2013 Women’s Championships

April 13 – June 2, 2013


Diamond Bar

$83,405.20 Total Prize Fund

Classic Division All-Events Champion will earn a FREE ENTRY into the
2013 Women’s US Open


Congratulations Bowlers with
25+ Years of Participation!

55 Years
Bert Strain50 Years
Marge Vieira

45 Years
Marilyn Rush

40 Years
Betty Tomaino
Gloria Goggiano
Janet Faria
Phyllis Bourque
Phyllis Gwin

35 Years
Annette Smith
Annie Oriee
Donna Rowell
Dora Hart
Dot Spencer
Frances Tenhet
Ingrid Ricketts
Jan Vestal
Leslie Voegtly
Linda Grace
Phyllis Baldwin
Shirley Manchester

31 Years
Cathy Knox30 Years
Betty Reed
Birdie Hanna
Bonnie Rafferty
Cindy Miles
Joyce Ingram
Kathie Snyder
Margaret Mortensen
Rita Buchler
Roberta Dale
Ruby Alvarez
Wilma Anderson

25 Years
Ann Earley
Carolyn Sabaca
Cynthia Cowan
Delores M Perkins
Donna Trolinger
Elsie Barnes
Karen Hall
Karen Tweed
Margie Jaime
Mary (Dink) Gleeson
Paige Skinker
Sandra Holmes


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Stacie Watson – 300
5/4/13 – Oak Tree Lanes
Lisa Nissen – 297
6/1/13 – Oak Tree Lanes

Save the Date for 2014…STOCKTON!

Special Tournament Bowlers in California!!

Grace Mulloy from Orcutt, CA  is 89 and has bowled for over 60 years. She currently bowls in two leagues weekly. She has deterioration of one eye and can see the pins but cannot identify them so on her spare ball shot her team mates tells her which pins are left. Grace recorded 427 in Team; 545 in Doubles and 464 in Singles. And… in August she will be bowling our Senior Singles Tournament in Stockton.
Walketa Ames of Brentwood, CA. She is 91 years young and bowls three nights a week at three different bowling centers. She suffered a stroke 5 years ago but was determined to return to the bowling lanes for our tournaments. She bowled this past May in this year’s Women’s Championships!

2014 Women’s Championships Changes

Location: Stockton
Team: Pacific Avenue Bowl
DS: West Lane Bowl

  • Multiple entries for Team, Doubles & Singles allowed (must change two members on team and different partner for doubles). Enter as many times based on squad availability – first scores count towards All-Events. Bowlers can cash only once in All-Events and only once in the top 10 for Singles.
  • Entries will close on last squad of the last day (walk-ins accepted)
  • $40 processing fee for team refunds made two weeks or less prior to scheduled squad times.

2015 Women’s Championships Changes

Location: Tyme to Bowl Lanes, Oroville (Gold Country Casino)

  • The Open and Women’s Championships will be combined into one tournament at one location (3 day event –  Team/Doubles/Singles).  There will be a variety of squads available – mixed, women only and open only.  More detailed information will be available next year.
  • Entry fees will change to $35/event; $15 All-Events ($120 full entry); $1 allocation for Hall of Fame per entry