Meeting Minutes
2016 CUSBC By-Law Proposals


California USBC Board: Back row: Andre Eubanks, Gary Forman, Larry Peppers, Larry Worrall, Mike Lucas, Eugene McCown, Tom Leigh, Paul Kramer. Front row: Pauline Armstrong, Lynn Matsubara, Kathy Bruegeman, Rosie Parker, Mabel Sheasley, Linda Stewart, Lynn Graves

CUSBC 2016 State Convention Annual Meeting Recap

By: Bette Addington

Credentials Count:  
CUSBC Officers – 4
CUSBC Directors – 10
Adult Delegates – 69
Youth Delegates – 11
Total Eligible to Vote = 94

2016 CUSBC STAR OF TOMORROW:  Wesley Low, Jr. was awarded the 2016 CUSBC Star of Tomorrow $1000 Scholarship award.  Among his many accomplishments is he has (12) 800 career series with 833 as his highest; (12) 300 games; and he is tied for the most JAT titles (21)!  Add to that he has a couple PBA titles already with (2) from the Earl Anthony Regional in Dublin.  He’s just 18 years old and is starting his second year at Wichita State.  Congratulations and well deserved!

BVL:  A total of $103,371.48 was collected from CA associations and took CUSBC to the number one state spot for contributions again for the 2015-16 season!  CUSBC is looking for a center in the north to host the 2017 Helen Duval BVL Classic State Finals.

Top 3 BVL Local Association Donations: 
2nd: San Diego USBC $10,606.38
3rd: Gr Sacramento Area USBC $8,850
1st: Citrus Belt USBC $18,080.33

First place Men’s Classic Division: Scott Poddig, San Gabriel Valley USBC – 643 series

ADULT CHAMPIONSHIPS:  The 2017 Adult Championships will be at Country Club Bowl in San Rafael with the hosting association Marin County USBC.  Opening weekend will be April 7-9 and the last weekend of competition will be June 16-18.  NEW—The Women’s Championship for 2017 will change to a one handicapped division format (90% of 220) with $10 Optional Scratch Events.  The Open Championships format will remain the same.

YOUTH CHAMPIONSHIPS: The Youth event will be held this coming July at Forest Lanes in Lake Forest. Squads are filling up fast, but we are still accepting entries. The 2017 Youth Championships will also be held at Country Club Bowl in San Rafael.  The dates are July 8-9 and 15-16.

PEPSI YOUTH CHAMPIONSHIPSWe are paying out $50,000 in this year! Scholarship packets are available here for local associations and youth directors to take back for presentations. Anything not picked up will be mailed next week. We also have the six Pepsi Champions’ jackets and plaques, which can also be picked up for presentations. Photos of the presentations would be great and we will post them online. Congratulations to the six champions: Alli Azvedo (U12 Girls) Linbrook Bowl​​​; Jennifer Loredo (U15 Girls) CSU Fresno; Ashley Santos (U20 Girls) CSU Fresno​​​; Christian Chan (U12 Boys) Classic Bowl; Richard Paul III (U15 Boys) Harvest Park Bowl; John Reyes (U20 Boys) Delta Bowl (tie) and Matthew Carpenter (U20 Boys) Mira Mesa Lanes (tie).

LEGISLATION:  Bylaws Proposal B-1 to increase the annual state adult dues from $1 to $2 passed (65-Y, 29-N) and will be effective Aug. 1, 2016.  Locally this means our sanction card fee will increase from $17 to $18 effective this Winter league season. (The USBC national state adult dues increase from $11 to $13 will not go into effect until the 2017-18 season.)  Proposals B-2 (reducing number on Board), B-3 (changed election of reduced Board positions), B-4 (elimination of 2nd & 3rd VP positions) and B-5 (quorum size approval for reduced Board) were all withdrawn.

ELECTIONS:  All incumbent positions on the CUSBC Board were re-elected by acclimation. Those re-elected were President Rosie Parker, 2nd VP Kathy Bruegeman, Sgt.-at-Arms Lynn Graves, Director #2 Larry Peppers, Director #8 Mabel Sheasley, Director #10 Eugene McCown, Director #14 Lynn Matsubara, Director #16 Thomas Leigh, and Director #18 Andre Eubanks. Nomination for new Director, Paul Kramer from Sierra USBC was presented from the floor and was voted in to fill the Director #4 vacancy.  President Rosie Parker and Assoc. Manager/Director Larry Peppers were both voted to be the 2017 USBC Delegates for CUSBC that will be held in Las Vegas.

Adjourned at 11:18am.


June 12-14, 2015

Radisson Ontario Airport


Debbie Ayers
Hall of Fame Superior Performance

Donna Morales
Hall of Fame Meritorious Service

Carlos Alestra
Coach of the Year

Scott Poddig
Proprietor of the Year

Mia Singletary & Wesley Low, Jr
Youth State $500 Scholarship Winner

James Knapp
$500 Best Bowlers come from California Scholarship

2015 CUSBC State Convention Recap

By: Bette Addington, Golden Empire USBC & California Bowling Writers

Idea Share Workshop with USBC’s Mike Larsen & CUSBC President Rosie Parker

Concerns and questions were shared by State Delegates attending this workshop that included:

  1. USBC Women’s Nationals.  USBC awards for this event are cut down so much.  Now women must bowl a 240 game or better for a pin award?
  2. Building Youth program idea.  The Monterey USBC is trying to run their youth bowling like youth baseball where the participants pay a fee at the start of the season for a season packet.   Then the participating center will issue these youth bowlers with a VIP status which gives them extras like free practice games throughout the week.  An 8-10 week session would cost $100-$150 for the package.  Include coaching programs.
  3. Youth & Adult Coaching.  Put on a coaching clinic for your association.  Cost would be $20 per person with a limit of 50 people in this clinic for maximum.  Known coach is Mike Jasnau who charges $100 per hour and holds clinics in Reno.  He does one-on-one coaching.  Also on, USA Bowling Clinics run from July through October with coaching conference.
  4. Bowling Book Averages.  I posed the question that how can USBC accept a book average if it is from one date in one association and a totally different date from another?  USBC understands that the date submissions are not the same throughout the US.  Some still do April 15th, others are going with May 31st or the end of winter season.  Others voiced similar concerns as I have that this needs to be standardized in some way.
  5. USBC Rule Books.  Several delegates were upset that the number of Rule Books that will be distributed to the associations has been cut down so much.  Mike said this was a way that USBC felt they could cut down some of their spending and questioned who uses these books as USBC felt it was a waste to send out that many.  They will now be sending out only 5 books per center and 3 books for associations.  For everyone else, you have the option of looking at the Rule Book online or downloading the mobile app.
  6. Bowling’s bid to get into the Olympics.  Mike shared that bowling is on the short list to be considered for the Olympic Games in Japan for 2020.

USBC Jamboree with Mike Larsen

(Our USBC District Rep. David Prange was absent from this CUSBC State Convention because he was attending a state convention in Nevada.)

Mike shared a power point presentation with video from USBC that was also presented at the USBC National Convention.

USBC Promise – Celebrate the past – Be mindful of the present – and ensure bowling’s future

Main concern is getting and keeping sanctioned bowlers.

Promote what the future of our sport is.

Power that bowling has is the people (membership).  We need to tell our bowlers all USBC does and that we offer to make them bowlers.

Talk to people about our sport outside a bowling center – i.e., the local shopping mall.

Promote our associations through images—pictures, create images and share these on Facebook and websites that best embody your association.

It costs you just 40 cents to have your image on each year, isn’t that worth it?

Why join USBC?

–Rules & Bonding Department value

–Lane certification

–1895 was when organization started/120 years of bowling

–BVL (started in 1942), and was started right here in CA where women bowlers bought a plane to bring their serviceman husbands home by collecting dimes.  They raised enough to buy “The Nightingale” plane, then they raised enough to buy another one naming it “The Nightingale II.”

–Halls of Fame

–Celebrating achievements and services

–Tournaments (10,000 tournaments certified annually).  1946 was when CA started holding state tournaments.

–Junior Gold members up 75% since 2005

–64,000 students received scholarships through SMART last year

–250 colleges have bowling teams

–300,000 users per month on

Promotion.  Get your local TV stations to give you local bowling coverage.  Get with local TV sportscasters and see if they could use a “feel good” story.

Younger generation.  Average person on social media so you need to use that outlet to get to them.  Their average attention span is .07 seconds!

Expectations have changed.  For your association’s web page, you need to be updating it regularly or those who use it and see no changes will lose interest.

The app has over 3,000 downloads since it was recently launched.  Please share this with your league secretaries when you have your Secretary Workshop.  60% of people in our country have a Smartphone.  The app offers the following:

Your stats, find a member, membership cards, bowl TV, USBC rule book, and latest bowling news.

