Michael Hayes, the nephew of George & Ola Braheme is the owner of this scholarship and wanted to honor them and their bowling past.

DAVID WAYBRIGHT is our first recipient of this $1,000 scholarship award.

David has been a bowling since summer of 2009. He has competed locally, statewide and nationally. Bowling has become a passion for him and David serves on the California State board of Directors as 2nd Vice President and on California Youth Committee (CYC) as well as on the local association committee. He has been active as a leader of the local youth leagues and hopes to continue serving for as long as he can. Davis says “Bowling is a sport that all children can excel in and I want the number of youth bowlers to increase in the coming years.”

In April of 2019, David was offered a scholarship to become a part of the inaugural bowling team at Arizona Christian University. He was voted as team captain and is working hard going this new program. When David signed his letter of intent, he was able to do interviews with all three of the local Bakersfield news affiliates to promote bowling. He is also working in the athletics department at the college and has been helping to recruit new bowlers for the team.

David started Arizona Christian with the hopes of becoming a radiology technician or physical therapist. However, after taking classes and spending time in his mom’s classroom, he has changed his course of instruction and is now a History major with a minor in Biblical Studies — and a coaching certificate. David plans to teach high school History and advise a high school bowling club.

When David was at home on breaks, he participated in bowling tournaments and in the North LA County travel league. David said that he is honored to receive this scholarship to continue his education and coaching endeavors.

Congratulations David! We will honor you with his scholarship award at our awards banquet in 2021 Fresno. This year’s awards banquet was cancelled due to COVID-19.