October 16-18, 2009

AMF Visalia Lanes

Donated funds:
California Youth Leaders Association ($2,000)
Bill Mossontte (Mission Hills Bowl)
California USBC Association ($4,000)
and AMF Visalia Lanes

USBC Youth Certified
On-site Scholarship Brackets
Jr. Gold qualifying event (1:10)

Peter Mochizuki & Nicole Shepard!

Chris Valenzuela, runner-up & Peter Mochizuki, Champion

Top 4 Boys: James Hefley, Peter Mochizuki, Chris Valenzuela & David Shaefer

Nicole Shepard, Champion & Valerie Riggin, runner-up

Top 5 Girls: Nicole Shepard, Valerie Riggin, Ashley Duncan, Robyn Renslow & Gabriella Mayfield

Congratulations Gold Qualifiers:
Charlie Hair
Greg Geering
Melissa Pena
AJ Garcia
Nicole Shepard

Girls Top 5 Stepladder Roll-Off | Boys Double Elimination Finals
Boys Block 1 & 2 Qualifying
| Girls QualifyingBoys Semi Finals

Brackets | Gold QualifyingFinal Payout

Chameleons change color to outsmart their enemies. To excel on this pattern, bowlers must be versatile in many styles of play and must not be afraid to make large moves to stay out of trouble.

Description: The 2009-10 Chameleon maintains its tradition of utilizing a “retro” approach to pattern design. Instead of “smoothing out” the oil on the lane, increased volumes are placed in “zones” encouraging players to choose a specific area of the lane to play. This is a multiple-angles pattern allowing the bowler to choose what part of the lane best suites their particular game. The scoring pace remains medium to low as the primary challenge faced by bowlers is the large number of adjustments which are needed to move from “zone to zone”. Large moves, more than five boards at a time, are common to stay out of trouble and to conquer the Chameleon.

This scratch scholarship elimination event is for youth bowlers averaging 185+ for Boys & 170+ Girls. The format is a two-day tournament with 12 games of qualifying (Saturday) and double elimination finals (top 16 boys) / stepladder (top 5 girls) on Sunday.

This event is also a North Point Jr. Gold Qualifier. Gold membership cards must be shown prior to signing up.