Mike then shared a video from a comedian that was a guest speaker at the USBC National Convention that shared jokes but also brought across the meaning of how the sport of bowling is part of all of our lives through family as the one thing that he kept from his Dad after he lost his Dad was his bowling shirt because he knew how much that shirt meant to him.

This year was also the 10th anniversary for USBC.

Q & A period after his presentation.  Only question asked by a delegate was if Junior Gold was ever going to come back to the West Coast?  Mike replied not in the next two years.

Awards Banquet – Saturday evening hosted by CUSBC

The Awards Banquet had fewer in attendance than the one last year in Sacramento.  This is the second year that CUSBC has tried this event.  It is put on to honor any CUSBC Hall of Fame inductees as well as any other individuals being honored by the CUSBC.

Before dinner we were able to visit with our table attendees and share association stories.  After dinner, the program started with the drawing for the BVL red, white and blue bowling ball and then the raffle drawing winners were announced for the money prize drawings, about 5 winners of $45 each.


First up for this year’s honorees was Coach of the Year, Carlos Alestra from Strikes Unlimited in Rocklin.  Next up was Donna Morales, one of the two 2015 Hall of Fame inductees.  Morales was inducted for Meritorious Service and her resume spoke for itself.  A true friend of a bowler, she has worked many years to promote the sport of bowling and help put together teams for local, state and national bowling tournaments.  Morales was nominated for this honor by Mary Lynly.  The other Hall of Fame inductee was Debbie Ayers, who was inducted for Superior Performance and the list of her accomplishments that were read by Mike Lucas went on and on and just last year she won the State Doubles title as well as State Team!  Wow!!  She was excited to share that she was just signed to be a Rep. for Global 900 and FX Apparel.  Ayers was nominated by Michelle Silver.


Three youth bowlers were awarded $500 youth scholarships from CUSBC and recognized.  Wesley Low (Brunswick Vista Lanes, Palmdale) and Mia Singletary (Classic Bowl, Daly City) were not present but recognized.  The third, James Knapp, was in attendance with his family by his side.  Knapp received the new award, “$500 Best Bowlers Come from California” scholarship award.  The purpose of this award is to create a bridge from youth to adult bowling and to keep the youth in the sport of bowling.  Knapp was an excellent choice as he won the 2014 Diddy Watts Youth State Singles Challenge title and this was his very last youth tournament!  He is from North Hollywood and is currently attending Huntington University in Indiana and has already joined their bowling team.  Also for getting this award, he will get a free entry into the 2016 CUSBC Open Championships.

2015 California USBC Association Annual Meeting
Sunday, June 14, 2015

Annual Meeting was called to order at 9am by President Rosie Parker.  After a Memorial, Pledge of Allegiance, the singing of our National Anthem and Roll Call, the meeting was underway.  First up was approval of the 2014 minutes.  We were handed an excerpted version of the 2014 minutes as we entered the room for this meeting and were told that the complete minutes, which was like 112 pages from last year, are available on the CUSBC website.  The 2014 minutes were then approved.  There were a total of 95 adult delegates and 29 youth delegates for a total of 124 eligible to vote.

Committee Reports seemed to draw the most interest and feedback from delegates in attendance.  CUSBC Director Andre Eubanks presented the Budget and Finance which went into a very lengthy amount of time as delegate after delegate had something to share especially because of the proposal we would later be voting on to possibly increase the State dues from $1 to $2.  Eubanks explained that State has had a $42,000 loss and in a position where they really want to help associations by providing some much-needed awards that USBC has stopped giving (like the 300 game and 800 series).  Their intent also is to develop more for the youth and by doing that it would invest in our future.  Proprietor and delegate Scott Prodig from San Gabriel was at the mike several times asking things like why can’t the delegates see the budget before Convention so we can better understand what is being spent where?  This got many delegates desiring more info on the items listed in the budget and why the cost was so much.  The discussion went on and on.  Finally the discussion was over but not many were happy with the answers.  A couple things the CUSBC Board did share was that when they hold State tournaments; they were not getting much help from the local association hosting the tournament.  Another thing that came out of all this discussion was that we found out that at least seven of the associations attending this Convention presently have their own Awards program in place and do not order awards from CUSBC’s awards.

Next we went into the Championship Tournaments report.  For the Open and Women, there are only four weeks left and the event was held for thirteen weeks in Oroville.  Entries for both events are down this year with 265 for Women and 375 entries for Open to date.  The Youth State takes place in July for two weekends had currently has 85 teams scheduled so far in Dublin & Fremont.

BVL Tournament.  For 2015 they had 218 registered to bowl and only 183 bowled in Modesto this past March.  For 2016, they are moving the date to May 14 and the event will be at Keystone Lanes in Norwalk.  A collection for BVL was done at the break we took at this Convention and a total of $768 was collected to start the 2016 BVL fund going.  There is a proposed change for the 2016 BVL to change the Men’s Classic division from 190 and up to a higher number to help even out the men’s divisions more since this top Classic division has had so many participants.  Stay tuned!

Golden Empire USBC came in 6th place this year statewide for our 2014-15 BVL contributions with a total of $5,529 for our membership of 1,514 which calculates to $3.65 per member in our association!

CA State Singles.  Is coming up on Oct. 17-18 at Winnetka Bowl (formerly Canoga Park Bowl).  It was reported that 42% of the entries for this event are walk-ins.  And, now Youth can also bowl in this event!

Diddy Watts State Youth Singles Challenge (State Scratch).  Coming up July 11-12 at Valencia Lanes is qualifying event.  Finals are Aug. 1-2 at AMF Visalia Lanes.

New Business-Legislative.  The first Proposal (By-Laws Proposal B-1) to be voted on was for the State dues increase to be raised from $1 to $2.  The delegates rejected this proposal and it was not passed.

The next Proposal (By-Laws Proposal B-2) was to eliminate the 3rd Vice President on the CUSBC Board that was to be filled by a youth member of the association 14 years or older.  This proposal was not passed by the delegates so this position will remain and be filled by a youth.  The third Proposal (By-Laws Proposal B-3) was to change what constituted a quorum for the CUSBC board from 12 to 10 and this proposal was passed.

Nominating/Election.  All incumbents were voted in to serve on the CUSBC Board.  A written vote was taken for the position of 1st Vice President where both CUSBC Directors Mike Lucas and Darvis Lee were running for this position.  Mike Lucas was elected (Darvis Lee was excused and not in attendance for this Convention).  New to the CUSBC Board is Pauline Armstrong of San Diego who was recently appointed as Director #9.  There are still vacancies for 3rd VP and Director #7.

President Rosie Parker and Assoc. Manager Larry Peppers were elected to serve as State Delegates for the 2016 USBC National Convention which will be held in Las Vegas, NV.

Annual Meeting was adjourned at 12:44pm.


June 7-8, 2014

Crowne Plaza Sacramento
Annual Meeting Minutes (pdf)


Tori Carter
Hall of Fame Superior Performance

Diddy Watts
Hall of Fame Meritorious Service (posthumous)

Scott Poddig
Proprietor of the Year

Tre Webber
Star of Tomorrow $1000 Recipient

Morgan Cunneen & Charles Sandfer
Youth State $500 Scholarship Winner

By Phyl Knoll

Sacramento  The USBC California Association hosted a full weekend of events for the delegates attending the 2014 Annual Convention, which was held at the beautifully refurbished Crown Plaza Hotel (formerly Holiday Inn) on June 7-8. The affair was kicked off with the CUSBC Board of Directors meeting from 8:30-11.30 am., immediately followed by the Youth Delegate Meeting/Lunch from 12:15 to 1:30. After catching their breath for 15 minutes, all Adult and Youth Delegates gathered for the USBC Jamboree, moderated by David Prange, USBC Western Regional Manager, from l:45 to 3:30.  Prange brought forth numerous plans all the associations can instill to improve membership with an attitude of “TOGETHER WE CAN”.

This year, California USBC and the California Bowling Writers partnered to bring a coming together of bowling leaders and guests for a first ever joint evening Awards Banquet. 125 delegates and guests attended “An Evening to Remember”, which was held Saturday night. Sponsoring the event was the El Dorado Hotel Casino; National Bowling Stadium, and Storm Bowling. The keynote speaker was Jennifer Cunningham, Executive Director of Marketing of the Reno Sparks Convention & Visitors Authority responsible for developing and coordinating the communications, public information, website and social media, creative and all marketing aspects of the RSCVA as well as special events.  Cunningham is no stranger to bowling via her dealings with National, State and Local associations and has also been part owner of two restaurants.  The agenda for the evening included all Award winners to be honored:  Hall of Fame – Meritorious Service (Posthumously): Diddy Watts, Pacoima, (No L.A. County USBC);  Superior PerformanceTori Romeo-Carter, Laguna Hills, (O.C. USBC);   Proprietor of the Year – Scott Poddig, Bowlium Lanes, Montclair, (San Gabriel Valley USBC/ So. LA County USBC);  Star of Tomorrow: Tre Webber, Rohnert Park, (Central Sonoma County); and, this year two Scholarship awards were presented from the Youth Committee, Morgan Cunneen, Vista, (No. County USBC); and Charles Sandfer, Twenty-nine Palms, (Citrus Belt USBC).


