Over $10,000 Awarded in Scholarships

This event is certified as a USBC Sport event.

Donated funds: 
California Youth Leaders Association ($1,500)
Bill Mossontte (Mission Hills Bowl)
California USBC Association ($5000), AMF Visalia Lanes,
Bowlers Oasis (inside AMF Woodlake Lanes) and Convoy Big Screen

October 13-14, 2007

AMF Visalia Lanes

Chris Hillman & Rose Brown!

Chris Hillman, Raymond Ledesma, David Shaeffer and JD Pelow

Rose Brown, Tabetha Reynolds, Melissa Pena and Elizabeth Saughter

Scholarship Winners
Boys Division
1st Place Chris Hillman $1,900.00
2nd Place Raymond Ledesma $1,400.00
3rd Place David Shaeffer $900.00
4th Place J.D. Pelow $750.00
5th Place Devin Bidwell $387.69
6th Place Chris Atilano $387.69
Total $5,725.38
Girls Division
1st Place Rose Brown $1,500.00
2nd Place Tabetha Reynolds $1,200.00
3rd Place Melissa Pena $800.00
4th Place Elizabeth Saughter $650.00
5th Place Samantha Jimenez $374.69
6th Place Jennifer Eaves $374.69
Total $4,899.38

Grand total Scholarships Awarded


Gold Qualifiers for 2008 Jr Gold National Finals in Detroit, Michigan

Preston Fukumizu, Jeff Spiesman & Dan Patty

Liz Sautter & Deanna Carrillo

This scratch scholarship elimination event is for youth bowlers averaging 185+ for Boys & 170+ Girls. The format is a two-day tournament with 12 games of qualifying (Saturday) and double elimination finals (top 16 boys) / stepladder (top 5 girls) on Sunday.

This event is also a North Point Jr. Gold Qualifier. Gold membership cards must be shown prior to signing up.