2009 Open Championships

May 16-Aug 16, 2009

Team Center:

Doubles & Singles Center:

Prize Fund: $212,655

Official Results (pdf)
Final Prize Listing (pdf)
Masters Standings (pdf)


300 Games

Robby Callan
George Sayre
Larry Valenti Jr.
Don-Michael Snow
David Snell
Peter Stewart
Julian Martinez
Jackson Gallmann
Jonathan Ng
Eddie Oppel
Scott Vanderlick

Use your Doubles/Singles scratch scores for
qualifying to the State Masters Finals
(32 seeded berths direct to the finals!)

Last Chance qualifier: 
Sept. 11 at 7pm
Finals: Sept. 12-13 at Pacific Avenue Bowl

Phyl Knoll presenting Deon Martin with a USBC 11-in-a-Row 298 Game Award

Phyl Knoll presenting Deon Martin and Lenny Riley with CUSBC Open Tournament
Doubles Championship Plaques (1616 Series)

Opening Ceremonies
Saturday, May 16, 2009

The opening of the 4th Annual Open Championship Tournament was attended by twenty (20) teams from around the state. Bowlers were present from the Bay Area, Sacramento, Lake Tahoe, Central Valley, Central Coast and Los Angeles regions.

The Stockton Police Department furnished the Color Guard and Tony Washington of Stockton sang the National Anthem.

The opening speech was by the Vice Mayor of Stockton, CA, Kathy Miller, who welcomed the bowlers and listed off some of the events and attractions available in the Stockton area. These attractions include the Stockton Ports baseball team and a new Arena Football team the Stockton Lightning.

The bowlers were also welcomed by Mr. Don Miller, the Director of the Stockton Sports Authority, who was very instrumental in bringing this year’s tournament to the Stockton area. Speeches were given by Mr. Ralph Rizzo, President of the Stockton USBC Bowlers Association and Mr. Al Hoffmann, President of the California USBC Association. Attendees included Alan Taylor, General Manager and Dave Hepperle, Assistant Manager of Pacific Avenue Bowl.

Christina Forrest of San Mateo, CA kindly fulfilled the duties of Josie Bowler and threw out the first ball in the tournament, leaving only the six pin. Considering the Crown she wore was falling off her head and the cape was dragging on the ground she did a great job. Thank you, Christina.


25+ Years of Participation

50 Years
Wayne R Craig
Gene A Lanse
Charles E Morrissey45 Years
Kent Bagnaschi
Robert I Garcia

40 Years
Dale I Cole
Bob Heyd
Alfred J Hoffmann
Richard Huntwork
John Maontejano
William T Vaught
Bruce Webb
Terry A Winger

36 Years
John Cuico

35 Years
Raymond Carrisosa
Max Day
Dave A Dubois
Karl Hoglund32 Years
Sam Carter

31 Years
Dan Fibiger

30 Years
Paul Abbrahams
Jay D Barry
John T Sr Burnite
Angelo Costantino
Nolan Ferreira
Ivan Flinn
Robert LeVine
Jimmy L Martin
Pete Melton
Tom Ordel
Richard H. Pfaff
Richard Pugh
Rivers Pugh
Daniel S Rondez

29 Years
Pete Flores27 Years
Bruce Pederson

26 Years
Dennis Halladay
Robert Phelps
Gerald Pozzi

25 Years
Donald Falkner
Earnest L Gilless
Michael A Grinceri
Chris Gutierrez
Larry H Luce
Patrick Pendleton
Maurice B Salmon
Bob V Jr Thompson