The BVL Committee Co-Chairs Rosie Parker and Mabel Sheasley noted that California was recognized at the USBC Convention in Reno for first place in 2012-2013 contributions of $129,766.33 and second place for State Contributions per Member.  The top contributions by our associations, based on their membership, were recognized.  Nine representatives were in attendance to accept on behalf of their respective association.  Current standings of contributions is at $9,055.89 with Citrus Belt USBC leading with $18,000 and Orange County USBC at $10,000.

Wrapping up the awards ceremonies was Marianne Evans, Secretary of the California Bowling Writers who also had chaired their annual Marijane Viat Writing Award Contest. Each entry had been reviewed by a team of judges who had selected the “best of the crop”, the decision kept secret until this event.  And the winner was… Bette Addington, Bakersfield, (Golden Empire USBC) for her article “Getting Stronger Every Year”. The evening came to a close a bit after 9:00 and much socializing ensued.

Sunday morning found all the registered delegates and guests up bright and early for the 9:00am Annual Meeting. With her term of office expiring July 31, 2014, President Linda Johnson-Pilios would, with much emotion, be presiding over her final CUSBC Annual Meeting.  She greeted the delegation and special guests with grace and brought the gavel down at 9:09 am, calling the meeting to order. Lynn Graves, Sgt-at-Arms was asked to present the Memorial and lead the delegation in the Pledge of Allegiance.  Officers and Directors answered to the Roll Call by Association Manager Larry Peppers. The Credentials Committee reported 133 Delegates registered and eligible to vote. The 2013 Annual Meeting Minutes were approved as amended. The Rules of the Council of Delegates were approved. The President called on several Committee Chairman to briefly touch on their functions since each Delegate folder contained a written report.  However, to allow the state association to be more productive and better serve the bowlers, the Legislative Committee presented four proposals of change in our State By-Laws, all with a recommendation of a Yes vote.

(1) Article V, Sec. A:  Board ‘Composition, Authority and Duties – Currently reads: “The management and governance of the association is vested in the Board of Directors that includes the Officer and Director positions. The delegates representing adult membership, Youth Delegates, and Board determine the number of positions on the Board of Directors and their term. The total number of Board members is 24, with 29 total directors. The number of Youth Directors is 8.” The committee moved to adopt. “The management and governance of the association is vested in the Board of Directors that includes the Officer and Director positions. The delegates representing adult membership, Youth Delegates, and Board determine the number of positions on the Board of Directors and their term. The total number of Board members is 18, with 23 total directors.  The number of Youth Directors is 6.”  APPROVED. 

(2) Article VII, Sec. B: Board Meetings Paragraph 2 – Currently reads: “Quorum 16 Board Members constitute a quorum.  The delegates representing adult membership, Youth Delegates, and Board determine the number.  The committee moved to adopt.  “Quorum 12 board members constitute a quorum.  The delegates representing adult membership, Youth Delegate, and Board determine the number”. APPROVED.

(3) Article VII, Sec. B:  Board Meetings, Paragraph 4 – Currently reads:  “Actions(s) Without a Meeting.  Actions that are deemed necessary to conduct business/operations of the association may be taken outside of a board meeting by use of mail, e-mail or teleconferencing.  This type of action must be permissible by state law and approved by the delegates representing adult membership, Youth Delegates and Board.  The procedures found in the USBC Association Policy Manual, Chapter Eight, Section D, Item 4 must be followed. “  The association does allow the Board to vote via mail, e-mail, or teleconference” The committee moved to adopt.  APPROVED.

(4) Article IV, Membership and Dues, Paragraph 3 – Currently Reads: “The delegates representing adult membership, and all officers and directors by a two-thirds vote determine and adopt adult dues, if any.  The annual state adult dues are $l.00; The annual state youth dues are $0.50.  The committee recommended to adopt.  “The delegates representing adult membership, and all officers and directors by a two thirds vote determine and adopt adult dues if any.  The annual state adult dues are $2.00; The annual state youth dues are $0.50”. After much discussion the proposal was WITHDRAWN and returned to the committee for review.

There was no unfinished business.

Under New Business, President Johnson-Pilios called on Al Hoffmann, Novato, a member of the Nominating Committee to present the slate of the eligible candidates to serve on the CUSBC Board of Directors for the next two years. Since the slate presented offered only one candidate in each office and with no objection, the President declared each elected by “Acclamation”… President:  Rosie Parker, Azusa; 2nd VP: Kathy Bruegeman, Cameron Park; Sgt-at-Arms: Lynn Graves; Chula Vista; Dir. #2 Larry Peppers, Petaluma; Dir. #6:  Cheryl Huntington, Anaheim; Dir. #8: Larry Campbell, Oroville; Dir. #12:  Darvis Lee, Sonora; Dir.#14: Eugene McCown. (The Nominating Committee had been notified by Dir. #4:  Melissa Ade, she had submitted her resignation due to moving to Nevada; and   Dir. #10: Phyl Knoll and Dir. #16 Chuck Shock, were not seeking re-election.).

President Johnson-Pilios invited reports from the California Bowling Writers, California State Seniors Bowling Association, The California State 600 Club and the California 500 Club.

With no further business, Larry Peppers, Association Manager, on behalf of the entire CUSBC Board of Directors, presented President Johnson-Pilios a beautifully engraved Golden Gavel Plaque.  At the same time, David Prechtl, Past President of the San Gabriel Valley USBC and on behalf of the association Board of Directors presented the President, with an engraved Clock Plaque.

With no further business, and although teary-eyed, the President managed to declare the meeting adjourned at 12:15 pm.

CUSBC State Convention Recap — Jamboree Notes

by Bette Addington, California Bowling Writers

The annual CUSBC (California United States Bowling Congress) State Convention took place June 7-8 in Sacramento. Here is a recap of what was discussed at the Saturday afternoon Jamboree that was conducted by David Prange of USBC:

The USBC Jamboree was conducted by David Prange, who is the USBC Western Regional Manager, and someone who we are thankful has remained at this capacity and is known by CA delegates. He started off the session with “What’s Your Story” asking various attending delegates to share with everyone their story of what got them into the sport of bowling and has kept them in the sport. The amazing thing that came out of the few that gave their story was that there was no mention that the awards you got were something that drove you to stay in the sport! Most said it was the friends and family and how important that aspect was to them. Prange enforced that it is important that we “can’t forget where we came from.”

Next up, Prange gave a short recap on what took place at the recent USBC Convention that was held in April at the Silver Legacy in Reno. He shared the fact that there was discussion to remove the caps on dues. Local associations now have the ability to increase their local dues as the cap is removed. State associations can now charge up to $5 if it is approved.

This brought us into the heart of his presentation which was “Together We Can” and he showed a short video that explained the benefits of bowling which was just recently made and featured pros like Parker Bohn to collegiate bowlers to youth bowlers all talking about why bowling is important to them.

He then introduced us to some new USBC membership products. Starting this August 1st, USBC will offer a new youth membership (basic) that is for new sanction youth cards that costs, for example, $10 ($4 of this fee goes to USBC and $6 goes to the local association!). So $4 is the set fee and then the local association can adjust their take to whatever amount they want. There are also upgrades for the youth like for $3.50 more if they want Bowlopolis or $10 more for Jr. Gold, etc.

For the adults starting august 1st, their basic membership fee is just $10 (for a 16-week-or-fewer session) which will be great for new summer league bowlers for next summer. Then if the new basic adult bowler decides to continue in the fall in a winter league, they just upgrade to the $17 sanction card. The only provision for these new bowlers to join as a basic at the $10 fee is the league needs to be set up at the start to accept basic memberships. Prange said summer leagues this 2014 season can still convert to this basic membership but the deadline to do so is July 31st. Prange added the basic for youth fee is $5 for summer leagues 12 weeks or less. This is also another option for local associations to explain to leagues that don’t wish to certify.

Next up is the USBC performance standards for 2014-15. Prange stressed that local association managers need to update their association info timely. He also reminded everyone that local associations need to file their 501(c)(3) by Dec. 31st with the IRS. Filing with the attorney general is every year and Corp. State is every two years. He then showed some pie diagrams showing how different associations across the US rank with things like memberships being processed in a timely manner. Surprisingly, CA ranked 51 percent in this pie chart of getting an “A” grade for processing memberships!

USBC wants to know how associations across the US are doing for their local city tournament participation. Prange suggested if your participation is declining, maybe think about changing the format, like maybe just run a team event, or just doubles and singles?

