2008 Open Championships

May 17 – August 10, 2008

Team Center:
Lake Forest

Doubles & Singles Center:

Prize Fund: $232,000+

Official Standing (pdf)

300 Games

Randall Snoderly
Randall Rohrer
Steve Gurrieri
Ramon Torres
David Snell
Tim Nelson
Michael Eggert
Anthony Wilson
Curtis Covey
John Cordi
Scott Poddig


The 2008 California USBC Open Championships wrapped up its 12th and final weekend on August 10. There were a total of 1049 teams of 5; 2677 doubles pairs and 5354 singles participating in this year’s event. The total prize fund was in excess of $232,000 and all checks were mailed out to the captains on September 10.

Randall Snoderly from Ceres had the solo 800 series of the event, rolling an impressive 812 series. We had 10 bowlers achieve perfection rolling 300 games: Randall Rohrer, Steve Guerrieri, Ramon Torres, David Snell, Tim Nelson, Michael Eggert, Anthony Wilson, Curtis Covey, John Cordi and Scott Poddig.

The Southern LA County USBC Association sold our Hall of Fame patches at the Team Center and we will making a $1000 donation.

We have received 114 paid advanced entries to date. Advanced entries were sent out with prize checks as a reminder of reservation and that payment is due by December 15. The official entries will close March 1, 2009.

The 2009 Open Championships will be hosted by Stockton BA USBC with Team event held at Pacific Avenue Bowl and Doubles/Singles event held at West Lane Bowl. Thank you to all the southern directors who helped to work the 2008 Open Championships. Your assistance, dedication and hard work was very much appreciated.


25+ Years of Participation

45 Years          
Al Brazil
Ed Maldonado
Norris Turner

40 Years
Bill J. Anderson
Arthur L. Black
Oscar Carrillo
Tom Harlow
Jim Mason
Ronald Sheets

39 Years
Michael Curry

35 Years
Peter Bekey
Johnny Butler
Al Haygood
Russ Johnston
Ronald Kyles
Kenneth R. Miller
V J Pete
Paul Reynolds
Robert A. Smith
Alfred Torres

30 Years
Dwayne St. Martin
Mike Schutz
Charles J. Castillo
Freeman “Jim” Davis
Steve D. Davis
Don Flanders II
Jim Haddock
Pat Hilton
Glenn Landis
Jesse Mendoza
Ron Miller
Carl Myers
Tak Nikaido
Jeff Palmer
Tom Palmer
John G. Reynolds
Vincent Russell
Rick Thiesse
Dennis Thompson
Jerry Toenyes
Larry Vieira
Stan Winters
Vic Cortez
Bobby Hendrix
25 Years
Mike Driscoll
Angelo Costantino
Joe Dahilig
Thomas Day
Tim Day
Len Eaton
Donald Figeroa
Terry Fox
Jay Ham
Henry Hom
Bill Knoblauch
Bart Manzo
Carl (Babe) Maulucci
Glenn Mullins
Jack Yarbrough
James Hannasch
Freddie Fidel
Danny Janssens