Annual Meeting
June 10-11, 2017

Visalia Marriott at the Convention Center

California USBC Board: Lynn Graves, Tom Leigh, Andre Eubanks, Larry Peppers, Lynn Matsubara, Linda Stewart, Larry Worrall, Rosie Parker, Kathy Bruegeman, Gary Forman, Mike Lucas, Pauline Armstrong, Paul Kramer, Mabel Sheasley, Eugene McCown

2017 Convention Reports

June 11, 2016 Annual Meeting Minutes
2017 CUSBC By-law Proposals

State Letter (8/7/17)

State Convention Recap
By: Bette Addington, California Bowling Writers

USBC Jamboree – Guest Speakers were Mr. Tracy Ebarb, Director of Operations – International Bowling Museum & Hall of Fame in Arlington, TX and Mr. David Prange, USBC Western Regional Manager. 

Mr. Ebarb spoke first and presented two different ways bowlers could become a part of the International Bowling Museum & Hall of Fame.  You can join their membership program that has two different levels ($29 for individual member or $199 for professional member), or you could do their “Buy a Brick” campaign that starts at $175 and has levels up to $5,000.  Texas has the largest base of contributors, but California is closing in.  Donations are used to help keep the Museum going.  Their current project is converting film of older bowlers that is deteriorating to a digital format to save it.  We then watched a promo film that took you on a tour inside the International Bowling Museum & Hall of Fame.  For more information on the International Bowling Museum, go to

Mr. Prange gave us a presentation that summarized what took place at the 2017 USBC National Convention for USBC updates that would be of interest to everyone.  He said that associations need to update ByLaws by August 1, 2017.  Association Managers need to refer to ARC/Association Resource Center for replacement for forms and manuals pages.  Go to 

Another change coming is Equipment Specifications for Lane Inspections beginning in 2018.  Lane inspections will require three (3) signatures—Inspector, Bowling Center Manager and Association Manager.  USBC will be conducting (20) Lane Certification Clinics across the country starting in August. 

84% of lanes are synthetic in the US. He explained the three types of leagues that will be available this coming fall season—Standard, Challenge and Sport.  Standard is leagues that bowl on a regular House shot; Challenge is patterns between a House and a Sport; and Sport shots are Sport Shot patterns. 

Be aware that Tournament Managers and Association Managers are to report Re-rated or Adjusted Averages of bowlers who participate in tournaments and have their averages adjusted.  There is a form to submit on under “Find a Member” page.  This is to help all upcoming tournaments to have a more accurate accounting of bowlers’ correct averages.

Under Association Development there was discussion on how to handle “Why Should I Certify” with the upcoming membership increase (15-22%) this coming Fall season.  All Association Directors and Officers need to be able to let league bowlers know why it is important they keep certifying their leagues and need to be sure the League Secretaries understand as well.  Rules – Standards – Governance.

20% of league bowlers are new each year but we are losing 25% of league bowlers each year as well.

Did you know about the USBC app “Benefit Help”?  This is for USBC members and gets you discounts on food and services!  Check it out!

California USBC Association Annual Meeting

The meeting was called to order at 9:04am by President Rosie Parker.  Twenty-six late delegates were approved to be seated.

Credentials Count: 
CUSBC Officers – 4
CUSBC Directors – 11
Adult Delegates – 70
Youth Delegates – 21

Committee Reports:
–Open & Women’s State Championship Tournaments:  Kathy Bruegeman stated this will be her last time to serve as Chairman of the Tournament Committee.  She expressed how she appreciates the association leaders who go out of their way to organize teams to come compete.  She also showed us the DLC shirts that we have been selling for the Championships and for Pepsi. You can order at 

–Youth & Pepsi Youth: Andre Eubanks and Lynn Matsubara reported that CUSBC will be emailing Association Managers for youth updates.  Youth State has 85 teams to date and the tournament is held in July.  Under 8 and Under 10 Pepsi winners get a FREE entry into Youth State.  Pepsi gave out $50,000 in scholarships.  2018 Pepsi Finals will take place at Winnetka Bowl in San Fernando Valley.

–BVL: Eugene McCown & Mabel Sheasley reported that to date CA has donated over 9 million dollars to BVL.  Last year CA was again the top State Association collecting $103,000 and they thanked all the bowling associations for their continued support to keep CA on top.  Location was not yet set for the 2018 BVL Helen Duval State Classic but it will be down south.  Eugene thanked all delegates at this convention as a total of $1,800 was raised over the weekend!