He then went on with some discussion on providing coaching clinics. He posed the question…”why do people leave bowling? They don’t improve!” He then suggested if your local association has 499 or less members, you should provide one clinic; 500 to 2,499 members for two clinics; and 2,500 or more for three clinics.

USBC provides board education for local association boards. Every local association board member is supposed to watch this video online and take the test afterwards. This is supposed to be done by Sept. 30, 2014.

Next up, social media. Prange said, “If Facebook were a country, it would be the third largest!” And, the fastest age group growing on Facebook is 55-64 year olds with a 79 percent increase since 2012.

He left us with the challenge which was to “Pick one thing and do it this year.”

David Prange, USBC Western Regional Manager


June 7-9, 2013

Doubletree by Hilton Ontario


Bruce Callison
Coach of the Year Award

Top Three USBC Associations for BVL Donations
Citrus Belt USBC – BVL Donation $23,026.57
Orange County USBC– BVL Donation $9,000
San Diego USBC– BVL Donation $8,800

Local USBC Associations with the highest per member donations

Congratulations Steve Davis – Proprietor of the Year

Rock of Vets Entertainment

2013 CUSBC State Convention Weekend Recap

DoubleTree by Hilton, Ontario Airport
By: Bette Addington

Saturday, June 8

–Saturday A.M. Idea Share Workshop – Nancy Arvanitis/North County Assoc. shared their association’s success to promote youth bowling by having booths at Street Fairs where they passed out printed brochures and had posters made to post and handed out generic free game coupons to all their association’s centers to get kids to come and try a game of bowling.  They also gave a gift to all first-time bowlers at their City tournament this year and that was well received.

CUSBC Director Tom Leigh of Van Nuys discussed how his association has been having success with giving pins to their youth for their awards.  They have ordered these pins from C. Sanders and are encompassing USBC Youth awards as well as awards they want to recognize like 200, 225, and 250 games plus step-ladder and clean 30 awards.  Minimum order for these pins is 500 or 250 so they are possibly looking at offering these pins to other CA associations for their youth programs.

CUSBC President Linda Johnson expressed her concern on an audit of our state membership and concerns with bowlers who bowl in several different associations but only are a member of one.

Phyllis Bourque explained how she found out that when she went to bowl Nationals that she did not exist as an opted out box had been checked when she applied for her sanction card that she had no idea this is what it would do so she wanted all other league bowlers to be aware that bowl tournaments because if this box is checked, USBC cannot find your average information online!

Santa Barbara Association is offering reduced sanction fee for summer bowlers as well as giving a $5 voucher for summer bowlers to entice them to bowl in upcoming winter leagues.

One association expressed their problem with seven-week social leagues that rotate members and the problem arises that when the league is over these bowlers never establish an average.  Something to watch out for.

Averages to be reported to on January 1?  Looking into May 31st for final average.  No more Average Books.

Problem with leagues starting after March 15 and ending in October.  These leagues don’t fit league parameters.  Are they a summer league?  A winter league??

One association shared their excellent success for their youth program to hold a Spaghetti Dinner fundraiser that is ran by the youth to work along with adult bowlers and hold this at a bowling center along with a silent auction.  They raised $6-7k!

CBW 2013 Media & Publicity Luncheon with keynote speaker, Len Nicholson

(Saturday at noon)

The luncheon featured a raffle and also celebrated the CBW’s (California Bowling Writers) 15th anniversary.  Keynote speaker, Len Nicholson, aka The Phantom (Phantom radio show), presentation was titled, “Behind the Scenes of the PBA” and attendees were treated to some great insight into several key PBA bowlers.  Nicholson, who has been involved with the sport of bowling for 57 years, had the most opportune position as he started out behind the scenes as a lane man.  This eventually led to his employment with Kegel.  Through the years he has had the unique experience to work with several bowlers on tour.  His advice to bowlers he was on tour with was to be their own best friend.

His first experience was in the early 1960’s when he met Billy Hardwick due to his employment at a bowling center in Louisville, KY.  Nicholson watched Hardwick go out on tour the first year and he went 0-18 and never cashed.  Hardwick persevered and went out the following year and ended up Bowler of the Year!  Hardwick then moved to Florida in 1970 and wanted Nicholson to move there to be a bouncer in a pool hall of all things!  Nicholson went and ended up going on tour with Hardwick and his buddies and became the “tour gopher”.  Along with Hardwick was Sam Baca.  He and Len started a lane maintenance program in 1971.

Nicholson mentioned his Phantom Internet Radio show that changes guests every week.  Tune in to hear their 25-minute interview program.  You’d be amazed at what you can learn as well as get to know some of bowling’s most interesting personalities!

Len also disclosed that he is working on writing a book that will include his personal recollection of many PBA players.  With his involvement over all these years, you can imagine it will have some really good tidbits of information!

Nicholson shared some insight into his times with the late Don Carter (the first man to sign a contract for $1 million in the 1950’s).  Nicholson said Carter was known for buying new Cadillacs but he never liked driving his cars to tournaments.  In fact, he would never drive his car more than 10 miles.  He would have someone that was traveling with him do the driving!  Dick Weber was one of these passengers.  Weber at the time was a postman and Carter let him drive his Cadillac to a tournament and Carter was not in the car for this trip.  Weber was thrilled to be driving this classy car and thought all the other cars on the road were admiring and waving at him because here he was cruising in this classic.  Come to find out, people on the highway were trying to stop him as a spark from a cigarette he had been smoking had caught all the clothes on the hanger in the back seat on fire and they were burning as he was cruising down the highway!!

Saturday afternoon Workshop/Jamboree—“What is National’s Role/What do I get for my $10?” – David Prange, USBC Western Regional Manager, Presenter

–The RVP (Registered Volunteer Program) has been very successful with lots of adults registering that work directly with the youth.  Cost is $21.25 for 2 years.

–BVL total CA donation to date is $8 million!

– USABAssoc (for webinars on

–WebLabs is on its way (this fall?) to replace WinLabs.


’14-’15 season – no more special achievement awards.  People don’t like patches, magnets, key chains.

High bowlers don’t care about awards.  Awards are for first-time/new bowlers and youth.

Approximate 6% decline in bowlers each year for the last 30 years.

USBC pro for reducing number of awards offered to league bowlers.  Five or six awards are plenty to offer.

USBC encourages local associations to raise their local dues.

National/USBC no dues increase for eight years now (last one was $2 increase in 2005).

USBC now has 40% less staff; only two employees at National Tournament Dept.

Delegates at National Convention keep voting down dues increase.

Rule Books are being cut back.

Ideas for local associations to do in lieu of past awards – discount coupons from local restaurants like Jiffy Lube oil change or car washes to give for awards.  Maybe have your local Pro Shop sponsor an award.  Give Certificates out for 11-in-a-row, 800 series, and 300 games.  Give out a bottle or Purell for a clean game award.  Or, just do away with awards totally.

Think about giving each sanction card bowler a little something (gift) thanking them for joining and then don’t offer any other awards throughout the season.

USBC will offer awards associations can purchase, order by Nov. 15, 2013 for awards like key chains, patches, crystal awards.  They will have a 65-75 pg. order book available soon with awards offered.  If you group order by Nov. 15, awards will be out around May 15th.

63% of new bowlers quit after the first season.

Welcome to Bowling program – offer a new ball for $59 plus coaching clinics, PowerPoint presentation.  New partners AARP and Motel 6.

Recruiting Past Members – use MailChimp (an email marketing tool,  It’s free.

(David’s presentation was cut short because of time constraints so there was no Q & A session.)

–Saturday night entertainment

Got to catch the last half of the live band, “Rock for Vets”, that was presented on behalf of the State BVL Committee.    This 16-piece rock band was comprised all of Veterans, mostly guys but there were a couple gals, and they were great!  Had almost the entire room dancing!  It was a good way to end the day of meetings.  The “Rock for Vets” band is from Long Beach and this band provides Veterans a chance to learn a musical instrument and learn to play or sing as part of a musical group.  They practice twice a week and as they develop their skills, perform in public at a variety of locations both within a hospital and at community organizations and functions.  It is an effective therapy program.  This program began in May of 2010.

Sunday, June 9

CUSBC State Convention Annual Meeting Recap

The CUSBC (California United States Bowling Congress) held its Annual Meeting on Sunday, June 9, in Ontario, CA. There were only a total of 125 delegates attending this year’s Convention which is one if not the lowest number on record.

This year’s Convention also was a first with no Star of Tomorrow or Hall of Fame inductees.  With that being said, the Annual Meeting went through its agenda in record time.  New items of interest that were introduced were:

–The annual State Singles tournament (formerly the Prince and Princess Tournament) is now open to all bowlers.  Divisions are 175 and under and 176 and above and open to men, women and youth.  This is a handicapped tournament with the same handicap as the State Open (80% of 230).  This year’s event will be held the weekend of October 19-20 at AMF Bowl-O-Drome Lanes in Torrance.

