2009 Women’s Championships

May 30-Aug 15, 2009

Yorba Linda

Lake Forest

$98,800 Total Prize Fund

Prize Listing (pdf)
Queens Standings (pdf)


Julie Rye, Santa Barbara
Kim DiBenedetto, Sacramento

Use your Doubles/Singles scratch scores for qualifying to the
State Queens Finals (14 seeded berths direct to the finals!)
Finals: Aug. 15-16 at Yorba Linda Bowl


Cyndee Sutherland presents Patricia Stock (Santa Clara County USBC) her first place trophy for winning C-Division All-Events.

First place Team Event C-Division Champions – STAMPEDE
Phyl Knoll, Brunetta Spivey, Bershawn Lyons and Debbie Alexander (Rhonda Wright not pictured)

Phyl Knoll, USBC Dir, Lannis Perrucci, Rose Caldwell

Phyl Knoll, USBC Dir, Juanita Benson, Lannis Perrucci, Rose Caldwell, Barbara Burgess

The Donkee Tour ladies of Team #11 have been friends for over 30 years. They have competed in the CUSBC each year, but they just couldn’t “nail down” that First Place spot.  This year was different, they really poured it on, posting 1,213 series at Yorba Linda Bowl to capture the First Place in B-Division.  But, it wasn’t over.  The following day Rose and Lannis continued their quest for glory by posting a 1,244 to win the A-Division Doubles Event.

Sandy began her bowling career in 1964 when she was 19 years old. But, because of her lifestyle, bowling took a back seat to her busy schedule and twenty years passed before she picked up a bowling ball again.  It was then that she found her way to the TRW(NGST)/SEA Bowling League at Gable House Bowl, Torrance.  Over these many years, Sandy bowled tournaments hosted by the  WIBC, California State, and the Local Association, cultivating tons of friends.  Bowling with her good friend and teammate, Annette Hamilton in the Viking I League at Gable House, has become a way of life and pleasure for Sandy.   Annette has only been bowling since 2004 and has come to love the game.  Both gals were thrilled when they bowled so well in the 2009 CUSBC Women’s Championship.  Not only did they win the D-Division Doubles Event with 957;  Annette shot a 516 Series, to capture the D-Division Singles. PHOTO ABOVE: Sandy Cash, Phyl Knoll, USBC Dir, Annette Hamilton 

Viking-I NG SPSC League at Gable House Bowl in Torrance meets every Wednesday at 6 PM.  It was there that Nicole Peterson and Summer Koepp became teammates and good friends.  When they were approached by Betty Brooks, the squad leader of teams for the 2009 CUSBC Women’s Championship Tournament, both gals said “Why Not”!  They were placed on the same team for the team event and matched together for the Doubles and Singles Events.  And… They were a match to “be reckoned with” in the E-Division for the 851 series they posted captured  First Place for the Doubles Event in that division. PHOTO ABOVE: Phyl Knoll, CAUSBC Director;  Nicole Peterson, Summer Koepp.

California Women’s Tournament Comes to a Close
By Karen Capone

As the women’s tournament came to a close for the 2009 year we look back on some outstanding bowling.

At Forest Lanes, the second 300 game of the tournament was shot by Kim Dibenedetto, during her second game of doubles.  After a bit of a rocky start during the first game she found the strike zone.  She hit the 12 in a row and had another 8 strikes in the third game to finish with a 277 and a 780 series.  She was 162 pins over series average.  Her partner Michelle Van Wyhe had a 670 series, so unofficially they took over first place Doubles, Classic.  Great Bowling!

We had several, first time adult bowlers. Kelly Haman from Antelope Valley USBC, bowled in juniors for 11 years. Stephanie Udell, from San Diego USBC recently aged out of juniors.   Alyse McGinnes, competing since she was 8 years old and her doubles partner Caycee Landers, bowled in the juniors for 14 years.  Both are from North Los Angeles USBC.  They had a nice 1405 for the doubles event.

Mary Householder from Antelope Valley USBC had a nice all spare game during her third game of doubles.  Aida Rodriguez of San Gabriel and North Los Angeles USBC also had an all spare game.  Vicki Jobe from Alameda County was bitten with the Sour Apple (5-7-10), but left the 7-10 when trying to pick it up.   She wants to know “how do you pick that up?”

On the final weekend of the tournament, Faye Douthitt bowled in her 60th consecutive tournament.  Her daughter, Carole Coelo hit 35 years of state tournaments, and grand-daughter Kerry Berry has been bowling for 20 years.  Carole and Kerry live in Henderson, Nevada, but come to California to compete with mom/grandmother.  See, bowling can really keep a family together!

The nemesis 7-10 split was picked up by Barbara Fisher at Yorba Linda Bowl on July 25th.