New Business:
–Legislative:  By-Laws Proposal B-1 regarding Officers. 
Currently CUSBC has a president, three vice presidents and a sergeant-at-arms (the 3rd VP shall be a youth member of the association 14 years of age or older).  Proposed change would remove 3rd VP position (the 2nd VP shall be a youth member of the association 14 years of age or older).  Reason for proposal was to lower Workers Compensation salary by eliminating officer positions to cut down workers compensation expense. 

Proposal was APPROVED.

By-Laws Proposal B-2 regarding Board of Directors – Management.
Currently the CUSBC Board consists of (18) with (23) Directors.  The number of Youth Directors is (6).  Proposed change would have the CUSBC Board consist of (15) with (18) Directors.  The number of Youth Directors would be (5).

Reason for proposal is they continue to have a number of vacant positions on the Board of Directors.

Proposal was APPROVED.

–Nominating and CUSBC Board Elections: 
A ballot vote was done to elect the (5) Director positions up for election this year.  Those incumbents re-elected were Larry Worrall, Gary Forman, Pauline Armstrong and Mike Lucas.  Larry Campbell was nominated from the floor and was also elected. Linda Stewart and June Brown were both elected from the Youth CYC Slate.

President Rosie Parker and Assoc. Manager/Director Larry Peppers were voted to be the 2018 USBC Delegates for CUSBC.

Meeting was adjourned around 11:30am.

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Honoring the Best Bowlers in California!

Hall of Fame Meritorious Service – Phyl Knoll, Hawthorne
Hall of Fame Meritorious Service – Roy Stuart, Los Angeles
Hall of Fame Superior Performance – Bruce Pederson, Oceanside 
Hall of Fame Superior Performance – Lou Mathews, El Cajon
Proprietor/General Manager of the year – Ron Briseno, Vista Entertainment Center
Local Association of the Year – Orange County USBC
Coach of the Year – Lee Fitzgerald, Beaumont
Coach of the Year – Brent Korff, Carmichael
$1,000 State Youth Scholarship – Jennifer Loredo, Fresno
$1,000 State Youth Scholarship – Megan Carpenter, San Diego

Meritorious Service
Phyl Knoll

Meritorious Service
Roy Stuart (accepted by Demetra Stuart)

Superior Performance
Lou Mathews

Superior Performance
Bruce Pederson

General Manager of the Year
Ron Briseno (right)

BVL 1st place top donator
Citrus Belt USBC $16,635
(accepted by Mike Raddeman)

Local Association of the Year & BVL 3rd place top donator Orange County USBC $9,624
(accepted by Gary Forman)

BVL 2nd place top donator San Diego USBC $10,558 (accepted by Don Way & Lynn Graves)

Coach of the Year
Brent Korff
Coach of the Year
Lee Fitzgerald

$1,000 Youth Scholarship Winner Jennifer Loredo

$1,000 Youth Scholarship Winner Megan Carpenter

Jennifer receives her first place award and champion’s jacket for winning the U15 Girls Division at the 2017 Pepsi Youth Bowling Championships State Finals at Classic Bowl in Daly City.  She is also receiving her California Youth Honor award for a 700 series. 


2017 – USBC NATIONAL CONVENTION, LAS VEGAS, NV – BVL raised $925,500 for the Department of Veterans Affairs thanks to contributions made during the 2015-2016 season. California was the top state association contributor with $108,500 and Stockton USBC was recognized as Best Small Local Association with an average contribution of $9.28 per member. Go to to learn more about BVL.

Top 5 States:
CALIFORNIA $ 108,500

Michigan $ 48,201.67
Virginia $ 42,315.56
Texas $ 41,476.63
Arizona $ 33,278.20

Top 10 Local Associations in the Nation:
Metro Phoenix USBC $22,000.00
Nation’s Capital Area USBC $17,828.95
Texas State USBC $16,705.90
Metro Detroit USBC $14,710.99
Kansas State USBC WBA $14,508.89
Minnesota State USBC $14,500.00
Louisiana State USBC WBA $11,235.50
Mesa Metro Bowling Association $11,000.00
SAN DIEGO USBC $10,606.38