–Starting with the 2014 State tournaments, multiple entries will be allowed for Team, Doubles & Singles (must change two members on team and different partner for doubles).  Walk-ins will now also be accepted.

–And, starting in 2015, the Open and Women’s tournaments will be combined into one tournament – one location with more weekends, 3-day event per week and a variety of squads.  Entry fees raised $5 per event with $1 of entry fee allocated to Hall of Fame per entry (Open) and $1 of entry fee allocated to Susan G. Komen (Women) since the Chicken Feed cans were not working.

–To help reduce state expenses, state board meeting will be held via email/teleconference and voting by board done via email instead of in-person meeting.  This type of meeting will be done once a year.

–Youth State Tournament.  New Divisions – Under 10 and Under 12.  In two years Youth State will be changed to scratch with divisions.

–Ways State Board will be reducing expenses:  Reduce salary of State Association Manager by $5k; eliminating position of Hotel Coordinator for State Convention; State Convention will be reduced to two-days; reduction in salary for State Tournament Director by $6k per year; Youth Promotion program will stay in place.

–State Board will be spending $10k for new tournament software program that will be able to service all State tournaments and make it so all of them are tied into this software which is not the way it is being done now.

–2014 State adult tournaments will have the Men/Open being held in San Diego (Kearny Mesa Bowl & Parkway Bowl; Apr. 26 – Jun. 22) and the Women in Stockton (Pacific Bowl & West Lane Bowl; Apr. 12 – Jun. 1) and Youth in Bakersfield (AMF Southwest Lanes & Regency Lanes; Jul. 12-Jul. 27).


June 7-10, 2012

Doubletree Hotel Sacramento


Karen Smith
Hall of Fame Superior Performance

Nancy Arvanitis & Carol Mancini
Hall of Fame Meritorious Service

Dennis Fanucchi
Distinguished Service Award

Charlie Kinstler
Proprietor of the Year Award

Joe Jiminez
Coach of the Year Award

Ryan Peden
Star of Tomorrow $1000 Recipient

By: Bette Addington

The CUSBC (California United States Bowling Congress) held its annual State Convention the weekend of June 8-10 at the Double Tree Hotel in Sacramento, CA.  Registration opened Friday night along with the Annual Meeting of the CBW (California Bowling Writers).  Saturday was filled with Workshops.  The CBW Luncheon was a welcome break from the Workshops.  Saturday night’s hospitality featured an introduction of the 2012 CUSBC Hall of Fame Inductees and the game of “Let’s Make A Deal”.  Sunday was the CUSBC Annual Meeting and introduction of Hall of Fame, Special Awards and Star of Tomorrow.  Plenty accomplished in a fast-paced weekend!  Here are some of the highlights:

Friday, June 8

CBW Annual Meeting:  Election—Joan Romeo was re-elected President; Tina Martin re-elected Treasurer and Frank Weiler was newly-elected Director.  2012 CBW Phone Card Drive was able to raise enough money to send 685 phone cards to our service men and women overseas this past Valentine’s Day.  Phone Card Drive is underway now for 2013 with funds of over $150 already collected.  For further info go to

Saturday, June 9

Youth Workshop/Seminar – Pepsi:  CUSBC’s Lynn Matsubara presented this workshop as she runs the CA Pepsi Championships and coordinates with all the other Youth State Directors.  She went over the Pepsi qualifying forms and format of the tournament.  She noted Girl’s Scratch division is really down in numbers.  Also stressed importance to have our youth bowlers qualify in the November window, if possible, so paperwork can be turned in early and you can pick the dates and times you want for your District Finals.  2013 Pepsi State Finals will be at Classic Bowl.  Lynn also has a record of all youth winnings for SMART funds if anyone needed that information.

Bowling Proprietors/Bowling Centers of So. Cal. present “Social Media Today” with Chris Holmes:  Chris took us through a journey of life beyond the traditional media, newspaper and radio to Facebook.  It is estimated in 2014 that 75% of adults will be using it.  Tripled use by adults aged 65 and older.  And, not surprisingly, 90% of kids aged 9-18 use it.  Bringing bowling into this seminar, Holmes stated that 34% of teenagers between the ages of 11-18 will change their life’s direction (if we as adult bowlers influence them to stay in the sport), whereas only 24% of teenagers between the ages of 17-19 will change.  As far as using Facebook to promote bowling, he encouraged use of Bowling Fan/Facebook Ads where you pay per click (if others click on, they pay for it).  Budget $100 which works out to 23 cents per click.  Facebook now has Time Line which logs all your entries.  You can create a visual story of your organization and even go back years before Facebook was created and show your organization’s history from the beginning.  He then went into Twitter and its purpose and use.  Twitter is for micro blogs.  70% of tweets are from outside the US.  You can use Twitter as a news source—i.e., Tip of the Week.  Or, you can use it to follow other people in your industry.  For help setting this up, contact Carey Tosellin at

Youth Seminar/Youth Development with David Prange:  David Prange was at this convention representing USBC.  His position is Association Development and he is also our Regional Manager.  He represents the International Bowling Campus and Youth Development in Arlington, TX.

He first showed us the Youth Ladder and with this we saw that our current youth membership is 191k bowlers which show the numbers are down.  Junior Gold, however, is doing well.  He also added that 41%/21 million youth bowl per year (open play bowling).  What we need to do is get them excited about bowling and this is a big struggle.

For youth 8 years old and younger, there is Bowlopolis and this has been a hit as kids like patches.

New items for upcoming season: New Youth awards: 11-in-a-row acrylic trophy; New Youth jersey; and New Youth membership forms.

YES = Youth Educational Services.

USA Bowling is trying to get youth leagues like other youth sports with games, practices, and competition for these bowling leagues.  Leagues will run only eight weeks and cost $75-$100.  First two weeks are practice and then remaining six weeks are practice and competition.  Four to five youth per team.  They bowl one regular game and then two Baker games.  Idea is to have them there each week for no more than one hour and fifteen minutes.  Then have party last week and call it Championship Saturday.

Best place to find youth to recruit to bowling?  Parents who bowl??

Contact Gary Brown at 817/385-8427 for materials to get into schools for High School Bowling.

Youth Tournaments:  
Weber International.
2013 USBC Youth Open in Detroit, MI, July 13-19.

RVP (Registered Volunteer Program) is a required certified background check for coaches working with youth.  Must be renewed every two (2) years.  NCSI fees are $21.50 to get this.  Go to  Those who pass will receive a green badge.  As of Aug. 1, 2012, ALL coaches (18 and older) have to be RVP certified.

CBW Media & Publicity Luncheon with keynote speaker, Chad Murphy:
Each year the CBW (California Bowling Writers) strives to offer a keynote speaker that will appeal to all delegates and since this year’s CUSBC Convention was focusing on youth bowling, then who better to address this than Chad Murphy who is the Director of Youth Development for the International Bowling Campus in Arlington?

Chad is a “lifetime” bowler and before committing to working for USBC, he had a career in competitive bowling and even made Team USA, as did his wife and worked for Ebonite.  He is originally from Clarksville, TN.  He saw there was a serious need to get youth bowling going and the “possibility to make bowling better by moving it forward.”  And so his calling came and he voiced his concerns to USBC and they saw what he had to offer and offered him a position.

Here are some of his concerns:  Do people who work in bowling centers have the needed experience?  Concerning youth bowlers – do we give them things that kids like?  Saturday morning leagues for youth are in conflict with other sports.  He feels centers should try other options like Thursday afternoons or Sunday afternoons for offering youth leagues.  The number one response for a survey given to youth bowlers on when would be the best time to have youth leagues was after school!  Youth leagues should be shortened.  Soccer and baseball teams are only one hour to an hour and a half maximum per session.

Bowling is the number one choice for birthday parties for youth 10 and under.  Bowling is also a “generational” sport; however, it was found we missed a generation and it is now showing with lack of youth bowlers in our centers.

BPAA & USBC are coming together to work on youth and building our youth program.  40-50% of youth leave after first time in program.  USA Bowling 101 Program targeting 10 year olds is currently being launched by USBC.  20 states currently have high school Varsity Bowling.  Collegiate bowling builds our sport and takes away gap of youth transitioning into adult league bowlers.  Go to\youthresourcecenter.  Password:  Youth.

Fact:  If a male youth doesn’t pick up a sport by age 14, they never will!

Target today is 30 year olds and their children to get family into bowling—i.e., Grandfather teaching his grandson to bowl.

USBC Afternoon Jamboree with David Prange:
(Unfortunately I missed the first part of this due to CBW Luncheon running over.)

Activate your membership on; give them you email address to receive updates weekly.