During doubles Rachel Hickenbottom shot 289, 245 and 265 for a very nice 799 series.  Our highest of the tournament! With a 199 average, she received a 700 series pin, 75 pins over average game and 140 pins over average series.  Great bowling!

We gave out over eight hundred 200 pins.  These were given to the bowlers when they shot their first 200 game of the tournament.

We had a 161 average bowler shoot a 161 triplicate on June 6th.  We had a lot of 180 game emblems given out to 140 average or less bowlers, Audrey White, 194, Rachel Sanders, 190 (and a 500 series pin), Megan Barcelos, 185, Patricia Murray, 193, Tracy Sawyer, 195, to name a few.

Lynda Lapp, 159 average, nice 237 game and a 600+ series.  Lois Keeping, 135 average, 200 game.  Deborah Kempton, 235 game and 92 pins over average.

Ann Massas whose average is 107 had a nice 180 game.  Ann and her partner Julie Carpenter unofficially are in 6th place for doubles, D division.

Nicole Peterson, 109 average, had a 161 game and a 414 series.  Nicole and her partner Summer Koepp are unofficially in 1st place for doubles, E division.

Beverly Sullivan, whose average is 141, shot a 254 game. Sandy Costa, average 135, had a 214.  Beatrice Flores, average 135, had a 522 series.  Annette Hamilton, average 133, had a 502 series during doubles, then a 516 series during singles, to unofficially take first place in Singles, Division D.  She did so well that unofficially she has second in the all-events.

We had many more notable scores, too many to list.  Congratulations to all of you that exceeded your average.  Nice bowling!

4th Annual CUSBC Women’s Championship
By Karen Capone

Two Centers in Orange County are playing host to the Women’s tournament through August 2nd.  Yorba Linda Bowl is hosting the Team event and Forest Lanes the Doubles and Singles.  Welcome to all first time participants.

Julie Rye of Santa Barbara shot a 300 game on June 7th, lane 28, at Yorba Linda Bowl, and finished with a 773 series.  Her very first 300 game was shot at the 2007 tournament in San Diego.

Andrea Fredericks had a Dutch 200 game on Saturday, July 11th at Forest Lanes during doubles.  The 9am squad had 26 lanes going and was composed of OCUSBC bowlers, organized by Cindy MilesAida Rodriguez had an all spare game during singles.

On Sunday, July 12th, Beverly Sullivan, from Napa Bowl, Napa/Sonoma USBC, shot a nice 254 game.  She has a 141 average, so she received a 250 emblem and a watch for 100+ pins over average.  Nice bowling!

Some other notable 250+ games,  Paula Vidad, from Inland Empire a 257 game, Laurie Soto a 279, Beth Kitlinger, from Moorpark, a 258, Tracy Smith, from Patterson, a 266 game,  Donna Jones, from South Los Angeles, a 259, and Sue Inpravong a 278.  Lisa Mennucci of Marin County, had a 212 game, her first ever 200.


25+ Years of Participation

60 Years
Faye Douthitt

50 Years
Lucy Turner

45 Years
Peggy Francis
Marlene Stewart
Alene Friedman

40 Years
Joyce Alexander
Janet Burgess
Diane Hepler
Dee Strickler
Betty Williams
June Carr

35 Years
Rose Boone
Betty Boschma
Mary Ellen Casteen
Carole Coelho
Lynn Graves
Dorothy Herron
Erika Johnson
Kathy Lindgren
Sue Reese
Gwen Taylor
Mary Walker
Netta White
Beverly Germany
Gloria Goggiano
Georgia Kyle
Barbara Smith
Susie Tanaka
Betty Tomaino

32 Years
Marge Miyoda

31 Years
Arlene Bonino
Katherine Carroll

30 Years
Margie Alvalez
Walketa Ames
Jessie Batchelor
Naomi Berry
Pat Brown
Kathy Bruegeman
Alice Fiscus
Lee Fitzgerald
Sharon Luck
Tina Martin
Judy Meritt
Donna Mileham
Judith Miles
Ethel Montgomery
Lillian Roland
Phyllis Stroud
Velma Yarbrough
Marie Gutierrez
Shirley Beyler
Linda Grace
Frances Lagasca
Leanna Thurman

28 Years
Mary Matt-Foreman
Sharon Myers
Alma Ruth Owens

26 Years
Sharon Angulo
Brenda Bryant
Penny Grantley
Anita Sable

25 Years
Lucy Colaizzi
Donna Dial
Janine Ditch
Mae Dorsey
Naomia Farris
Barbara Fisher
Benita Fortner
Joan Griebe
Billie Hand
Kathi Holt
Georgi Johnson
Janet Krakauskas
Lovelyn Mahmoud
Louise Mallory
Pricilla Mauricio
Donna Morales
Denise Nelson-Jones
Tina Norman
Diane Parmentier
Janet Todd
Yoshiko Tominaga
Sharon Vollan
Marie Walker
Cecilia Murphy
Birdie Hanna