June 10-13, 2010

Fremont Marriott Silicon Valley


Tish Johnson Paula Vidad
2010 Hall of Fame Superior Performance

Barbara Metzinger & Vern Reilly
Hall of Fame Meritorious Service

Jack Thomas
2010 Distinguished Service Award

John Balla
2010 Manager of the Year Award

Nicole Shepard & Jon Dukes
Star of Tomorrow $1000 Recipients

By Phyl Knoll

Several days prior to the Annual Meeting of the CUSBC on Sunday, June 13th, the host hotel the Marriott-Silicon Valley in Fremont, was buzzing with activity.

Most of the board members began arriving on Wednesday, the 9th in preparation for their assigned Committee Meetings. With the exception of one committee meeting Wednesday evening, all others were scheduled for Thursday beginning at 8:30 am; one hour for lunch; and the final committee adjourning, hopefully… at 10 pm. By this time, a number of Delegates had arrived and for most of us, the “annual reunion” began.

The Board Meeting on Friday was called to order by President Al Hoffmann at 9 am sharp. All but one board member was present. Although every committee chairman submitted a written report of the results of their prior days committee meeting, much time was allotted to what suggestions; recommendations; or motions they might have had. The board completed their business and the meeting was adjourned short of 4 pm.

Friday evening the Marriott’s foyer to the Entrance/Grand Ballrooms had been set up to greet the Delegates with Registration along with exhibits, merchandise and fellow bowling organizations. Our committees were on hand to provide information on CUSBC, Youth, and BVL. Joining us again this year, was the  California Bowling Writers (CBW) Organization. Each group had displays of sale items and/or raffle items, all which drew big crowds.

On Saturday, at 7 am some sleepy-eyed Delegates had already formed a line at the Registration Table, gathered up their folders and with cash in hand, began their inquisitive tour through the exhibit area. Before 9 am Delegates and Guests were eagerly making their way to the Idea Share Workshop which resulted in a “full house”; much to the delight of Guest Speaker Mike Larsen of USBC Association Development. Much was discussed in the workshop. The CUSBC committee chairs were there in attendance to answer any questions that delegates and guest may have on current programs and tournaments that are in effect.  The workshop then shifted from introductions of our chairman and products to great ideas on how to grow the sport to small discussions on high school bowling. The best hit of the workshop was receiving the great “Best Bowlers Come from California” sticker for asking a question!

From there, many attended the Meeting and Luncheon hosted by the CBW. Guest speaker, Professional Bowlers Association Titlist Tony Reyes was well received with his presentation, “Communication Is the Key”. From 2-4 pm a “Jamboree” was held. And again, standing room only.  The afternoon workshop was held by Guest Speaker Mike Larsen of USBC Association Development. Discussions on topics of the new Red, White and Blue oil patterns, USBC branding and Youth Bowling were talked about in great depth.  The evening was then “topped off” with a two-hour “Reception” hosted by the CUSBC Board of Directors.

This brings us to the Annual Meeting on Sunday morning. The Delegates were seated before 8:45 am at which time President Hoffmann introduced each Officer and Director as they walked to the dais, all dressed business attire. The President called the meeting to order at 9 am. Following the Invocation and the Pledge of Allegiance, a beautiful rendition of the National Anthem was sung by 16-year old Christine Mosley, who attends Piedmont High School in San Jose. She is the grand-daughter to Sylvester Mosley, President of the Alameda County USBC. Serving as Recording Secretary was Nickie Pemberton, San Francisco; Parliamentarian, Shirley Schmardel, San Diego and on the keyboard at the Organ, Ellen Patterson.

The Credentials Committee reported a total of 174 registered and eligible to vote, comprised of 5 Officers, 22 Directors, 108 Adults, and 39 Youth. The Legislation Committee presented four Proposed Amendments. (#1) Article V, Section B: (Withdrawn); (#2) Article V, Section B: “No more than three (3) members from any one association will be allowed to sit in on elected position on the Board of Directors” (effectively immediately-Approved); (#3) Article 6, Section C: “The President will have a maximum of four elected terms or eight (8) years”, (Defeated); (#4) Article 6, Section C: (as amended) “The President will have a lifetime maximum of three elected terms or six (6) years”. (effective immediately-Defeated).

To keep the meeting moving, written reports from each Officer, Director and Committee Chairpersons were provided in the Delegate Folders. However, I feel it is noteworthy to mention that the BVL Committee reported in 2009, on behalf of the California Bowlers, a donation of some $125,800 to our California VA facilities. And, since 1959 our total contributions in support of the California BVL has grown to $8,565,383.78.

