SAMANTHA J. JIMENEZ is an 18-year old graduate of Rowland High School, Rowland Heights – Class of 2007, posting a GPA of 3.8. She was an outstanding member of the high school Volleyball team from 2003-2007.

Samantha is currently enrolled as a freshman at San Antonio Community College in Walnut, majoring in Photography and Business.  Her goal is to graduate with her masters in both majors and has hopes to open her own Photography Studio.

Samantha leaves a legend as having been an extraordinarily dedicated student, only missing six days of school within 13 years and has recorded perfect attendance the past nine years.

It goes without saying that bowling has played a big part in Samantha’s family throughout the years. Her grandparents were bowlers;  her aunts and uncles were bowlers; her dad Joseph and mom Connie continue to  bowl. And then at age seven, Samantha joined the sport.  Many have said Samantha has been bowling longer than she has been alive, since mother Connie bowled while pregnant with her.  Sister Natalie, now sixteen, also enjoys the sport.

Inspired since having open heart surgery at age four and being told future participation in sports was questionable, Samantha displayed amazing potential and strong will to follow in her family foot-steps.  She knows that without her dad’s coaching and encouragement, she would not be where she is in her game today, allowing her to help pay for her education and earn her degree.

Samantha has a passion for the game and possesses an extraordinary talent in applying the techniques required to allow one to adjust to the PBA sport lane patterns. Currently bowling under these extremely competitive lane conditions, Samantha averages 198 (equivalent to a 218 average on normal lane conditions.)

Samantha is a member and Secretary of the Junior Amateur Tour (JAT) and Junior Scratch Tour of America (JST).  She placed in the top 36 at the 2006 Junior Gold National Finals and top 16 in 2005 and 2007.

While bowling on the Sport Shot conditions this season, Samantha scored a high game of 279; 723 series  She had an 805 in 2007; and from 2003-2007 recorded (30) 700 series and in 2005-2006 season, (2) 299 games and has (3) 300 games to her credit from 2004, 2006 & 2007.

Samantha holds champion titles in the 2005 CA State Championships All-Events;  2004 State Pepsi Championships; JAT titles in 2001, 2002, 2004; and JAT Farm Club titles in 2004, 2005.

Samantha has been a member of the JST for over 6 years and has been the JST Gold League Secretary for the past two seasons. Samantha has also qualified for Junior National Gold each year, as well as maintaining the highest female average in the league. Director of the JST, Butch Hesketh, describes Samantha as consistently friendly and professional in her attitude towards the game and to her fellow bowlers.

Samantha uses every spare time she has to practice for as she is hopeful that one day she will qualify as a member of Team USA.  In addition to such a full schedule, Samantha has never abandoned her 10-Year membership with the Girl Scouts, and works part-time as an intern at the Photo Arts Industry.

DOUGLAS G. FRISBIE is a 19-year old from Concord, California is the youngest son of Mark and Karen Frisbie. He is also a 2007 graduate from De La Salle Catholic High School.  Students accepted into this particular High School are selective.  While maintaining an Academic Excellence in Spanish II and Music Theory, Douglas earned a GPA of  3.81.  Besides being a member of the school’s Bicycle and Bowling Clubs, Douglas has been an accomplished musician since learning to play the clarinet in the 4th grade and benefited much from  his participation in the high school’s Concert and Marching Band.

While brother Brian studies engineering at UC Berkeley, Douglas is currently enrolled as a freshman at College of the Pacific in Stockton, where he can be closer to his bowling commitments. He is majoring in the field he loves, Computer Science, and hopes to spend his life being helpful to the world through computer technology.

Douglas’ interest in the game of bowling was sparked at age 9 while on a Cub Scout outing….. in a bowling center!  He took to the game like a duck to water…. and proved to be a natural. But why not, his dad had been a youth bowler and being so inspired, Douglas entered as many leagues possible; many times teaming with his dad;  to bring home the First Place trophies.

With ten years of participating in league and tournament play, Douglas has learned the game WELL and has become a TRUE competitor.  He currently averages 220… posting 213 and 225 the two previous seasons.  On December 3, 2006, Douglas hit the headlines in the local bowling publications.  While participating in the Junior Adult Classic League, he rolled strike after strike with games of 277-233 and 299 for an 809 series.  A wobbly 7-pin had robbed Douglas of his first “300” game.

However, not to be discouraged, Douglas came back just 8 days later, in the 400 Junior Adult Scratch League on December 11, sparing in his first two frames, then throwing 10 strikes in a row for a 278; and in the second game 12 in a row for his first “300” game and finished with a 221, leaving a solid 10-pin for a 799 series.       

During all his years as a youth member at Diablo Lanes, Douglas has gained the respect of the staff, management and fellow bowlers. as a bowler; a student coach and an all around volunteer.  He never misses league or paying his league fees, and always displays the best in attitude and good sportsmanship to the game and other bowlers.

Aside from school and his bowling schedule, Douglas finds the energy to work part-time in a dental office and walk his elderly neighbor’s dog. And, most importantly, has never abandoned his commitments for over ten years to his Boy Scout programs. His Leadership abilities were extraordinary having held positions as Senior Patrol Leader, Den Chief, Patrol Leader, Troop Guide, Scribe and now…… last year earned and was awarded the highest rank….. of Eagle Scout.