June 12-14, 2009

Riverside Convention Center


Sam Carter
Hall of Fame Superior Performance

Linda Johnson
Hall of Fame Meritorious Service

Larry Campbell
Proprietor of the Year Award

Phyllis Bourque
Coach of the Year Award

San Gabriel Valley USBC
Local Association of the Year Award

Michael Fujita, Jr.
Star of Tomorrow $1000 Recipient

All-Star Team
Alyse McGinnis, Natalie Jimenez, Samantha Jimenez, J.D. Pelo, Laura Hardeman

By Phyl Knoll

Our Annual Meeting was held in the Raincross Ballroom of the Riverside Convention Center, June 14, 2009.  Following presentation of the United States Flag, the California State Flag, and the CUSBC Flag.  President Hoffmann called the Annual Meeting to order at 9:00 am.

The invocation was given by Director Lynn Graves.  Rosie Parker Sergeant-at-Arms, led the Pledge of Allegiance, and the National Anthem was sung by Brianna Levy of San Gabriel.

Absent from Roll Call was Jeff Chin, Jim Decker, Gina Moura and Phyl Knoll (who was excused from the morning session).

President Hoffmann declared a quorum present.  A motion to accept the Minutes of the 2008 Annual Meeting was approved.

President Hoffmann acknowledged guests present: Joan Feinblum, Past President California Women’s Bowling Association; Agnes Duffy; Past Present of CWBA, Mary Lynly,  Past President of CWBA, Linda Johnson, Past President CWBA and currently 1st Vice President of CUSBC; Phyllis Bourque, Past President CSYABA and currently a Director of CUSBC; Bob Schoeneman with the National Office of USBC; and Carol Mancini, Co-Publisher of the California Bowling News.

President Hoffmann seated Ruth Beigle as Recording Secretary and Kim Goldsworthy as Parliamentarian.

Written reports from the President, Association Manager, Directors and All Committees were provided in the Delegate’s package and in the interest of time, would not be read.

In attendance were (5) Officers, (20) Directors, (78) Adult Delegates, (39) Youth Delegates – a total of (142) eligible to vote.

A motion was presented from the Legislative Committee to accept their proposed Amendment to the CUSBC By-Laws.  In Article X, “Amendments”; Section A, “Procedure”, #2.  Change to read: “Submitted by September 1 of the calendar year prior to the meeting when the association is considering the proposal; to Become effective August 1, 2009”.  Reason: This will give new members on the Local Association Board of Directors the opportunity to submit all proposals.  The motion was approved.

Association Manager, Larry Peppers referred to the Budget Report and noted significant information on the balance sheet and income statement for year ending July 31, 2008.  There were no questions.

California Youth Committee reported changes in the State Scratch Tournament and the Scholarship Program, all will be posted on our website and included in all mailings.  Doug Lauer, current CUSBC 3rd Vice President was introduced.  He has “aged out” in the youth position and is retiring.

Tournament Committee announced that the 2010 Youth Championships will be hosted by North County USBC, who has received bids from two of their proprietors to host the tournament.

The Women’s Championship Tournament Committee is entertaining bids from associations for the 2010 tournament.

Current leaders of the Open Championship Tournament were reported:  All Events Score was 2,870, and the Singles All Events score was now 846.  Two 300 games were rolled simultaneously by two former youth bowlers.

Updates to the Pepsi Youth Bowling Championships for 2010 was announced.  The District Finals for 2010 will be held March 13-14 for Districts 2, 4, 6 & 7; March 20-21 for Districts 1, 3, 5 & 8.  The committee is looking for bids from centers and those interested should contact their District Directors.  The State Finals will be May 1-2 at Fountain Bowl in Orange County.

BVL Committee advised donations to the BVL for 08-09 were $237,451.87.  In this was $975 in memory of Joan Scharsch, a longtime supporter of BVL.  Since 1950 California Bowlers have donated $8,444,187.06 to The BVL.  Top associations for 08-09: Citrus Belt USBC $12,000; Orange County USBC $11,000; and San Gabriel Valley USBC $9,200.  BVL Bowling Ball Raffle winner Karen Tweed, Merced; Winners of Bowling Carpet Kits to be sent to an active Military, June Brown of Modesto and Karen Tweed.  The 2010 BVL Tournament will be at Yorba Linda Bowl in April.  Some winners of 2009 tournament were recognized: DEXTER HARROD, Male Div-B; STEPHANIE LOUCKS, Women-Classic and JON DUKES, A-Division Youth.