The CUSBC proudly presented their selections of this year’s recipients in the Awards category. Each was recognized and presented a beautiful engraved plaque. Hall of Fame Superior Performance: Tish Johnson, Colorado Springs, CO and Paula Vidad, Crestline. For Hall of Fame Meritorious Service: Barbara Metzinger, Carmichael and (posthumously) Vern Reilly, Sacramento. Vern’s family was on hand to receive the award. Distinguished Service Award: Jack Thomas, Citrus Heights, General Manager of Fireside Lanes. (As Jack was unable to be present, Melissa Ade received the award on his behalf). General Manager of the Year: John Balla, General Manager Mira Mesa Lanes, San Diego.

The introduction of our Stars of Tomorrow is always a “big hit” with the delegation and it was no different with the honorees this year. Nicole Nalani Shepard, Goleta and Spencer Jon Dukes, San Diego. Each was the recipient of our $1,000 Scholarship to their USBC SMART Account; a beautiful Star Plaque; a custom embroidered jacket and a certificate marking the occasion.


At the noon recess, a grand total of 161 hungry Delegates, Honorees and their respective Guests, CBW members and the entire CUSBC Board of Directors and Guests enjoyed our delicious Buffet Luncheon.

The election of Officers and Directors was held after lunch. During the counting of the ballots, President Hoffmann called for reports from the CBW, California Senior Tournament, State 600 Club, and the State 500 Club. Elected to the Office of President, Linda Johnson, Covina; 2nd Vice-President, Kathy Bruegeman, Cameron Park; and Sergeant-at-Arms, Rosie Parker, Azusa. Incumbents returned to the office of Director: Larry Peppers, Petaluma, Melissa Ade, Carmichael, Cheryl Huntington, Anaheim, Larry Campbell, Oroville, Phyl Knoll, Hawthorne; Chuck Shock, San Diego; and newly elected Directors, Eugene McCown, (So. LA County USBC); and Darvis Lee, (Gold Country USBC).

Elections for the California Youth Committee (CYC) were as follows: Members-At-Large, Nancy Arvanitis, Oceanside, Phyllis Bourque, Vista, Diddy Watts, Pacoima; Director #2, Gladys Kawate, Sacramento; Director #4, June Brown, Modesto; Director #6, Don Lauer, Twenty Nine Palms; Director #8, Linda Stewart, Anaheim; Youth Director #4, Anastasia Sylvester, Vista and Proprietor Representative #2, Larry Campbell, Oroville.  Voted from the California Youth Committee (CYC) to the main CUSBC Board of Directors were: Lynn Matsubara, Torrance, Diddy WattsTom Leigh, Van Nuys and Phyllis Bourque.

With no further business or Good of the Order, the flags were retired and President Hoffmann brought the gavel down and adjourned the last Annual Meeting of his term of office at 4:50 pm. Job Well Done, Sir!

Idea Share Workshop Questions

  1. What date is the summer average supposed to be collected on?
    There is no mandated date for averages to be collected on, winter or summer.  USBC does not require or have a mandated cut off date for averages.  If the April 15th deadline is your associations cut off date for when winter averages should be reported, that is set by your association.

    A. Some leagues start in summer and end in late fall.
    For a league that starts in the summer and goes through late fall, there is no cut off and it would be entered as a summer league average.  The only concern here is the membership.  USBC membership for summer leagues ends on October 1.  So, if the league extended past this date, the members of the league would be required to purchase membership if it wasn’t current.  Example: a 2009-2010 membership would expire on October 1 and they would need to purchase standard membership for 2010-2011.

    B. The date for winter is 4/15, is there a date for summer averages?
    There is no USBC date for a summer league cut off date.  A local association could set one, but not sure why they would.

  2. Will there be any discounts available to USBC members for the Trade Show immediately preceding the 2011 convention?
    This has not been determined yet.  It is being brought up to both BOD’s at Bowl Expo and we hope to work out the details soon after the event.

  3. What information is stored on the bar code on the new USBC membership card?
    The only thing currently on the membership card is the bowler ID #.  No personal data is retrievable.  With that said, the idea of utilizing this is still a year or two away and is on the backburner for now.  There was a strong push for this last year when we switched to the new card, so it was added, but the resources are not currently there to work on it right now.  Eventually it will help streamline check in procedures for national tournaments.  No plan in place yet for local and state utilization, but ideally yes at some point.

  4. High school bowling membership and regular youth membership — If you have regular membership, it applies for high school.
    Ultimately, someone has to step up to process the high school memberships, either the bowling center or the local association.  The processor will get a completed membership application and payment and go into the youth processing system to add the bowler.  At the conclusion of the season, the bowler will report his/her scores to the processor, and the scores will be entered into the youth processing system in order to get a recognized average.  The goal is to add a “High School” tab in the youth processing system so that the processors know where to go in order to process these memberships and averages.

    We would like to see associations, who know they have high school teams in their area that do not certify at all, work the proprietor where they bowl and discuss the membership with them.  Currently we are producing a new brochure for the membership that will be ready with the High School Guidebook.  They will be available upon request and sent to all coaches who registered with us last year.

    The other questions from the Idea Share Workshop
    will be posted as soon as they are transcribed. Thank you.