Annual Meeting
Saturday, June 11, 2016

Redding Elks Lodge

Redding, CA  96003

2016 Convention Reports
June 14, 2015 Annual Meeting Minutes
2016 CUSBC By-Law Proposals


California USBC Board: Back row: Andre Eubanks, Gary Forman, Larry Peppers, Larry Worrall, Mike Lucas, Eugene McCown, Tom Leigh, Paul Kramer. Front row: Pauline Armstrong, Lynn Matsubara, Kathy Bruegeman, Rosie Parker, Mabel Sheasley, Linda Stewart, Lynn Graves

CUSBC 2016 State Convention Annual Meeting Recap

By: Bette Addington

Credentials Count:  
CUSBC Officers – 4
CUSBC Directors – 10
Adult Delegates – 69
Youth Delegates – 11
Total Eligible to Vote = 94

2016 CUSBC STAR OF TOMORROW:  Wesley Low, Jr. was awarded the 2016 CUSBC Star of Tomorrow $1000 Scholarship award.  Among his many accomplishments is he has (12) 800 career series with 833 as his highest; (12) 300 games; and he is tied for the most JAT titles (21)!  Add to that he has a couple PBA titles already with (2) from the Earl Anthony Regional in Dublin.  He’s just 18 years old and is starting his second year at Wichita State.  Congratulations and well deserved!

BVL:  A total of $103,371.48 was collected from CA associations and took CUSBC to the number one state spot for contributions again for the 2015-16 season!  CUSBC is looking for a center in the north to host the 2017 Helen Duval BVL Classic State Finals.

Top 3 BVL Local Association Donations: 
2nd: San Diego USBC $10,606.38
3rd: Gr Sacramento Area USBC $8,850
1st: Citrus Belt USBC $18,080.33

ADULT CHAMPIONSHIPS:  The 2017 Adult Championships will be at Country Club Bowl in San Rafael with the hosting association Marin County USBC.  Opening weekend will be April 7-9 and the last weekend of competition will be June 16-18.  NEW—The Women’s Championship for 2017 will change to a one handicapped division format (90% of 220) with $10 Optional Scratch Events.  The Open Championships format will remain the same.

YOUTH CHAMPIONSHIPS: The Youth event will be held this coming July at Forest Lanes in Lake Forest. Squads are filling up fast, but we are still accepting entries. The 2017 Youth Championships will also be held at Country Club Bowl in San Rafael.  The dates are July 8-9 and 15-16.

PEPSI YOUTH CHAMPIONSHIPSWe are paying out $50,000 in this year! Scholarship packets are available here for local associations and youth directors to take back for presentations. Anything not picked up will be mailed next week. We also have the six Pepsi Champions’ jackets and plaques, which can also be picked up for presentations. Photos of the presentations would be great and we will post them online. Congratulations to the six champions: Alli Azvedo (U12 Girls) Linbrook Bowl​​​; Jennifer Loredo (U15 Girls) CSU Fresno; Ashley Santos (U20 Girls) CSU Fresno​​​; Christian Chan (U12 Boys) Classic Bowl; Richard Paul III (U15 Boys) Harvest Park Bowl; John Reyes (U20 Boys) Delta Bowl (tie) and Matthew Carpenter (U20 Boys) Mira Mesa Lanes (tie).

LEGISLATION:  Bylaws Proposal B-1 to increase the annual state adult dues from $1 to $2 passed (65-Y, 29-N) and will be effective Aug. 1, 2016.  Locally this means our sanction card fee will increase from $17 to $18 effective this Winter league season. (The USBC national state adult dues increase from $11 to $13 will not go into effect until the 2017-18 season.)  Proposals B-2 (reducing number on Board), B-3 (changed election of reduced Board positions), B-4 (elimination of 2nd & 3rd VP positions) and B-5 (quorum size approval for reduced Board) were all withdrawn.

ELECTIONS:  All incumbent positions on the CUSBC Board were re-elected by acclimation. Those re-elected were President Rosie Parker, 2nd VP Kathy Bruegeman, Sgt.-at-Arms Lynn Graves, Director #2 Larry Peppers, Director #8 Mabel Sheasley, Director #10 Eugene McCown, Director #14 Lynn Matsubara, Director #16 Thomas Leigh, and Director #18 Andre Eubanks. Nomination for new Director, Paul Kramer from Sierra USBC was presented from the floor and was voted in to fill the Director #4 vacancy.  President Rosie Parker and Assoc. Manager/Director Larry Peppers were both voted to be the 2017 USBC Delegates for CUSBC that will be held in Las Vegas.

Adjourned at 11:18am.