2011 Hall of Fame Inductee
Al Hoffmann

Al Hoffmann enlisted in the Air Force in July 1956 and was discharged in 1960. He entered the service in Philadelphia, PA and rode the Air Force cattle car to Lackland AFB in Texas for basic training. He was then posted to Kesseler AFB in Biloxi, MS for tech school to learn Air Traffic Control. He graduated top three and his Squadron and was able to go on civilian duty for 6 months. He was then sent to Oakland Air route Traffic Control Center and Hamilton AFB where he spent the remainder of his service. While at Hamilton AFB, Al was working on the radar approach scope and noticed an aircraft in trouble. The pilot had no radio or gauges in his aircraft. He was able to talk to him and made him understand that if he followed his instructions he would bring him in for a landing. The pilot was unable to talk back to Al. After a series of maneuvers, Al had the pilot traveling in the right direction. When the pilot landed safely, it was determined that the aircraft had only 10 minutes of fuel remaining. Al received his third stripe and a commendation from his squadron commander, who was based at Miramar Naval Air Station.

Al joined the Carpenters Union the same month he was discharged from the Air Force. He had worked part-time on the outskirts of Philadelphia building homes in 1953-54 prior to joining the Airforce. He completed the four-year apprenticeship program in 2 years. He was offered a position at Horst Hanf construction as a foreman and then as a superintendent, where he worked for 20 years. Al started Hoffmann Construction (a family-owned and operated business) in 1986. During its 24 years of operations, he had built million-dollar homes, apartments and commercial buildings. Al’s bowling history started at Marin County BA. He served as Director in 1965 and moved up the line to President in 1974-196 & 2003-2005. He was inducted into their hall of fame in 1979 and earned their Sportsman of the Year award in 1986-87. Al was also on the State Association board from 1979 and moved up to President in 1993-94. Al became the first President for the newly merged California USBC association, which consisted of the California State Bowling Association, California Women’s Bowling Association and the California Youth Bowling Alliance in 2006-2010.  Al is still involved with the CUSBC consulting us when needed as on the nominating committee.