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July 8-9, 2017
July 15-16, 2017

2017 DW QUALIFIERS (pdf)


Noah Tom 245-269-225 = 739
Lamaki Welch 245-246-244 = 735
Maranda Pattison 288-219-223 = 730
Gannon Cyphers 279-226-211 = 716
Aaron Tabaka 237-230-246 = 713
Patrick Dabatos 201-264-247 = 712
Daniel Chin 211-279-215 = 705

Ardani Rodas 288 game
Andrei Tacorda 278 game
Nathan Campbell 278 game
Trevyr Geronimo 278 game
Daniel Chin 278 game
Gannon Cyphers 275 game


Jason Gee &  Adam Roura
B-Division Doubles Champs
Yairi & Aislinn Lubag
D-Division Doubles Champs

Jason Gee
All-Events Champ

Yairi Lubag
C-Division All-Events Champ &
Helbing Winner (Highest Scratch All-Events for 11-Under Boys)
Presented by Tom Ferry,
AMF Cerritos Youth Director

Youth ready to roll!
By Tina Martin, California Bowling Writers

“Youth ARE the future of our Sport!  All ages and abilities! A Lifetime of Memories!”

The youth bowlers and families rolled into San Rafael this past weekend, ready to ROLL! This was the first of two weekends of the event.  It was 104 degrees outside on Saturday and the Center air conditioner and fans were running on high speed. Several came into Country Club Bowl with 2 roller bags full of three balls each! The youth were ready and their scores showed just that.

The unofficial results of the weekend are already posted on www.calusbc.com under 2017 Youth Championships. Some high scores definitely worth mentioning are In Doubles-A Division, Cloverleaf Bowlers Patrick Dabatos & Noah Tom rolled 1451 Patrick bowled 264/719 and Noah 269/739. Windsor Bowl Maranda Pattison and Madison Bailey are in second place with a 1429. Maranda bowled 288/730 and Madison 257/699. Other scores: Daniel Chin 279/705, Andrei Tacorda 278/705, Aaron Tabaka 246/713. Several 50 pins over awards were given out.

Zoe Rodriguez, 16, of Van Nuys was the highlight of the opening squad. She played the National Anthem on her Violin. A Junior at Van Nuys High School, she has played the violin since 1st grade and this was her first time solo performance for a big group. With a 160 average and having bowled since age 4,  Zoe was ready to bowl with the Corbin Bowl group.

This youth tournament would not happen without the volunteer dedication of the coaches, parents and bowling centers. Special thanks go to the coaches that brought their groups from Southern California to the event via bus this year. The Jewel City group was headed by Marvyn Galsim who organized 12 teams/48 bowlers from his Center and to Rose Bianchard of Vista Entertainment Center for organization of 7 teams/28 bowlers.  Vista Entertainment Center recently closed and program is now at Base Lanes at Camp Pendleton. These groups also came back to bowl on Saturday evening to bowl the Prince/Princess, Queens/Masters & Coaches Tournaments.

Thanks to Lynn Matsubara and Tom Leigh for running this Championship event. Larry Peppers CUSCBC Assn. Manager and Vern Coleman, CUSBC Office Asst. had everything ready to run smoothly. Tournament Photographer Chris Arvanitis captured the memories for all the bowlers and parents.

Our Country Club Bowl team was again awesome. We thank our new GM Tahnee Martin, Asst. Manager Gray Williams and all our dedicated bowlers that came to keep the scores.

This tournament brings back special memories for me as a Junior Director organizing our youth to their State Championships back in the 80’s and 90’s. Now those bowlers are doing the same thing with their kids and many also received their 50 pins over award!