New awards – bag tags and key chains to replace magnets.  New 11-in-a-row acrylic trophy.  New ladies 300 ring.

We have seven collegiate programs in CA.

Now there is online entry system for National.  Under consideration is changing women’s team to four-person teams from five.

USBC has webinars; check for schedule.

Associations – 10 Things to Remember:
10.  Check regularly.
9.  Read USBC E-news.
8.  Update your Bylaws and Policy Manual.
7.  Create good relationships with bowling centers.
6.  File required tax documents.  Every year file 990 forms before Dec. 15, $20 every 2 years to file Inc. papers.
5.  Recognize new members.
4.  Process and distribute awards/memberships promptly.
3.  Promote and grow tournaments.
2.  Think coaching.
1.  Have fun.

Effective Aug. 1: After March 15th; July 31st have to buy new sanction card.  They are considering having a Summer-only card.

Consider doing tournaments with 100% of 240 handicap.

Sunday, June 10

CUSBC Annual Meeting:  Morning session was dedicated to introducing the CUSBC Board of Directors, Approval of 2011 Minutes, Officer and Director Reports, Credentials Report, Committee Reports and Award Presentations.  The Credentials Report showed a total of 126 present and eligible to vote—this total includes officers (5), directors (20), association delegates (87), proprietors (2) and youth delegates (12).

The following information was presented during the Committee Reports.  Please note although there was a lot more presented, this is information I was able to jot down:

Website/Publicity: website is currently under construction to make it new and improved.  You will be able to use credit cards in paying for your advanced entry forms or official entry forms to bowl State.  This is set to be ready for the 2013 Youth, Open and Women’s Championships.  Paypal accounts will be set up prior to this new site going live.  Part of these new changes will enable team captains to be able to have their own login to the registration site.  You will be able to enter your roster info and then pay by credit card.  Your information will also be saved so that in future years all you have to do is update your team’s averages or you can replace teammates easily and quickly.

Prince/Princess Tournament:  New for 2013—The Prince & Princess Tournament will be renamed to be the “CA State Singles Championships” and will be adding a scratch division as well as allowing youth to enter to earn scholarships. The 2012 Prince/Princess Tournament will be held Oct. 20-21 at Tyme to Bowl in Oroville up north.

Senior Singles Tournament:  2012 event will be held Aug. 17-19 at Santa Clarita Lanes in Saugus.  Saturday squads are full!  New division this year—Division “E” for bowlers 50-54 years of age.

BVL-Bowlers to Veteran’s Link:  Since 1950, CA bowlers have donated eight million dollars ($8,814,986.22 to be exact!).  And, CA is still number one as we were the highest state to submit donations again in 2012–$131,611.02!!  Golden Empire USBC donation this year was $3,419.00 and we have 1,765 members so that works out to $1.94 donation per bowler!!

Youth State Scratch Tournament:  2012 event moved from October to Aug. 11-12 and event will be held again at AMF Visalia Lanes.  Two qualifying squads on Saturday (am and pm), lower entry fee and is a Gold Qualifier event for 2013 in Detroit, MI.

Special Awards:  The CUSBC gives these awards out annually and this year the Coach of the Year went to Joe Jiminez.  Jiminez is the Youth Director at New Yorba Linda Bowl.  Proprietor of the Year went to Charlie Kinstler.  Kinstler is from Southern California and owns several bowling centers—Del Rio Lanes, Forest Lanes, Cal Bowl, Bowlium, Keystone Lanes and Saddleback Lanes.  (The 2012 Open Championships were held at Cal Bowl and Keystone Lanes and the Youth Championships are to be held at Saddleback Lanes and Forest Lanes.)  And, the Distinguished Service Award was presented to Dennis Fanucchi.  Fanucchi is from Northern California and long-time owner with his family of Granada Bowl in Livermore.

Star of Tomorrow:  Ryan J. Peden of Sanger received the 2012 Star of Tomorrow Scholarship Award.  He will begin his college career at UC Berkeley this summer to pursue a degree in Engineering Physics with a minor in Mathematics.  He began bowling at the age of six and has five 300 games so far in his career (the first at age 14) and high series is an 820.

Hall of Fame:  This year three ladies were given the honor to be inducted into the CUSBC Hall of Fame.  Karen Smith was the first to be honored and is being inducted for Superior Performance.  Next was Nancy Arvanitis, who also is a CUSBC Board Member and was honored for Meritorious Service.  Her involvement with youth promotion through the years was recognized.  And, last, but surely not least was Carol Mancini who also was honored for Meritorious Service.  Mancini is the driving force behind the CA Bowling News newspaper and has put in years of service to promote bowling.

Legislative:  There was only one proposed amendment to the CUSBC State Bylaws and it involved the number of youth delegates being allowed.  Original Bylaw stated one (1) youth delegate for the first 1,000 members and the proposed amendment was to change this figure from one to two to give more representation for the youth delegation as well as promoting a buddy system for youth delegates to attend convention together.  This proposed amendment was approved.

(Thanks to the use of electronic voting devices, all delegates were able to vote and results were posted on a big screen quickly which really speeds the process up.)

Nomination/CUSBC Board Elections:  No nomination forms were submitted at Convention prior to the Annual meeting so the slate of remained the same.  The office of President was up first.  President Linda Johnson was running as the incumbent and 2nd Vice-President, Kathy Bruegeman, was nominated from the floor (her nomination papers had been filed previously to run for President).  A vote was taken and President Johnson won in a close race (52% to 48%).  The remainder of the election for the various positions up for election was held with no opposing candidates.  No one new was elected to the CUSBC Board this year.

For the 2013 delegates for the USBC Convention in Reno, NV, President Linda Johnson and 2nd VP Kathy Bruegeman were elected to represent CUSBC with 1st VP Rosie Parker and Director Larry Peppers as alternates.

Dates for 2013:  USBC National Convention will be April 30-May 4 at the Silver Legacy in Reno, NV.  USBC Open Championships will start March 30 in Reno; USBC Women’s Championships will open April 12 also in Reno.

CUSBC State Convention will be June 8-9 at the DoubleTree in Ontario.  Helen Duval/BVL Classic will be held March 30 at Double Decker Lanes.  Women’s Championships will start April 3 in San Gabriel Valley; Open Championships will start April 20 in Central Sonoma and the Youth Championships will start July 20 in Marin County/Rohnert Park.

USBC National Convention notes:  “Blazing New Trails” was this year’s theme for the Convention that was held April 25-27 in Arlington, TX.  New rule books for the 2012-13 season.  A total of 767 delegates were registered.  13 proposals were presented; 7 of these related to bylaws; 4 to league rules and 2 to proposals related to tournament rules.  Most controversial was PA B2 that would give USBC Board authority to adjust national dues caps B3 for state and B4 for local association.  They were presented/amended/reconsidered and all three were rejected.  Seven of the eight approved pertained to league and tournament rules.  All proposals that were approved will be effective as of August 1, 2012.

Association officers need to pay special attention to changes that will be made especially to leagues.  Article IV, membership dues, which removes the provisions that a membership purchased in a summer league receives next season’s membership.  Also, be aware about the addition and changes in Rules 106g (NEW); 113b & 113c; 118b and 120, also tournament rules; 319a—adding the use of composite average; and 319c average adjustment.


June 10-12, 2011

Ontario Radisson Airport


Hall of Fame Superior Performance

Hall of Fame Meritorious Service

Distinguished Service Award

Proprietor of the Year Award

Local Association of the Year

Coach of the Year

Star of Tomorrow $1000 Recipient

A Note from Mike Larson, Regional Manager, USBC:

During the discussion at the Jamboree presentation last week, the topic of suspension of a member for non-payment of honor score rings was brought up. I just wanted to provide some clarification since there were quite a few in the room giving explanations of what we believe to be the case, myself included.

  • If a bowler shoots an honor score and indicates he/she would like to purchase an upgrade, but never pays for any of it, charges are not brought against their membership. They are eligible to receive the standard award if they then choose not to purchase the upgrade.
  • If a bowler shoots an honor score, indicates he/she would like to purchase an upgrade, pays the down payment, receives the ring, and then does not pay the remaining balance, then charges for membership suspension can be brought upon them. They have agreed upon a payment plan with Keepsake and have then not fulfilled their agreement based upon the contract they signed.
  • In regards to Keepsake contacting the bowlers for payment, our contract with them says they will call the bowler 3 times and then after the call attempts they will mail a postcard to whomever the award is to be shipped to, so either the member or the local association.

USBC National Convention
Gaylord Texan
Grapevine, Texas
June 29-July 2, 2011


June 10-13, 2010

Fremont Marriott Silicon Valley


Tish Johnson Paula Vidad
2010 Hall of Fame Superior Performance

Barbara Metzinger & Vern Reilly
Hall of Fame Meritorious Service

Jack Thomas
2010 Distinguished Service Award

John Balla
2010 Manager of the Year Award

Nicole Shepard & Jon Dukes
Star of Tomorrow $1000 Recipients

By Phyl Knoll

Several days prior to the Annual Meeting of the CUSBC on Sunday, June 13th, the host hotel the Marriott-Silicon Valley in Fremont, was buzzing with activity.

