April 25-27, 2008

Crowne Plaza Hotel, Foster City


Sharon Aronson
Hall of Fame Superior Performance

George Glavas
Hall of Fame Meritorious Service

Samantha Jimenez & Douglas Frisbie
Star of Tomorrow $1000 Recipients

By Phyl Knoll

The Annual Meeting of April 27 at the Crowne Plaza Hotel in Foster City was preempted by all board members attending their respective committee meetings on Thursday the 24th in preparation for the 9:00 AM Board Meeting on Friday the 25. All board members but two were present at the Board Meeting.  Because of personal obligations, George Garrison had tendered his resignation and Paul Reynolds was excused. The Association Manager provided a very conclusive Statement of a very positive Financial Position.

All committees were well prepared with their written reports and recommendations for any changes.  Much attention was given to the committees handling our many tournaments in an attempt to make each tournament more profitable and appealing to the entrants.  The report of the BVL Committee was disturbing in that donations were extremely low with only $121,769.50 received as of that date.  President Hoffmann announced that our association had been awarded First Place in the national contest for the best state association website.  Designer Director Lynn Matsubara would be at the USBC Annual Meeting in Kansas City to receive the award.

The meeting adjourned at 12:30 pm to allow board members to either work the Product Fair or attend the Workshop, where moderator Bob Shulman from USBC addressed all the changes taking place at headquarters.  This was followed by a Q&A session from an attendance that nearly filled the entire room.

Sunday’s Annual Meeting was opened by President Hoffmann at 9:00 AM and the presentation of the flags. followed by the introduction of each CUSBC Board Member as they marched in. The morning session gave attention to the reports of Officers, Directors, CUSBC Committees, and those of the California Youth Committee. The proposed change to the CUSBC By-Laws,  Article VII-Meetings, dealing with submitting credentials of delegates to the Annual Meeting was approved by the voting delegates.

CUSBC 2008 Stars of Tomorrow and $1,000 Scholarship Winners, Samantha Jimenez of Rowland Heights and Douglas Frisbie of Concord were introduced.  Inducted into our 2008 Hall of Fame was Sharon Aronson, of Modesto for Superior Performance and George Glavas of Sacramento for Meritorious Service.

The meeting recessed for lunch and 124 delegates and guests chose to attend our Annual Luncheon and enjoy a delicious full course menu.

The afternoon session reconvened on schedule with the New Business being the Election of CUSBC Board Members and those candidates for the California Youth Committee All CUSBC incumbents and those nominated from the floor were elected by acclamation.  Although the election process of CYC is rather complicated, the diligent work of the Nominating Committee and Tellers collecting and counting the ballots, brought the vote back much more quickly this year.  The president took the opportunity during the ballot counting process to call for reports from  the “600”, “500” and “15-Year” Clubs.

With no further business President Hoffmann called for the Retirement of the Flags after which, he called the meeting adjourned at 3:30 pm.

George Glavas receives Hall of Fame induction

Sharon Aronson receives Hall of Fame induction

BVL Local Association recipients