BVL Committee The Bowlers to Veterans Link Hospitals and Presentations Report 

On behalf of the bowlers in California, the CUSBC BVL Committee has donated $100,090.12 to the following Veterans Centers in California for 2018-19 season. Since 1959, the California BVL Fund has donated over $9,486,531 to our California Veterans.  We want to thank all of you for your continued support of the California BVL.

We hope many of you will have a chance to visit a facility in your area. After meeting and talking with the Directors and Team Leaders, we know how proud they are of their facilities and they would all welcome your visit.

The following is the breakdown of the donations:

VA Facility Amount
Veterans Home of CA – Yountville $14,000
VA Northern California Healthcare System $8,000
Veterans Home of CA – Ventura $6,311.81
VA Greater Los Angeles Healthcare System $5,000
Jerry L. Pettis Memorial VA Medical Center $5,000
VA Long Beach Healthcare System $5,000
VA San Diego Healthcare System $5,000
San Francisco VA Medical $5,000
Veterans Home of CA – Chula Vista $5,000
VA Palo Alto Healthcare System $5,000
VA Central CA Healthcare System $5,000
William J. Pete Knight Veterans Home – Lancaster $5,000
Veterans Home of CA – West Los Angeles $5,000
Veterans Home of CA – Fresno $5,000
Veterans Home of CA – Redding $5,000
Veterans Home of CA – Barstow $4,378.31
Operation Freedom Paws $3,000
BVL Re-Creation $2,000
Fresno Vet Center $300
North Orange Co Vet Center (Anaheim) $300
Redwood Vet Center (Eureka) #0644 $300
North Bay Vet Center $300
Corona Vet Center $300
San Diego Vet Center $300
East Los Angeles Vet Center $300
Chatsworth Vet Center $300

TOTAL DONATION FOR THE 2018-19 SEASON: $100,090.12

The committee thanks you for your hard work and we certainly hope all the members of the California USBC will continue to support the Veterans of California.

Eugene McCown, Co-Chairpersons
Mabel Sheasley, Co-Chairpersons
Lynn Graves
Pauline Armstrong
Al Hoffmann
Rosie Parker
Kathy Bruegeman, CUSBC Association President, ex-officio
Larry Peppers, CUSBC Association Manager, ex-officio