Most of the board members began arriving on Wednesday, the 9th in preparation for their assigned Committee Meetings. With the exception of one committee meeting Wednesday evening, all others were scheduled for Thursday beginning at 8:30 am; one hour for lunch; and the final committee adjourning, hopefully… at 10 pm. By this time, a number of Delegates had arrived and for most of us, the “annual reunion” began.

The Board Meeting on Friday was called to order by President Al Hoffmann at 9 am sharp. All but one board member was present. Although every committee chairman submitted a written report of the results of their prior days committee meeting, much time was allotted to what suggestions; recommendations; or motions they might have had. The board completed their business and the meeting was adjourned short of 4 pm.

Friday evening the Marriott’s foyer to the Entrance/Grand Ballrooms had been set up to greet the Delegates with Registration along with exhibits, merchandise and fellow bowling organizations. Our committees were on hand to provide information on CUSBC, Youth, and BVL. Joining us again this year, was the  California Bowling Writers (CBW) Organization. Each group had displays of sale items and/or raffle items, all which drew big crowds.

On Saturday, at 7 am some sleepy-eyed Delegates had already formed a line at the Registration Table, gathered up their folders and with cash in hand, began their inquisitive tour through the exhibit area. Before 9 am Delegates and Guests were eagerly making their way to the Idea Share Workshop which resulted in a “full house”; much to the delight of Guest Speaker Mike Larsen of USBC Association Development. Much was discussed in the workshop. The CUSBC committee chairs were there in attendance to answer any questions that delegates and guest may have on current programs and tournaments that are in effect.  The workshop then shifted from introductions of our chairman and products to great ideas on how to grow the sport to small discussions on high school bowling. The best hit of the workshop was receiving the great “Best Bowlers Come from California” sticker for asking a question!

From there, many attended the Meeting and Luncheon hosted by the CBW. Guest speaker, Professional Bowlers Association Titlist Tony Reyes was well received with his presentation, “Communication Is the Key”. From 2-4 pm a “Jamboree” was held. And again, standing room only.  The afternoon workshop was held by Guest Speaker Mike Larsen of USBC Association Development. Discussions on topics of the new Red, White and Blue oil patterns, USBC branding and Youth Bowling were talked about in great depth.  The evening was then “topped off” with a two-hour “Reception” hosted by the CUSBC Board of Directors.

This brings us to the Annual Meeting on Sunday morning. The Delegates were seated before 8:45 am at which time President Hoffmann introduced each Officer and Director as they walked to the dais, all dressed business attire. The President called the meeting to order at 9 am. Following the Invocation and the Pledge of Allegiance, a beautiful rendition of the National Anthem was sung by 16-year old Christine Mosley, who attends Piedmont High School in San Jose. She is the grand-daughter to Sylvester Mosley, President of the Alameda County USBC. Serving as Recording Secretary was Nickie Pemberton, San Francisco; Parliamentarian, Shirley Schmardel, San Diego and on the keyboard at the Organ, Ellen Patterson.

The Credentials Committee reported a total of 174 registered and eligible to vote, comprised of 5 Officers, 22 Directors, 108 Adults, and 39 Youth. The Legislation Committee presented four Proposed Amendments. (#1) Article V, Section B: (Withdrawn); (#2) Article V, Section B: “No more than three (3) members from any one association will be allowed to sit in on elected position on the Board of Directors” (effectively immediately-Approved); (#3) Article 6, Section C: “The President will have a maximum of four elected terms or eight (8) years”, (Defeated); (#4) Article 6, Section C: (as amended) “The President will have a lifetime maximum of three elected terms or six (6) years”. (effective immediately-Defeated).

To keep the meeting moving, written reports from each Officer, Director and Committee Chairpersons were provided in the Delegate Folders. However, I feel it is noteworthy to mention that the BVL Committee reported in 2009, on behalf of the California Bowlers, a donation of some $125,800 to our California VA facilities. And, since 1959 our total contributions in support of the California BVL has grown to $8,565,383.78.

The CUSBC proudly presented their selections of this year’s recipients in the Awards category. Each was recognized and presented a beautiful engraved plaque. Hall of Fame Superior Performance: Tish Johnson, Colorado Springs, CO and Paula Vidad, Crestline. For Hall of Fame Meritorious Service: Barbara Metzinger, Carmichael and (posthumously) Vern Reilly, Sacramento. Vern’s family was on hand to receive the award. Distinguished Service Award: Jack Thomas, Citrus Heights, General Manager of Fireside Lanes. (As Jack was unable to be present, Melissa Ade received the award on his behalf). General Manager of the Year: John Balla, General Manager Mira Mesa Lanes, San Diego.

The introduction of our Stars of Tomorrow is always a “big hit” with the delegation and it was no different with the honorees this year. Nicole Nalani Shepard, Goleta and Spencer Jon Dukes, San Diego. Each was the recipient of our $1,000 Scholarship to their USBC SMART Account; a beautiful Star Plaque; a custom embroidered jacket and a certificate marking the occasion.


At the noon recess, a grand total of 161 hungry Delegates, Honorees and their respective Guests, CBW members and the entire CUSBC Board of Directors and Guests enjoyed our delicious Buffet Luncheon.

The election of Officers and Directors was held after lunch. During the counting of the ballots, President Hoffmann called for reports from the CBW, California Senior Tournament, State 600 Club, and the State 500 Club. Elected to the Office of President, Linda Johnson, Covina; 2nd Vice-President, Kathy Bruegeman, Cameron Park; and Sergeant-at-Arms, Rosie Parker, Azusa. Incumbents returned to the office of Director: Larry Peppers, Petaluma, Melissa Ade, Carmichael, Cheryl Huntington, Anaheim, Larry Campbell, Oroville, Phyl Knoll, Hawthorne; Chuck Shock, San Diego; and newly elected Directors, Eugene McCown, (So. LA County USBC); and Darvis Lee, (Gold Country USBC).

Elections for the California Youth Committee (CYC) were as follows: Members-At-Large, Nancy Arvanitis, Oceanside, Phyllis Bourque, Vista, Diddy Watts, Pacoima; Director #2, Gladys Kawate, Sacramento; Director #4, June Brown, Modesto; Director #6, Don Lauer, Twenty Nine Palms; Director #8, Linda Stewart, Anaheim; Youth Director #4, Anastasia Sylvester, Vista and Proprietor Representative #2, Larry Campbell, Oroville.  Voted from the California Youth Committee (CYC) to the main CUSBC Board of Directors were: Lynn Matsubara, Torrance, Diddy WattsTom Leigh, Van Nuys and Phyllis Bourque.

With no further business or Good of the Order, the flags were retired and President Hoffmann brought the gavel down and adjourned the last Annual Meeting of his term of office at 4:50 pm. Job Well Done, Sir!

Idea Share Workshop Questions

  1. What date is the summer average supposed to be collected on?
    There is no mandated date for averages to be collected on, winter or summer.  USBC does not require or have a mandated cut off date for averages.  If the April 15th deadline is your associations cut off date for when winter averages should be reported, that is set by your association.

    A. Some leagues start in summer and end in late fall.
    For a league that starts in the summer and goes through late fall, there is no cut off and it would be entered as a summer league average.  The only concern here is the membership.  USBC membership for summer leagues ends on October 1.  So, if the league extended past this date, the members of the league would be required to purchase membership if it wasn’t current.  Example: a 2009-2010 membership would expire on October 1 and they would need to purchase standard membership for 2010-2011.

    B. The date for winter is 4/15, is there a date for summer averages?
    There is no USBC date for a summer league cut off date.  A local association could set one, but not sure why they would.

  2. Will there be any discounts available to USBC members for the Trade Show immediately preceding the 2011 convention?
    This has not been determined yet.  It is being brought up to both BOD’s at Bowl Expo and we hope to work out the details soon after the event.

  3. What information is stored on the bar code on the new USBC membership card?
    The only thing currently on the membership card is the bowler ID #.  No personal data is retrievable.  With that said, the idea of utilizing this is still a year or two away and is on the backburner for now.  There was a strong push for this last year when we switched to the new card, so it was added, but the resources are not currently there to work on it right now.  Eventually it will help streamline check in procedures for national tournaments.  No plan in place yet for local and state utilization, but ideally yes at some point.

  4. High school bowling membership and regular youth membership — If you have regular membership, it applies for high school.
    Ultimately, someone has to step up to process the high school memberships, either the bowling center or the local association.  The processor will get a completed membership application and payment and go into the youth processing system to add the bowler.  At the conclusion of the season, the bowler will report his/her scores to the processor, and the scores will be entered into the youth processing system in order to get a recognized average.  The goal is to add a “High School” tab in the youth processing system so that the processors know where to go in order to process these memberships and averages.

