2011 Women’s Championships

April 2 – May 22, 2011


Simi Valley

$88,279.90 Total Prize Fund

Final Prize Listing (pdf)

Tom Leigh CUSBC Director presents to Sherry Davis from Buena Lanes her 2011 Women’s State Championship Classic Division Singles trophy for First Place. She bowled a 761 series.

Nancy Dyer, Singles E-Division Champion
Presented by Chris Addington, Director

Kelley Aisher and Carol Lowe-George,
Doubles E-Division Champions

Forever Friends, Team Event Champions, E-Division

Congratulations Tomeiki and Elizabeth on their 300 Games


By Phyl Knoll

Ventura – Tomeikia Johnson, a 184 average bowler and member of So. L.A. County USBC Association, is a firm believer that “practice brings consistency AND… dreams do materialize.”  Indeed, they do.  After scoring 197-211 in her first two games of Team Event at Buena Lanes in Ventura, Tomeikia opened her third game with a strike and never looked back.  She went off the sheet to shoot her first “300” game, for a 708 series.  She was rolling her Storm Nano, a gift from a friend Michael and drilled by her dad in his garage.  Tomeikia says “I am so grateful to my teammates, Ladrena Boyd, Nicole Johnson, Patricia Johnson (her mom) and Della Washington for they played a special part in keeping my head in the game.”

Tomeikia was a youth league bowler until Junior High School when she left the game for other interests, only to return fully enthused some six years ago, and although she recorded several 700 series, she just couldn’t pin down that “dream of a lifetime”… until now.  Tomiekia says “I dedicate this wonderful experience to Marcus and Nevaeh Lemons… I love you.”

By Phyl Knoll

Ventura – You don’t necessarily have to invest in new equipment to score the game of a life time… a “300.”  Just ask Elizabeth Bryant! After a 13-year hiatus from the game, last summer the 186 average bowler polished up her “hand-me-down” 16-year old equipment, a 15 lb. Nu-Line Excalibur and returned to league bowling.  She teamed up with her best friend to enter our tournament with… would you believe, a 186 average! On April 30, Elizabeth started her first game of team event at Buena Lanes with a strike and went off the sheet for a “300” game to finish with a 726 series.

Elizabeth began her bowling career when 17 years old at Lido Lanes in Newark; bowled while a student at Stanford and became a member of the Foothill 500 Club in Mountain View.


By Phyl Knoll

Ventura – It was the “icing on the cake” for the CUSBC Women’s Championship Tournament when on May 21, Krista (Moerschbaecher) Delgado, a 225 average bowler who calls Buena Lanes, “MY HOUSE” opened up her Team Event with 234, added a 256 game, and finished up with her third career 300 game/790 series.  This was the third “300” game bowled at this year’s tournament.

Krista began her bowling career at age 5 and was possessed by the game she loved so much. Her high game as a youth bowler was 298.  At age 18, she gave up bowling and moved to Florida.  Krista returned to her game here in California in 2009 and joined her first adult league at Mission Hills Bowl with Brian Leseberg.  She remembers how all while a youth bowler, she envisioned her first “300” game.  It finally happened… July 2010, in the Ball of Choice League at Buena Lanes while bowling with her coach Art Leseberg and wife Diane.  Exactly 4 weeks later, she bowled another “first” …an 825 series in that same league.  The very next night, Krista recorded her second “300” game at Wagon Wheel Bowl.  With her 825 series, Krista currently holds the record for the women in Ventura County.

In this tournament, Krista threw her “300”, using her Total NV by Ebonite, a gift from Mark French, a great bowler and personal friend.  She says “I originally told Mark that I hated the ball and it didn’t work for me, but I was wrong, I have thrown all three 300 games with this ball and I think I am going to stick with it”!

Scott and Carol Moerschbaecher recognized Krista’s natural talent for the game and as Krista says, “If it weren’t for my parents putting all their time, money, and support when I was a youth bowler, I would not be where I am today with my passion for bowling.  It’s also due to the support from Art Leseberg, my bowling coach, my amazing sons Andrew (7) and TJ (3), who are both certified youth bowlers and of course, my dear boyfriend. I hope to grow old with bowling and continue to reach my goals.”

By Phyl Knoll

Ventura – Donna Jones has always been a strong competitive tournament bowler. She is a member of the Sportsman Bowling Club in the So. L.A. County USBC Association and has not missed competing in the California Women’s Championship Tournament since 1998, and with the same Sportsman Club teammates for the past five years. On May 21st at Buena Lanes, Donna and her teammates hit the lanes ready to bowl good enough to “get in the money”. Donna bowled respectable the first two games with a 170 & 182 but after she threw the strike in the first couple of frames of the third game, she never looked back… until after she buried the pocket in the 12th frame. She had to look twice…the swinging 10-pin continued to stand, awarding her a 299-Game and a 705 series.

Donna told me “when all is said and done, I am thrilled with how I bowled in that for the past four years, I refrained from a lot of bowling to care for my ailing mother. After my mom lost her battle to cancer last year I came back into the competition with a 170 average and a new Storm Prodigy drilled by Tony Figuiera in the Pro Shop at Gardena Bowl.

It is interesting to note that Donna has been in the bowling arena almost all of her life. Her parents introduced her at a young age to the “After-School Bowling” at (what was) Missile Bowl, Gardena, and from there she carried her talents forward into collegiate competition. Donna remains a “very well-known” figure in the adult bowling arena.


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