The Senior Women’s Tournament Chairman, received 203 entries to date.  The tournament will be held weekend of August 28-30 at Double Decker Lanes, Rohnert Park.

The Prince and Princess Tournament will be held at Bowlium Lanes in Montclair.  Kerry Billings, 2008 Princess was introduced.

Entries increased this year for the Queens and Masters Tournament, but the committee is hoping for improvement.

The Youth State Scratch Tournament Committee announced that with the age rule change, former entrants will “age out”.  We need to encourage new bowlers to participate.  Entries will be in all the Centers by the end of August.

Presentations were made by the Awards Committee:  All Stars for 2009 – Alyse McGinnis, No. L.A.County;Natalie Jimenez, Orange County; Samantha Jimenez, Orange County; J.D. Pelo, Orange County, and team captain Laura Hardeman, San Diego; Coach of the Year – Phyllis Bourque, Vista;  Association of the Year – San Gabriel Valley USBC; and Proprietor/Manager of the Year – Larry Campbell of Tyme to Bowl, Oroville.

The 2009 California USBC Hall of Famers were Linda Johnson of Covina for Meritorious Service and Sam Carter of Ben Lomono for Superior Performance.  After the reading of all their credits, each was awarded a beautiful watch engraved for the occasion.

The recipient of the 2009 Star of Tomorrow $1,000 Scholarship, Michael T. Fujita, Jr. of Richmond was introduced and his amazing bio read.  In addition to the $1,000 Scholarship, he will receive, once he attends college, he was presented a star award, a certificate and an embroidered jacket.

California State Youth Scholarships, (each renewable for up to four years) were presented to Anthony Rose, Golden Empire USBC and Amanda Fazio, No.County USBC.

Elected by acclamation to the CUSBC Board: 
1st VP: Linda Johnson
3rd VP: Matt Cormack
Directors: Elaine Baker Kathy Bruegeman, Lynn Graves, Mike Lucas, Mabel Sheasley, Cyndee Sutherland, Ruth Abreo, and Ferenc Schulz

Elected by acclamation, delegates to the 2010 National Convention in Reno, NV: 
Al Hoffmann, Linda Johnson
Alt: Melissa Ade, Nancy Arvanitis

Elected by acclamation to the California Youth Committee (CYC): 
3rd VP: Matt Cormack
Proprietor: Gary Foreman
At Large Members: Lynn Matsubara, Roxanne Leigh
Directors: (1) Robin Hricik; (3) Tim Pato; (5) Tom Leigh; (7) Annette Anderson
CYLA Directors: (1) Amanda Fazio; CYLA Director (3), Matt Cormack.

Elected by the Youth Delegation: 
CYC Director (1), June Brown
CYC Director (3), Don Lauer
CYC Director (5) Linda Stewart
CYC Director (7) Annette Anderson

Announcements: Bette Addington, President of California Bowling Writers reported on their activities for the Convention Weekend.

Senior Women’s Tournament: Host Association Award went to Central Coast USBC and No.L.A.County USBC received the award for most entries outside of host association (55).

California State Senior Men’s: 2009 Tournament will be held last weekend Oct., first three weekends Nov. in Fresno.

The 50/50 Drawing $720, 8 prizes of $45 claimed.  Bette Addington thanked Carol Mancini for $100 donation to CBW Phone Cards to the Military in Battle; Larry Peppers reminded all to pick up award applications;  Doug Lauer thanked the delegation for the opportunity to serve.

The flags were retired at 2:30 pm.  The meeting was adjourned at 2.32 pm.

Larry Peppers & Phyllis Bourque,
Coach of the Year

Phyllis Bourque, Michael Fujita, Jr (Star of Tomorrow), Phyl Knoll

Larry Peppers & Larry Campbell, Proprietor of the Year

All-Star Team Awards

Nancy Arvanitis & Janet Loucks,
San Gabriel Valley (Association of the Year)