    We would like to see associations, who know they have high school teams in their area that do not certify at all, work the proprietor where they bowl and discuss the membership with them.  Currently we are producing a new brochure for the membership that will be ready with the High School Guidebook.  They will be available upon request and sent to all coaches who registered with us last year.

    The other questions from the Idea Share Workshop
    will be posted as soon as they are transcribed. Thank you.


June 12-14, 2009

Riverside Convention Center


Sam Carter
Hall of Fame Superior Performance

Linda Johnson
Hall of Fame Meritorious Service

Larry Campbell
Proprietor of the Year Award

Phyllis Bourque
Coach of the Year Award

San Gabriel Valley USBC
Local Association of the Year Award

Michael Fujita, Jr.
Star of Tomorrow $1000 Recipient

All-Star Team
Alyse McGinnis, Natalie Jimenez, Samantha Jimenez, J.D. Pelo, Laura Hardeman

By Phyl Knoll

Our Annual Meeting was held in the Raincross Ballroom of the Riverside Convention Center, June 14, 2009.  Following presentation of the United States Flag, the California State Flag, and the CUSBC Flag.  President Hoffmann called the Annual Meeting to order at 9:00 am.

The invocation was given by Director Lynn Graves.  Rosie Parker Sergeant-at-Arms, led the Pledge of Allegiance, and the National Anthem was sung by Brianna Levy of San Gabriel.

Absent from Roll Call was Jeff Chin, Jim Decker, Gina Moura and Phyl Knoll (who was excused from the morning session).

President Hoffmann declared a quorum present.  A motion to accept the Minutes of the 2008 Annual Meeting was approved.

President Hoffmann acknowledged guests present: Joan Feinblum, Past President California Women’s Bowling Association; Agnes Duffy; Past Present of CWBA, Mary Lynly,  Past President of CWBA, Linda Johnson, Past President CWBA and currently 1st Vice President of CUSBC; Phyllis Bourque, Past President CSYABA and currently a Director of CUSBC; Bob Schoeneman with the National Office of USBC; and Carol Mancini, Co-Publisher of the California Bowling News.

President Hoffmann seated Ruth Beigle as Recording Secretary and Kim Goldsworthy as Parliamentarian.

Written reports from the President, Association Manager, Directors and All Committees were provided in the Delegate’s package and in the interest of time, would not be read.

In attendance were (5) Officers, (20) Directors, (78) Adult Delegates, (39) Youth Delegates – a total of (142) eligible to vote.

A motion was presented from the Legislative Committee to accept their proposed Amendment to the CUSBC By-Laws.  In Article X, “Amendments”; Section A, “Procedure”, #2.  Change to read: “Submitted by September 1 of the calendar year prior to the meeting when the association is considering the proposal; to Become effective August 1, 2009”.  Reason: This will give new members on the Local Association Board of Directors the opportunity to submit all proposals.  The motion was approved.

Association Manager, Larry Peppers referred to the Budget Report and noted significant information on the balance sheet and income statement for year ending July 31, 2008.  There were no questions.

California Youth Committee reported changes in the State Scratch Tournament and the Scholarship Program, all will be posted on our website and included in all mailings.  Doug Lauer, current CUSBC 3rd Vice President was introduced.  He has “aged out” in the youth position and is retiring.

Tournament Committee announced that the 2010 Youth Championships will be hosted by North County USBC, who has received bids from two of their proprietors to host the tournament.

The Women’s Championship Tournament Committee is entertaining bids from associations for the 2010 tournament.

Current leaders of the Open Championship Tournament were reported:  All Events Score was 2,870, and the Singles All Events score was now 846.  Two 300 games were rolled simultaneously by two former youth bowlers.

Updates to the Pepsi Youth Bowling Championships for 2010 was announced.  The District Finals for 2010 will be held March 13-14 for Districts 2, 4, 6 & 7; March 20-21 for Districts 1, 3, 5 & 8.  The committee is looking for bids from centers and those interested should contact their District Directors.  The State Finals will be May 1-2 at Fountain Bowl in Orange County.

BVL Committee advised donations to the BVL for 08-09 were $237,451.87.  In this was $975 in memory of Joan Scharsch, a longtime supporter of BVL.  Since 1950 California Bowlers have donated $8,444,187.06 to The BVL.  Top associations for 08-09: Citrus Belt USBC $12,000; Orange County USBC $11,000; and San Gabriel Valley USBC $9,200.  BVL Bowling Ball Raffle winner Karen Tweed, Merced; Winners of Bowling Carpet Kits to be sent to an active Military, June Brown of Modesto and Karen Tweed.  The 2010 BVL Tournament will be at Yorba Linda Bowl in April.  Some winners of 2009 tournament were recognized: DEXTER HARROD, Male Div-B; STEPHANIE LOUCKS, Women-Classic and JON DUKES, A-Division Youth.

The Senior Women’s Tournament Chairman, received 203 entries to date.  The tournament will be held weekend of August 28-30 at Double Decker Lanes, Rohnert Park.

The Prince and Princess Tournament will be held at Bowlium Lanes in Montclair.  Kerry Billings, 2008 Princess was introduced.

Entries increased this year for the Queens and Masters Tournament, but the committee is hoping for improvement.

The Youth State Scratch Tournament Committee announced that with the age rule change, former entrants will “age out”.  We need to encourage new bowlers to participate.  Entries will be in all the Centers by the end of August.

Presentations were made by the Awards Committee:  All Stars for 2009 – Alyse McGinnis, No. L.A.County;Natalie Jimenez, Orange County; Samantha Jimenez, Orange County; J.D. Pelo, Orange County, and team captain Laura Hardeman, San Diego; Coach of the Year – Phyllis Bourque, Vista;  Association of the Year – San Gabriel Valley USBC; and Proprietor/Manager of the Year – Larry Campbell of Tyme to Bowl, Oroville.

The 2009 California USBC Hall of Famers were Linda Johnson of Covina for Meritorious Service and Sam Carter of Ben Lomono for Superior Performance.  After the reading of all their credits, each was awarded a beautiful watch engraved for the occasion.

The recipient of the 2009 Star of Tomorrow $1,000 Scholarship, Michael T. Fujita, Jr. of Richmond was introduced and his amazing bio read.  In addition to the $1,000 Scholarship, he will receive, once he attends college, he was presented a star award, a certificate and an embroidered jacket.

California State Youth Scholarships, (each renewable for up to four years) were presented to Anthony Rose, Golden Empire USBC and Amanda Fazio, No.County USBC.

Elected by acclamation to the CUSBC Board: 
1st VP: Linda Johnson
3rd VP: Matt Cormack
Directors: Elaine Baker Kathy Bruegeman, Lynn Graves, Mike Lucas, Mabel Sheasley, Cyndee Sutherland, Ruth Abreo, and Ferenc Schulz

Elected by acclamation, delegates to the 2010 National Convention in Reno, NV: 
Al Hoffmann, Linda Johnson
Alt: Melissa Ade, Nancy Arvanitis

Elected by acclamation to the California Youth Committee (CYC): 
3rd VP: Matt Cormack
Proprietor: Gary Foreman
At Large Members: Lynn Matsubara, Roxanne Leigh
Directors: (1) Robin Hricik; (3) Tim Pato; (5) Tom Leigh; (7) Annette Anderson
CYLA Directors: (1) Amanda Fazio; CYLA Director (3), Matt Cormack.

Elected by the Youth Delegation: 
CYC Director (1), June Brown
CYC Director (3), Don Lauer
CYC Director (5) Linda Stewart
CYC Director (7) Annette Anderson

Announcements: Bette Addington, President of California Bowling Writers reported on their activities for the Convention Weekend.

Senior Women’s Tournament: Host Association Award went to Central Coast USBC and No.L.A.County USBC received the award for most entries outside of host association (55).

California State Senior Men’s: 2009 Tournament will be held last weekend Oct., first three weekends Nov. in Fresno.

The 50/50 Drawing $720, 8 prizes of $45 claimed.  Bette Addington thanked Carol Mancini for $100 donation to CBW Phone Cards to the Military in Battle; Larry Peppers reminded all to pick up award applications;  Doug Lauer thanked the delegation for the opportunity to serve.

The flags were retired at 2:30 pm.  The meeting was adjourned at 2.32 pm.

Larry Peppers & Phyllis Bourque,
Coach of the Year

Phyllis Bourque, Michael Fujita, Jr (Star of Tomorrow), Phyl Knoll

Larry Peppers & Larry Campbell, Proprietor of the Year

All-Star Team Awards

Nancy Arvanitis & Janet Loucks,
San Gabriel Valley (Association of the Year)